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UML modeling tools Visual Paradigm (VP-UML) official FAQ Daquan

This article mainly sorts out the UML modeling tool Visual Paradigm (VP-UML) official FAQ, hope to be helpful to visual paradigm users. Can the persistent layer generated in the VP-UML

UML modeling tool Visual Paradigm (VP-UML) Tutorial: Installation Details

Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML)It provides developers with the most convenient and intuitiveUML modelingFunction. In order to help Visual Paradigm for UML users get started quickly, hu

Visual Paradigm (VP-UML) Use experience 1: merging Model Elements

In useUML modeling toolsVisual Paradigm (VP-UML)Duplicate model elements may be created in different models, as shown in ). In this case, we can merge model elements to delete duplicate roles. This article describes how to mergeUML toolsDuplicate Model Elements in visual Paradigm (VP-

Introduction to visual Paradigm (I) AND PRELIMINARY Software

1. Introduction to UML tool Visual paradigm 5.3 The latest version is 5.3. The following is a report on it. Visual paradigm is a UML modeling tool designed for the following personnel, including software engineers, system analyst

Requirement Management in visual paradigm

case analysis files. You can set more details for each project. It is a project management setting that includes version planning, priority, current status, and difficulty levels. The system may not be enough initially. You can use "Configure look-ups" on the interface for configuration. In the process of requirement analysis, requirement grid is a useful organization tool. However, visual paradigm does

Rational Rose and UML visual modeling Basics

To successfully develop a project, you need the correct processes, tools, and symbols (annotations ). In this article, the author explains how UML provides you with symbols and how the Rational Unified Process provides you with the correct process, and how Rational Rose provides you with tools for project success. What is visual modeling? Visual Modeling is a

Building UML diagrams in Visual Studio and MyEclipse

I recently looked at "Head first design mode", and in the previous blog I also mentioned this book, this is a very classic, very easy to understand the book, written very well. Because this book is described in Java, so I used the myeclipse wrote a bit of code, has been using Vs,vs to build UML diagram function is very powerful, now found MyEclipse can also build UML diagram, and the function is very powerf

Enterprise effecect 7.5 (UML tool) is integrated into Visual Studio (downloaded)

Enterprise architect is a good UML modeling tool, which can also be integrated in Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. (Including the ea7.5 original version and the Chinese versionProgram, Integrated into vs): Ea Kit Appendix: The size of the compressed package is 49.5 MB (the size of SkyDrive is 50 MB). It is said that there is a traffic limit for do

Getting Started with UML visual language

diagram: The main purpose is to show the relationship between software systems and components10. Activity diagram: A special state diagram that enables the flow of one activity to another11. Deployment diagram: How to deploy to an application environmentThere are a lot of 12.UML visualization tools, slightly different in terms of expression, but similar in terms of use, amaterasuml_1.3.4 is used here.InstallationBefore installing, you need to check w

Integrate Enterprise Architect 7.5 (UML tools) into Visual Studio

Enterprise Architect is a good UML modeling tool, but it can also be integrated into Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. Download address (including EA7.5 original, Chinese program, integrated to VS): EA set Screenshot: Compression package has 49.5M (SkyDrive limited to 50M), it is said that SkyDrive download has traffic restrictions, if not download, p

UML Design Via Visual studio-class Diagram

Using a few modeling design tools, small have staruml, large have rational rose,ea. The final discovery or Visual Studio modeling is more comfortable (personal view, don't argue).I'm going to make an introduction to a few of the modeling diagrams that I use often, such as Class diagram (class Diagram), Time series diagram (sequence Diagram), use case diagrams (using cases Giagram), Component Diagrams (component Diagram), layered graphs (layer diagram)

The fundamentals of Rational rose and UML visual modeling

In order to successfully develop a project, you need the correct process, tools, and symbols (annotations). In this article, the authors explain how UML provides you with the right process for providing you with symbols, the rational Unified Process (Unified process), and how rational rose provides you with the tools to make your project successful. What is visual modeling?

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