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Share some of the most useful Visual Studio extensions

Extension ManagerVisual Studio 2010 has a new Extension Manager feature that you can use to add, remove, enable, and disable Visual Studio extensions. We can install extensions from the Visual

Visual Studio Front-end development tools/Extensions

How to get Visual Studio to better write HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, in other words, how to do the front-end development better. Visual Studio 2010 is not fully optimized for front-end development, either in the flagship or the free version. Do not want vs default Install these things, we have a lot of vs extensio

Go Visual Studio Utility Extensions recommended

This article turns from Studio has a very good extensibility, and in previous articles, I also showed you how to expand the editor (see Reference Resources at the end of this article). In this article, I'll cover several very useful extensions to help us improve our development efficiency.C # outlineThe default outline scheme for

Use visual Studio to implement Python C + + extensions in a few steps, as well as DLL calls

Search the web for the Python extension tutorial, a lot of references to third-party open source libraries, and the official recommendation is to use In fact, using Visual Studio is simple! Take a look at how you can write a python extension step-by-step, and how to call a DLL by extension.Reference Original: Wrapping/C + + Methods of Dynamsoft Barcode SDK for PythonVisual

Visual Studio 2013 compiles C extensions for 64-bit Python (using Pyobject wrapper)

'"extdemo_wrapper.c"])2) Visual Studio 2013 Tools Preparation and compilationThe Start menu opens the Visual Studio Tools folder,  Select 64bit Native Tools, double-click Open,  Set the compilation environment, as below, refer to the Distutils.core official help document for the meanings of these two parameters.Set dis

Plugins in Visual Studio extensions and updates are disabled and cannot be used after installation

After you install the plug-in in extensions and updates in Visual Studio, it displays [disabled] and is still not available after reinstallation, but the VS default installation extension works fine.Note here that the " currently not allowed to load per user extension " is shown below, and click "Enable per-user extended loading" to display the following form:Tic

Practical Extensions for Visual Studio

Visual Studio has very good scalability, and in previous articles I showed you how to extend the editor (see Resources at the end of this article). In this article, I'll introduce a few very useful extensions to help us improve our development efficiency. C # outline The Visual S

Various file name extensions in Visual c++6.0

Microsoft Visual c++6.0 is a short and lean integrated development tool that has been in use since its release in 1998. The following is a brief introduction to some common file name extensions in VC6.0.. APS: Intermediate files that store binary resources, VC converts the current resource file into binary format and s

When you publish a Microsoft Visual Studio Web site without a debug file in the bin file, the PDB file

The reason to have a debug file is because it is easy to quickly navigate to the Fault code nodeHere's how to implement the debug file and publish it to the bin file in the directory.After the corresponding website is acquiredCompilePublish "Find the node that needs to be published, Presentationlayer, select right Click > Properties > Package/Publish WebConfigure

Visual Studio 2013 introduces source file (CPP) review, taking Fastdb as an example

Take Fastdb as an example, there are many demo Fastdb examples to use, c++demo how to use ..., with Visual Studio 2013To the familiar person is too simple, unfamiliar person is childs ... Don't talk nonsense, on the steps ...Material Preparation:Fastdb source: Visual Studio 2013Ope

Visual Studio 2005 Form configuration file

Visual Studio 2005 extends a strong data type into a configuration file, adding a set scope, a GUI-based property editor, and a read-only constraint on a drag-and-drop configuration class. In some of the new features of. NET 2.0, the patch for the System.Configuration namespace and the visual

How to convert the QT project file to the vcproj file of Visual Studio and maintain data consistency

Qt creator is a very useful cross-platform project management tool and integrated development environment (IDE ). However, Visual Studio is still my most popular development tool for myself. Because QT uses MOC, it will be very troublesome to manage Visual Studio project files by myself, especially when adding and modi

Debug a C + + mexfunction file in Visual Studio

noticing, you can also debug a generated Mex file in Visual Studio!Debugging on Windows platformOn the Visual Studio 2010 platform, you can debug C + + Source Mex file, the landlord is using

Visual Studio Publishing Web project error: Unable to add ' xxx ' to the Web site. Unable to add file ' xxx '. The specified file could not being encrypted.

BackgroundWeb projects under Visual StudioPhenomenonThe unable to add ' xxx ' to the WEB site was encountered when publishing. Unable to add file ' xxx '. The specified file could not being encrypted. ErrorReason These files (folders) are set to "encrypt". This may be because these files are downloaded from the Internet and copied to the folder under the pro

Solve "Visual Studio requires the designer to use the first class in the file. Move the class code to make it the first class in the file, and then try to reload the designer ." Method

The error message is as follows:Class treemenuview can be designed, but it is not the first class in the file. Visual Studio requires the designer to use the first class in the file. Move the class code to make it the first class in the file, and then try to reload the desig

Visual Studio 2017 extended development (1) Add a menu to the Visual Studio menu bar, visual Studio menu bar

Visual Studio 2017 extended development (1) Add a menu to the Visual Studio menu bar, visual Studio menu bar Recently, I have been involved in the development of visual

The intrinsics header file corresponds to the SIMD Instruction Set and Visual Studio version.

File: intrinsics header fileDescription: Instruction Set description.VS: Visual Studio versionVisual Studio: Visual Studio version name File Description V

Developing a Matlab Mex file in Visual Studio, generating Mexw64/mexw32

Csunking contribution, 2015-9-22 17121. OverviewBy using C/C + + and MATLAB mixed programming, you can enjoy the fast execution speed of the code, but also easy to use MATLAB Many library functions and powerful drawing capabilities. Let Matlab call C function is implemented through DLL file, and this DLL development process can not only use the MEX command with MATLAB, also can use VC + + development environment, use VC has many advantages, one is to

Modify Visual STUDIO EXPRESS 2012 new C + + file encoding

This site is reproduced in addition to the article, are the original site or translation. The article welcomes all forms of reprint, but please 18 years of age and above the reprint of the source of the article, respect for my labor, but also respect your IQ; This site part of the original and translated articles to provide markdown format source code, welcome to use the source of the article reproduced; Article title: Modify Visual

Use your own file compare tool in Visual Studio

Which file compare software are you using for comparing files and folders? How do you like it? I ever tried several ones, include: Windiff: Comes along with the Windows SDK, I think it is the build in file compare tool of Visual Studio (TFS ). Tortoisemerge: Build in f

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