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7 free network server systems recommended

For small and medium-sized enterprises, there are many free open-source router and firewall solutions, and there are even several solutions for large enterprises. Many of them also provide other LAN services, such as virtual private network VPN)

SQL injection attacks

SQL injection attack is one of the common means for hackers to attack the database. With the development of B/s pattern application development, more and more programmers use this model to write applications. However, due to the varying levels and

SQL injection attacks

reads: 8 comments: 0 Author:eng308posted in 2010-02-03 18:25The original link SQL injection attack is one of the common means for hackers to attack the database. With the development of B/s pattern application development, more and more programmers

Flaws in Java threading

Flaws in Java threadingAllen Holub points out that the threading model of the Java programming language may be the weakest part of the language. It is completely unsuitable for the requirements of the actual complex program and is not

A distributed service introduction based on MAVEN deployment

1. Background Lina solves the problem under the current Jar pack call (slow startup, high coupling, dependent transmission, memory consumption and so on, the original program in a virtual machine, dispersed into a number of different virtual

Docker: a lightweight Linux container for unified development and deployment

Use a lightweight and flexible VM of the Docker container to take over the dependency on hell. Learn how Docker is based on LXC technology to make apps portable and independent by packaging applications in containers. Imagine that you can easily

Reading notes-"Hacker Exposure" (6/8)

11th attack mobile device 11.1 attack Android1, open cell Phone Alliance OHA is mainly responsible for the development of Andriod. The Android system is positioned as "the first full, open and free mobile platform".2, the Android system faces the

e-mail SYSTEM account Integration

. NET ERP System e-mail system account IntegrationIn order to ensure the accurate and fast transmission of the information flow in ERP system, a message box mechanism is needed for the system design. When business operations occur in the system, it

Build and implement a single sign-on solution

Integrate an open-source Java-based authentication component into the Web portal It is difficult to implement a single sign-on solution in an existing application (one Sign-on,sso, that is, to authenticate a user to all network resources), but each

"Cloud analytics" five "how to choose the right cloud"

2015-04-01 Oriental Cloud InsightClick on the link text above to quickly follow the "East Cloud Insights" public number"description" This article has made a simple review of the different advantages and disadvantages of the current cloud computing

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