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Azure PowerShell (5) Create simple Azure virtual machines and Linux virtual machines with Azure PowerShell

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogBefore you introduce a lot of content about Windows Azure, it's basically created from Windows Azure Management portal. This way of creating is straightforward, but the cost of work is enormous if IT administrators need to create 1000 azure services at the same time.In f

[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (10) custom windows azure Virtual Machine template windows azure platf

Windows azure platform articles Pass the previousArticleI believe you have some knowledge about Microsoft Windows azure virtual machine. Although Microsoft provides a lot of azure Virtual Machine templates for us to choose from (for example), these templates only inst

[Azure services platform step by step-7th] Do not use Windows azure as a virtual host-understand the Windows azure Service Architecture

on the cloud, and people on the ground cannot see it, but cannot. Therefore, "cloud computing" does not mean that you can put "computing" on "Cloud", and completely let "computing" run on "Cloud. It has the following meanings: On the cloud-local servers are not required; on the cloud, the computing workload is high; no matter where it is, A head-up is the cloud-applications on the cloud platform can be used no matter where they are and what devices they are using. Hiding in the cloud-no matte

Azure Backup (3) Use Azure recovery services to back up Azure virtual machines

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes how to use Azure recovery services to back up Azure virtual machines.We pre-Create 2 Windows VMS (named LeiVM001 and LeiVM002), and 1 Linux VMS (named LeiCentOS65)These virtual machines are located in Ch

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (28) uses Azure instance level ip,instance-level public IP Address (PIP)

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the domestic azure China by the century connected operation    Readers familiar with the Azure platform know that we are using azure virtual machine and there will be a public VM IP (VIP) and an internal

Azure PowerShell (11) Use the custom virtual machine image template to create an azure virtual machine and bind the public IP (VIP) and intranet IP (DIP)

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  Prerequisite Requirements:1. Suppose that the author captures an Azure virtual machine template named LeistorageFor azure virtual machine templates, see:  2. In Azure PowerShell,

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (34) protects Azure VMS

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  Please note: The virtual machines that we create on Azure are accessible through the public IP address. (directly via the virtual machine's IP address: PIP, or via the load Balancer's IP address: VIP)But there will always be malicious hackers who attack these VMs. So i

[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (4) Configure Virtual Machine SQL Server database and firewall rules windows azure PLA

Windows azure platform articles This chapter describes how to configure a virtual machine database. The default data storage path for SQL 2012 of virtual machine is in disk C. As I introduced in the previous chapter, disk C can only support a maximum of 127 GB. disk C is very valuable for us. Therefore, for other non-system data, it is reasonable to save i

[New portal] windows azure platform () how to select the type of Windows azure hosting service? Website, cloud service or virtual Ma

Windows azure platform articles I believe that after reading my blog post, I have a certain understanding of the Windows azure hosting service. In general, Windows azure services are divided into three types: Windows azure website Cloud Service Virtual mac

Windows Azure Virtual Machine Azure VM supports multi-NIC capabilities

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogWindows Azure VMS, by default, are a network card with 2 IP addresses. In many cases, we need azure to support more than one network card, here is a brief introduction of the author.Suppose we create a virtual network, 3 subnet subnets, divided into named Frondend, Midti

VMware publishes blind Watermark for new fling virtual desktops

this week, VMware has released a new fling– blind Watermark based on the Horizon virtual desktop . What is a blind watermark for virtual desktops?Https:// The technology behind this fling is very exciting. It can overlay a "watermark" image that cannot be seen by the naked eye on the Horizon

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (2) creates Azure virtual Machine

In this chapter I will describe how to create a simple virtual Machine. Windows Azure offers a variety of different types of virtual Machine that contain versions of Windows and Linux. I'll explain how to create a Windows Azure VM that is already pre-installed with SQL Server 2012. 1. First we login Windows

Thin client boot automatically connects to virtual desktops

Requirements Scenario:1 thin client boot directly into the virtual desktop. Administrators can choose different desktops according to specific needs, such as Monday to Friday boot into class desktop, weekend boot into the exam desktop. Implementation steps:1, the thin client changes the computer name. Can be modified manually or through the software to see my other document. such as students-001,students-00

Virtual desktops and proxy servers

The application of Proxy server is very extensive, many companies ' Internet access is done through Proxy server, which solves the problem of resource sharing, and can guarantee the security of users. When users surf the internet, they need to set the proxy server address in the browser or the corresponding software, then the network request will be forwarded and replied via proxy server. However, you may find that not all applications can work through proxy servers, as most proxies only forwa

Upgrade VMware Horizon View virtual desktops to 6.2 of 4-Upgrade secure server

/M01/7C/D2/wKioL1bY0TyQ1hefAAC9fb6vSrU214.png "/>Figure 10-49 Upgrade View Secure Server complete10.5 Next StepsAfter you upgrade the composer server, the connection server, and the secure server separately, you can open the parent virtual machines of each virtual desktop that you originally reserved, start the parent virtual machines, install the latest view Age

VMware sets up virtual machines and configures remote connected desktops

Now you need to use VMware virtual out of several window7 machines to run automated tests.Several issues were encountered while configuring the virtual machine:Issue 1: the virtual machine cannot communicate with the external machine. (Can ping through).Issue 2: external machines cannot link Remote Desktop control for virtual

Microsoft Azure Series Seven Azure IaaS virtual machine size

When you create an azure virtual machine, there are two types of virtual machines: basic and standard.650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image002 "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;background-image:none; border-bottom:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;border-left:0px;padding-right:0px, "border=" 0 "alt=" clip_ image002 "src="

Deploying role-based secure virtual desktops through NSX and Appvolumes

company's Commendation and Promotion!Luke has stepped into the ladder, are you ready?Author Introduction650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Jumbo-vmware1.jpg "alt=" wkiol1mhbggsumjeaacu_x9xgv4957.jpg "style=" padding:0px;margin:0px;vertical-align:top; Border:none; "/>Shijiangpo (Sina Weibo: Jumbo Xue)VMwareEnd-User computing solution architect,11 It experience, rich experience in business process management, digital market

Microsoft Azure News (4) Azure new DV2 series Virtual machine online

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogIn the previous article, I took the Azure VM virtual machine, divided into a series and D series 2 kinds  Microsoft Azure News (4) Azure new D-Series virtual machine onlineIn 2016-0

Deploy Small business-level virtual desktops from scratch-Vmware Horizon View 6 for Linux VDI-structural planning

Environment descriptionNote that the machines used in this set of environments are all 64-bit.Server 1: Install the Win7 operating system, install 4 virtual machines from VMware Workstation, use as Vcenter,connection Server,domain control three Management Servers, and a template server.Server 2: Install the ESXi operating system to hold the virtual machine.Terminal Number: Install the WIN7 operating system

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