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C # Visio Two development of the electrical wiring outage analysis logic

Power outage analysis, as the name suggests, is the logical analysis of the drawings for power outages. In the electrified line, a line is from a power supply, connecting a lot of equipment, power outage analysis, there are two important roles: first, see whether the shape on the drawings are connected to the normal, and the second is to see which equipment has no electricity. By giving an electrically-powered device a color (such as green), a device that has no electricity, a color (such as red

Eplan P8 Pro Panel 2.4 win32_64-iso 1DVD electrical drawing software +eplan Electric P8 2.4 MultiLanguage Electrical Design

Eplan P8 Pro Panel 2.4 win32_64-iso 1DVD electrical drawing softwareEplan Electric P8 2.4 MultiLanguage Electrical Designeplan.p8.fluid.v2.4.4.8366 win32_64 1DVD hydraulic system design SoftwareEPLAN Electric P8 is a software based on database technology. will take you to the new realm of electrical design automation. Both the creation and management of

The ninth story of fence home decoration-electrical and electrical materials

The ninth story of fence home decoration-electrical and electrical materials It is not easy for programmers xdjm to buy a house. It has been laid by a developer or a second-hand house, and cannot be swallowed up by an installer, a building material dealer, a furniture dealer, or a soft contractor. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge and fight together with js to the end. Let's take a look at the fence h

How can we understand the electrical wiring of so many cables ?, So many electrical wiring

How can we understand the electrical wiring of so many cables ?, So many electrical wiring Whose lines are not messy? As long as you have mastered the wiring rules, you can understand the line. What is the wiring rule? Generally, construction from the end of the line to the end of the line is recommended. Specifically, wiring starts from the lamps or sockets at the last end, so that each wire along the lin

Use the Visio Viewer to load the Visio diagram in the database

The requirement is very simple. In the SQL Server database, store the user-uploaded Visio file, and then use the Visio Viewer to directly display the content of the User-uploaded Visio file in IE. For this requirement, we need to divide it into two parts: 1. Stores and reads the Visio file database and downloads it in

C # Two Web view Visio drawings for Visio development

The Visio development knowledge described earlier is based on the development knowledge of WinForm Visio, and the presentation of the drawings is based on WinForm presentation. But most of the time, if you can view the latest drawing information through the Web, then the system will be more perfect, you say it? It's also easy to make a Web view of Visio drawings

Section 1 electrical layer design

One of the most important advantages of a Multi-board over a common double or single-board is that the signal lines and power supply can be distributed on different board layers to improve signal isolation and anti-interference performance. The inner electrical layer is a copper layer, which is divided into several isolated areas. The copper film in each area is connected to a specific power source or ground wire through a passing hole, thus simplifyi

Calculation of graphic electrical network loss based on Java web

JavaScript API interface to reduce the difficulty curve of learning. A lot of JavaScript programmers, even if not, java/.net programmers are easy to learn. JavaScript exceptions and errors are very easy to debug, and can be debugged online using the browser's internal debugging tools.A multi-ratio graphical control is a vector graphic control based on Web (VML and SVG technology), similar to a Visio control on a Web page. The multi-ratio graphical co

Professional introduction of automation | electrical automation

I. training objectives: Cultivate practical and skilled talents with a college level of electrical professional theoretical knowledge and intermediate electrical maintenance and operation skills in all-round development of morality, intelligence, body and beauty. After graduation, electrical automation students must: 1. reasonable knowledge and capability s

Basic Design Steps for Electrical Appliances (beginner)

1. electrical chart classification:1) electrical system diagram and diagram2) electrical schematic diagram3) Electric Appliance Layout4) Electrical Installation wiring diagram5) function Diagram6) electric component list 2. Principles for drawing an electrical schematic:1)

Residual current electrical fire monitoring system principle and installation precautions

Tag: Security detector Alarm Controller for current transformer 1 Prevention of electrical fire In order to prevent and reduce electric fire, the insulation status of 220/380 V power supply line should be monitored online, and the electric fire monitoring system can be used for leakage detection and alarm. Electrical circuit or electrical equipment once the

Journal of Electrical Engineering Field

========== Top Journals =============Proceedings of the IEEE(Covering electrical, computer science and other fields, "General category of electrical and electronic fields")IEEE Transactions on Industry applications(Covering wide, electrical, control systems, industrial electronics, etc., belonging to the "electrical, e

Online Design System for Ship Circuit Diagram Based on java web and. net activex plug-in and visio, activexvisio

Description: A project has an original Visio circuit diagram (called the "original line chart" in the system). The original line chart needs to be allocated to the corresponding personnel for drawing, and set the electrical component and equipment parameter value in the visio diagram (if the technical data provided by the customer has the corresponding parameter

Introduction to PCB electrical testing methods

Address: Introduction to PCB electrical testing methods 1. Electrical Testing In the process of PCB production, it is inevitable that external factors may cause electrical defects such as short-circuit, open circuit, and leakage. In addition, the PCB continues to evolve towards high density, fine spacing, and multi-la

Introduction to split Protel four-layer and inner electrical layer

I. PreparationsCreate a DDB file, create the relevant schematic file, and prepare the PCB for the design. I believe all the friends who want to draw four layers will. I don't need to talk about it any more. Ii. Create a fileCreate a new PCB File and draw the outer frame of the pcb on the keepoutlayer. For example, if you have used Protel, you should. 3. Set the Board LayerOn the PCB page, click design on the main menu and click layer stack manager. Click it to bring up the following layer Manage

Detailed introduction of Integrated Wiring System electrical protection

This article introduces the electrical protection knowledge of the Integrated Wiring System. Many people may not understand the electrical protection yet. It does not matter. After reading this article, you will certainly have a rough understanding of the Integrated Wiring System electrical protection, I hope this article will teach you more things. The Integrate

AD6 Electrical Rules error Report in Chinese and English

Ⅰ: ErrorReporting bug reportA:violations associated with buses various types of bus electrical errors (total )Bus indices out of Range Bus Branch index out of scopeBus range Syntax errors for syntax errorsillegal bus range values illegal bus definitions defined by illegal bus is illegalmismatched bus label ordering Bus branch network designator wrong sortmismatched Bus/wire object on Wire/bus bus / wire mismatchmismatched buses widths bus width erro

Electrical protection of Integrated Wiring System

The Integrated Wiring System is part of smart buildings. Compared with traditional cabling systems, it features compatibility, openness, flexibility, reliability, advancement, and economics, it connects voice, data, Image devices, and exchange devices to other information management systems, as well as external communication networks. It can be said that the Integrated Wiring System is like an expressway of a smart building. With this information expressway, it is very easy to think about any ap

Propagation of electrical and optical signals in networks

Electrical signals (that is, the full-TV signal we need to modulate) it is a fixed frequency that is set by the state, that is, the total source of the signal we want to modulate. From electrical signals to light signals: the popular understanding is to be modulated by the signal loaded into the light-emitting diode, with its strong and weak changes to control the luminous intensity of the light-emitting di

RS-232C protocols with electrical properties

In the electrical industry, we should be familiar with RS-232C protocols. As the protocol standard for voltage signal control, it has been applied in many fields. Next, let's take a brief look at this protocol. First, let's explain the specific meaning of this Protocol. RS-232-C The RS-232C protocol is the EIA-RS-232C protocol, in which EIA (Electronic Industry Association) represents the American Association of electronics Industry, RS (recommeded st

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