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Violet Pinyin Input method to collapse how to do?

Recently my purple-violet input method again appear crash problem, whether QQ, MSN, Word, or Notepad file, all can not input, all change input method on all prompts error and cause program exit, I had to reload the purple Pinyin Input Method official version, in order to protect their own hard accumulated personal thesaurus, so I chose not to clean up the personal thesaurus, still unable to use. In fact, the phenomenon of

UML User Guide-UML diagram introduction, uml User Guide-uml

UML User Guide-UML diagram introduction, uml User Guide-uml This section describes the UML diagram. Here we mainly introduce the UML diagram and the UML behavior diagram. Let's take a l

Luogu p4168 [Violet] dandelion

P4168 [Violet] dandelionQuestion Background Dear brother: Are you doing well in that city? I am very happy at home recently. My grandmother told me the story of the bad guy called "Despair" last night! It breaks down people's houses and lands, and many other children are killed by it. I think the bad guy who summoned such a terrible monster is also very bad. But grandma said that he did this when he was uncomfortable ...... Recently, a large piece of

Bzoj2718: [VIOLET 4] Graduation Trip

2718: [VIOLET 4] graduation trip time limit: 10 sec memory limit: 128 MB Submit: 229 solved: 126 [Submit] [Status] Description Input Output Maximum number of scenic spotsSample input7 6 1 2 2 3 5 4 4 3 3 6 6 7 Sample output2 Hint Source Ctsc2008 River Ural 1533. Fat HobbitsQuestion: Same as the previous Code: 1 #includeView code Bzoj2718: [VIOLET 4] Graduation Trip

"Bzoj 2724" [Violet 6] Dandelion

2724: [Violet 6] Dandelion time limit: Sec Memory Limit: MB Submit: 970 Solved: 319 [Submit] [Status] [Discuss] DescriptionInputFix it.L = (l_0 + x-1) mod n + 1, r = (r_0 + x-1) mod n + 1OutputSample Input6 31 2 3 2 1 21 53 61 5Sample Output121HINTFixed under:n SourceVani OriginalChunking.First, the n number is divided into sqrt (n) blocks, preprocessing the answer of each block at the beginning to all positions behind him,

Bzoj2708 [VIOLET 1] puppet

The first thing that comes to mind is greed... Definitely not... T Then we found that it was actually DP-enabled... However, we need to sort them first. If f [I] indicates that the first puppet has to lose a few at worst F [I] = max (F [J] + calc (J + 1, I) where j The calc (x, y) function compute can discard a maximum of several matching functions from the X to the Y puppet. The method is as follows: Hzwer: "enumeration can throw the number k to determine whether the remaining can match each

Bzoj 2718: [Violet 4] Graduation trip && Bzoj 1143: [CTSC2008] sacrificial river delivery closure, binary map matching, Hungary, Bitset

Hungary can both ... I'm writing about Hungary:1#include 2 using namespacestd;3bitset the> a[ the];4bitset the>Vis;5 intbf[ the],n,f[ the][ the];6 intRead ()7 {8 ints=0, fh=1;CharCh=GetChar ();9 while(ch'0'|| Ch>'9'){if(ch=='-') fh=-1; ch=GetChar ();}Ten while(ch>='0'ch'9') {s=s*Ten+ (ch-'0'); ch=GetChar ();} One returns*fh; A } - intXylintu) - { the intv; - for(v=1; v) - { - if(a[u][v]!=0vis[v]==0) + { -vis[v]=1; + if(Xyl (bf[v]) = =1|

bzoj2716: [Violet 3] Angel Doll

'; - returnx*F; the } - voidChangeintXintY) { for(intI=x;iMax (t[i],y);} - intQueryintx) {inty=0; for(intI=x;i;i-=i-i) Y=max (Y,t[i]);returny==0?-inf:y;} - BOOLComp (Fuck A,fuck b) {returna.xb.x;} + voidSolveintLintR) { - if(L==R)return; + intMid= (l+r) >>1; ASolve (L,mid); Solve (mid+1, R); atSort (f+l,f+mid+1, comp); Sort (f+mid+1, f+r+1, comp); - intI=l,j=mid+1, last=0; - while(jR) { - while(i2) i++; - while(j1) J + +; - if(i; in Else if(

"Kd-tree" bzoj2716 [Violet 3] Angel Doll

#include "Kd-tree" bzoj2716 [Violet 3] Angel doll

[Bzoj 2724] [Violet 6] Dandelion "sub-block"

