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Use the Visio Viewer to load the Visio diagram in the database

The requirement is very simple. In the SQL Server database, store the user-uploaded Visio file, and then use the Visio Viewer to directly display the content of the User-uploaded Visio file in IE. For this requirement, we need to divide it into two parts: 1. Stores and reads the Visio file database and downloads it in

Comparison of Rational Rose, powerdesign, and Visio

For the current modeling software, Rational Rose, powerdesign, and Visio are commonly used series. Here we will compare them, I have used powerdesign, Visio, and staruml, a free tool similar to Rose. Some of the following content comes from the network, and I cannot find the source, so I am too lazy to mark where it comes from, it is from the network. Rose is a design tool born directly from the Development

C # Two Web view Visio drawings for Visio development

The Visio development knowledge described earlier is based on the development knowledge of WinForm Visio, and the presentation of the drawings is based on WinForm presentation. But most of the time, if you can view the latest drawing information through the Web, then the system will be more perfect, you say it? It's also easy to make a Web view of Visio drawings

Microsoft Visio 2003 Chinese version download (with serial number) _ Common tools

requirements will vary depending on the configuration, and the number of hard disk space required to select a custom installation can be much smaller. Visio StandardMB free hard disk space Visio Professional170 MB of available hard disk space Operating system Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Windows NT 4.0* with Service Pack 6 (SP6) or later, or Windows 20 Professi

Three UML modeling tools Visio, Rational Rose, powerdesign

Chinese has always had one or the other problem.UML Modeling Tools Visio turned out to be just a drawing tool that can be used to describe all kinds of graphics (from schematics to house structure), but also to VISIO2000 to start introducing software analysis design functions to code generation. It can be said to be the most graphic way to express the use of various business graphics tools (for softUML Support in the development of a piece of softwar

C # questions on knowledge point assessment for Secondary Development of Visio

In addition to fully introducing the relevant knowledge and concepts of Visio, this training also provides practical development methods to enhance the knowledge of the secondary development of Visio, in addition, I also passed the questions to assess the mastery of various students. This article mainly introduces the secondary development questions of Visio that

[Transition] differences between the three UML modeling tools: Visio, Rational Rose, and powerdesign

graphical tool to express the use of various commercial graphics (for SoftwareUML support in component development is only a small part ). It is compatible with Microsoft Office products. The ability to directly copy or embed images into Word documents. But for the generation of code is more support Microsoft products such as VB, VC ++, ms SQL Server (this is also Microsoft's traditional ), therefore, it can be said that it is convenient to describe

Three UML modeling Tools The difference between Visio, Rational Rose, and powerdesign-related skills

variety of business graphics use tools (for soft UML Support in component development is only a small part of it. It is compatible with Microsoft's Office products. The ability to copy or embed graphics directly into Word documents. But for the generation of code is more to support Microsoft's products such as Vb,vc++,ms SQL Server (This is also Microsoft's tradition), so it can be used to describe the graphical semantics is more convenient, but for

Free Software to replace Visio (flowcharts)

domestic free software, the flowchart software "easy to use, high price, free is difficult to use. Edraw mind map is small in size and has rich functions. As a free software, it can fully meet the needs of common users to draw flowcharts. For more information, see the special article titled "getting a free alternative to visio: edraw Mind Map " | MB | drawing function in open source office suite OpenOffice.orgIt also has the drawing

Using Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition to model applications

Using Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition to model applications Ken Spencer P Roper application design is a must in any project. without this step, it is almost guaranteed that problems will occur. this is especially true in the component world. this month I am going to take a look at Microsoft Visi

Use Visio for UML modeling

Use Visio for UML modeling Content outline: 1. UML modeling environment in Visio2. use case diagram2.1 use case diagram Composition2.2 create a use case diagram2.2.1 create a role)2.2.2 create Use Cases2.2.3 establish communication between roles and Use Cases2.2.4 establish the relationship between Use Cases2.2.5 create a use case diagram3. Create an activity diagram3.1 composition of the activity diagram3.2 Create an activity diagram4. Use of s

Visio-based database modeling in Visual Studio. NET Enterprise Architect: Part III

database modeling solution in Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects (VEA), Vea included in Visual Studio. NET Enterprise Architec In the T version. This article discusses how to add a collection comparison constraint to an object role modeling (ORM) source model, and how to form an exclusive or constraint by combining exclusion constraints and decoupled constraint constraints. Suppose the reader of this article is already familiar with ORM and re

Design an ER diagram with Visio 2010 and translate it into the SQL language

entity and the relation between them, these three represent the attribute, the entity, the relation respectively in the diagram, as for the general ER diagram. the use of PowerDesigner is advocated when modeling er diagrams (powerful, diverse), because PowerDesigner can directly export the ER diagram as T-SQL code . Can't powerdesigner be able to do Visio? In fact, Visio itself is not too much of a probl

About translation errors for the database model in the Visio2000 Enterprise and Visio for Enterprise architects versions!

enterprise| Error | data | Database Some time ago you see an article that explains the menu translation errors about the database model in the VISIO2000 Enterprise and Visio for Enterprise Architects versions. The original reference is as follows: These days in the collation of a number of database modeling using Visio data, inadvertently found a significantly misleading user translation errors, as shown i

VISIO implements UML

Http:// UML Modeling with Visio Content outline: 1. UML Modeling Environment in Visio2. Use cases diagram (using case Diagram)Composition of 2.1 use case diagrams2.2 Creating a Use case diagram2.2.1 To establish roles (Actor)2.2.2 Build Use Cases2.2.3 establish the communication of roles and use cases2.2.4 establish the relationship between use cases2.2.5 Build use

Use Visio service in Sharepoint to display business data

In Sharepoint, you can use the Visio service to view the Visio diagram in a browser and deploy the functions to the system. However, the reality is always a torment. After using this function, the relevant users subsequently suggested whether the Visio diagram can be bound to my business data to implement data changes, and the graphics will also change? I rem

Visio 2007 using instance text

Microsoft Office Visio 2007 helps you create professionally-looking charts to understand, document, and analyze information, data, systems, and processes. Most graphics software programs rely on art skills. However, when you are using Visio, it is as easy to convey important information visually as to open a template, drag shapes onto a drawing, and apply themes to the work that is about to be completed. N

Create a Visio shape

Create the shape of Visio and write it based on Microsoft's online help and personal experience. Create shape You can create a custom shape and add it to an editable mold. Your"Favorites"The mold and the created custom mold can be edited, while the mold provided by the Visio template cannot be edited. Note The shape in the Visio mold is generally

Secondary Development of visio: Storage Method

Recently, I was working on a secondary development project in Visio. I encountered a file storage problem, that is, I could not use save for data storage. After reading the relevant materials, I finally found the answer to the question. Reference: (V = office.11). aspx # EIGA (1)SRCTo load the document to the control. For example, the following C # example shows how to load a

Implementation of MS Visio document cross-platform web browser--universal visioviewer

1 The XML document structure of MS Visio software Visio is a powerful, with a large number of customer-oriented office vector graphics software system, with its unique mold, template, towed drawing methods and intelligent graphics and other technologies and swept the world. To facilitate the full integration and sharing of Visio document information with other a

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