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[C # project Open source] MongoDB Visual management tool (October 2011-present)

[C # project Open source] MongoDB Visual management tool (October 2011-present)Http:// Eco-Client Driver support

Books read in 2011 and books to be read in 2012

Books I read in 2011 the peak of the Tide [Recommended] -The history of the technology industry, including at-and-T, IBM, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo Inc. and Google, is worth seeing. as's program World -Read this book as long as you

Interpreting nine new features of Visual Studio 11

The previous news released by Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview received the attention and discussion from many technical staff. Recently, the latest beta version of vs2011 was officially launched in Barcelona. To let more people know about the

The Visual C + + 2010 Getting Started Tutorial series one: Things about Visual Studio, VC, and C + +

Original: 2010.6.15Write in frontWhile I was still in school, I chose C + +, originally I used VC6 as my IDE, I have read a lot of C + + textbooks, some suitable for me, some

Visual Studio + C # + Xamarin = ios/android/windows Apps

Visual Studio launch War across platforms (1)--Hello xamarin! ObjectiveThe programmed development of the foot, never stopped. From the early Windows applications, to the Web application of the Internet, to the Mobile application,

VLD (Visual Leak Detector) memory Leak Detection Tool

The first knowledge of visual Leak DetectorFlexible freedom is a major feature of the C + + language, and this is a problem for C + + programmers. When the program becomes more and more complex, memory management becomes more complex, and there is a

Debug a C + + mexfunction file in Visual Studio

C + + Mex file: Also known as the Mex source file, is the normal fortran/c/c++ file, but it defines a mexfunction interface for communication with MATLAB, using the MEX () function can be compiled into a MATLAB Mex file. As for how to write the Mex

July 2011 Programming Language Rankings, OBJECTIVE-C will become the annual language

Tiobe published the July 2011 list of programming languages, the title of this issue: OBJECTIVE-C will become the language of the year. The top three are still Java, C, c++,4 to 10, followed by C #, PHP, Objective-c, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, and

Eclipse provides three GUI extensions for visual GUI development

Document directory 1. Visual Editor 2. SWT-Designer 3. jigloo 1. Visual Editor 2. SWT-Designer 3. jigloo From Eclipse does not provide GUI visual development tools. If you

October 2011 Programming Languages List: Java popularity continues to decline

In Tiobe's October 2011 programming language Rankings, Java continued to gain momentum in September, declining by almost 1%, despite Oracle's latest Java 7 release in early August. It seems that the C language is returning to its first throne next

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