Title Link: BZOJ-2724Problem analysisThis problem and BZOJ-2821 poetry that the problem is almost the same, is directly divided into blocks, each size sqrt (n), and then the number according to the first keyword, the position of the second keyword sorting, convenient after two points to find a value in a range of occurrences of the number of times.Pre-F[I][J] is the answer from Block I to block J.For each query, the whole block in the middle is done directly with the number of SQRTN levels that

bzoj2718 [Violet 4] Graduation Trip

DescriptionInputOutputMaximum number of attractions to choose fromSample Input7 61 22 35 44 33 66 7Sample Output2HINTThe question is the conclusionAnswer = Longest anti-chain = minimum path overlay =n-binary graph Max matchFirst Floyd to deal with the connectivity between two points, and then split, if a can go to B, a to B ' connected edge#include bzoj2718 [Violet 4] Graduation Trip

bzoj2721 [Violet 5] cherry blossoms

DescriptionInputOutputSample Input Sample Output HINTThe formula problem of the egg ache ... According to test instructions 1/x+1/y=1/z, make y=z+d, and then1/x+1/(z+d) =1/z(x+z+d)/(XZ+XD) =1/zXz+z^2+dz=xz+xdZ^2+dz=xdX=z^2/d+zObviously x is a positive integer depending on the D can divide z^2Each d corresponds to a unique x, so the answer is the approximate number of z^2.(n!) The approximate number of ^2#include bzoj2721 [Violet 5] cherry blossoms

How Photoshop makes blue-violet crystal balls

how Photoshop makes blue-violet crystal balls Final effect 1, create a new 800 * 800 pixel canvas, background select White. Create a new group, select the Elliptical Marquee tool, press ALT and shift to pull out the positive circle selections shown in the following illustration, and then add a mask to the group, as shown below. 2, a new layer in the group, filled with dark blue: #5959A7, as the background, the following figu

Violet la2800 scanner driver download installation

1. Violet la2800 scanner driver suitable for XP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8 operating system. The driver is an installable program, click the Setup application and follow the installation Wizard prompts to install it. 2. Do not connect the scanner to the computer when the driver is installed, then the connection system will automatically search for the corresponding driver when the installation is finished.   Violet

[BZOJ2716] [Violet 3] Angel Doll

[BZOJ2716] [Violet 3] Angel DollQuestion DescriptionInputOutputInput exampleThe first test point, I don't take it to the page = =Output exampleDittoData size and conventions= = The range given in the title is wrong ... Turn in the re ... I have a visual about N, M≤600000,xi, yi≤107.Exercisescnbb! person1.) Data super large, time limit of the SEC, the topic of malicious card evaluation machine!2.) cannot be optimized with any read-in.3.) The data range

BZOJ2716: [Violet 3] Angel Doll

[dir]1); the ElseInsert (t[k].r,dir^1); - Pushup (k); in } theInlineint Get(intk) the { About if(!k)returninf; the intret=0; theFor0 (I,1) Ret+=max (0, t[k].mi[i]-now[i]); theFor0 (I,1) Ret+=max (0, now[i]-t[k].mx[i]); + returnret; - } the voidQueryintKintdir)Bayi { the intDl=Get(T[K].L), dr=Get(T[K].R), d0=dis (t[k],now); the if(D0D0; - if(dlDR) - { the if(dl1); the if(dr1); the}Else the { - if(dr1); the if(dl1); the }

2721: [Violet 5] Cherry blossom | About a few numbers

First kneel a topic background qaqObviously x , Y > n ! , and then you can set y=n! + d The original formula can be simplified into x= n! 2 d +N! So the number of solutions is n! The number of factors, and then the linear sieve casually.#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #define N 1000008#define MOD 1000000007using namespace STD;intSC () {intI=0, f=1;CharC=getch

Bzoj 2724: [Violet 6] Dandelion

)-finddown (l[tmp],r[tmp],x) +1; } Rep (I,x,r[belong[x]]) {intNum=findup (l[a[i]],r[a[i]],y)-finddown (l[a[i]],r[a[i]],x) +1; if(num>mx| | (num==mxa[i]A[i]; } rep (i,l[belong[y]],y) {intNum=findup (l[a[i]],r[a[i]],y)-finddown (l[a[i]],r[a[i]],x) +1; if(num>mx| | (num==mxa[i]A[i]; } } returntmp;}intMain () {n=read (); m=read (); Rep (I,1, n) a[i]=read (), h[i]=A[i]; Sort (H+1, H +1+N); Rep (I,1, N) a[i]=Find (A[i]); Block=int(sqrt (n)); CNT=n/block;if(N%block) cnt++; Rep (I,1, CNT) l[i]=blo

[Violet 6] The dream of the hometown

DescriptionInputOutputSample Input6 71 2 12 3 13 4 24 5 15 6 11 3 34 6 31 641 21 34 36 5Sample Output76Infinity7HINTIn fact, this problem and [tjoi2012] bridge basically almost, if not the shortest path on the edge, then the direct output is shortest. Otherwise, you can follow the [tjoi2012] bridge problem./*program from wolfycz*/#include [Violet 6] dream of hometown

"Bzoj" 2648:sjy pendulum piece & 2716: [Violet 3] Angel Doll (Kdtree)

distance ... If Euclid had been so much simpler.We need to maintain the extremum (that is, four vertices that can surround a rectangle of all the subtrees including its own point):If the point you are looking for is inside a rectangle, then go to find.If the rectangle is outside, then calculate the distance from the Manhattan to find the point to the rectangle, judging if it is less than the current optimal solution, and if so, go to search.(maybe even better, because at first my idea wasn't th

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