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Ing between virtual networks and real networks on Linux

Network problems in a virtualized environment in a cloud computing environment that provides IaaS services, each user can obtain a virtual computer that runs in intensive mode in backend server clusters. A feature of virtual machines is to provide

Eight typical problems commonly encountered on the road of private cloud construction

Problem one: On the basis of virtualization construction, the choice of three private cloud construction direction is discussed. As we all know, virtualization and cloud computing are different, when the scale and day of virtualization increase, to

Difference between Task Manager and Performance Monitor (Working Set and private bytes)

Private bytes and virtual bytes can be used in Performance Monitor.ProgramMemory usage. in Task Manager, there are also memory usage and VM Size. however, after careful comparison, we will find that the memory usage does not correspond to private

Working Set and private bytes

Original between Task Manager and Performance Monitor (Working Set and private bytes) Windows Server 2003: In Performance Monitor, private bytes and virtual bytes can be used to

VBox Virtual machine and host (host) communication principle and SOCAT (socket cat) Brief introduction

ObjectiveWhen attempting to use SOCAT to establish server-side interface forwarding, it is found that the principle of virtual machine access network is not very understanding, and then the Internet to find information to understand how it is, and

Java application performance optimization from the virtual machine perspective

Before getting started Java platform is already ubiquitous Java EE Java SE and Java me and Java card Java has developed into numerousProgramThey provide job opportunities in Java. However, apart from the basic Java Environments on

Honey fruit private school: http protocol learning and Summary Series-In-depth understanding

At the beginning of this article, I would like to thank my boss. he saw that I was writing this series and provided me with two excellent slides he wrote during his previous internal training, I used it for my use, (* ^__ ^ *) xi ....... In addition,

Change the Windows virtual machine default disk type for the KVM platform in Cloudstack to Virtio

ObjectiveThe purpose of this article is to solve the problem of poor performance of Windows virtual machines when using Cloudstack (Cloudplatform), based on the KVM virtualization platform.This performance, mainly refers to disk IO and network card

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (34) protects Azure VMS

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  Please note: The virtual machines that we create on Azure are accessible through the public IP address. (directly via the virtual machine's IP address: PIP, or via the load Balancer's IP address:

Technical Comparison of 802.1Qbg, 802.1Qbh, 802.1BR, and VN-Tag

At present, there are several technical systems on the boundaries between computing virtualization and network Virtualization: 802.1Qbg, 802.1Qbh, 802.1BR, and Cisco VN-Tag, the objective is to solve the connection, association and perception

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