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Work with Visio flowchart

In practical work, we often need to introduce to others the operation process of a certain work. If the work flow is slightly more complicated, it is very difficult to express it in words alone! It is time to make full use of visualization techniques to express those complex workflows graphically, not only to make it easier for you to express, but also to make it

During the days of Mac team work (i)

After working for the MAC team for almost 4 months, he then turned the team and went directly to the cloud team. Now tidy up some of the knowledge learned at that time, in case that they will review only use, if you see what is wrong place, I hope you can point out.Let's start by listing the company's system first.Working hours: 8:30--9:00 17:30--18:00. After 9:00 credit card for late, late fines for: ≤0.5h buckle 20,0.5h--1h, buckle 40,≥1h, absenteei

Patch does not work: Mac platform security vulnerabilities still exist

Patch does not work: Mac platform security vulnerabilities still exist Synack, a security research organization, revealed in a report in May that the keeper in the Mac platform has a serious system vulnerability that they can exploit to bypass the keeper, then let the Mac device open the infected software. Specificall

Install Hyper-V after installing Windows 8/10 on MAC book does not work correctly---virtualization blocked issues

MAC Book because the work needs to install a dual boot, usually working with Windows 10, because some old programs can not start, but also to install a virtual machine. Initially loaded WMware began to install 7.1 version, the result is not installed after the direct crash restart, online feedback even if the upgrade to 11.0, there are some blue screen and other problems.Use the Hyper-V that comes with Wind

What is the default value of mysql in mac? In addition, how does mysql port work?

I have a vague concept about how mysql works. I have the following questions: Why did I install mysql when I used php and xampp? Now I use node, npm installed mysql again and connected to the same database. I guess this is because of the mysql port. I only have a vague concept about how mysql works. The following problems exist: Why I installed mysql in php and xampp before, and now I installed mysql again in node and npm. When I connected the database, I connected to the same database. I gues

Solve the three-finger tap translation feature in Mac Pro does not work

Three-finger tap translation in Mac Pro doesn't work, why is it?The shortcut keys are as follows:Command+contral+dThe reason is that pro and air are not the same, air is on by default and pro needs to be setSystem Preferences, trackpad, cancel "force tap and haptic feedback", check "Find and Data Monitor" (see useful three fingers tap)Then with 3 fingers tap, will translate, without the use of Control+comma

MAC OS x Developer prep work

After migrating to the Mac platform for Development, a series of preparatory work is needed to make our work smoother.1. Installing the Homebrew Package ManagerThe Apple system comes with a package manager, but it's not very useful. Now, the more popular is homebrew, very easy to use, only a brew command can be easily implemented software installation and uninsta

Starting the application on Mac does don't work (copy platforms to a different location to solve the problem)

In some rare cases it can happen a application does not launch and there are no reaction after double clicking on th E application icon, not even the splash screen appears.The following work-around might.Verify issueFirst verify if the work-around applies to your issue: Launch the (in applications/utilities) Type the following and then hits Enter:/applications/dacuda\ Pocketscan.ap

Why the Mac app doesn't work

Tags: free memory reliable computer system disk software alt How to do mouse mustRecentColleagues say this has happened recently on MacApplication does not run correctlyThis has never happened before.After a long time to find: The original is running out of memory reasonsWhat about that?This is the time to ask for an Apple Computer-specific cleanup tool, Cleanmymac.I really solved a lot of troubles for us.The solution to how the Mac cleans up the disk

Mac/idea Use tips--16.8.8-16.8.13 work history

of the java_home environment;3. It is recommended to install some plug-ins, such as a very good Vim plug-in, can quickly improve efficiency, and basically every development tool has integrated VIM development plug-in, so it can be used across platforms, other plug-ins can be as needed to explore;4. After the idea is integrated with MAVEN, you need to manually select the Maven Manager window from the lower left corner, then clear and install in the root directory to complete the MAVEN project's

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