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Ubuntu 9.04 solves a problem without sound (Realtek sound card)

Just bought a new computer installed on the latest Ubuntu 9.04, finished and found no sound. This gives me a bit of a disappointment with the powerful features of Ubuntu's automatic identification card.My sound card is Realtek ALC888. There is a bug on the internet, there are some strange ways to solve, try a lot of unsuccessful. After a constant attempt, the personal feeling is that Ubuntu offers a driver

WIN10 system sound Card driver problem causes no sound to do

1, in the taskbar sound icon (small horn) on the right click, select "Play device." 2, select the current playback device, and then click the Properties button. 3, click the "Advanced" tab, select a non-current sampling frequency and bit depth of the sound quality (System general default 24-bit, 48000 Hz) as the default format, click OK. The above is the WIN10 system has no

Computer speaker with sound on one side and no sound problem solving method

When we do the following method to detect you want to make sure that your speakers are not broken off the side, if the hard drive is broken, it is certain that this method can not repair your problem, this is the setting up the problem can be solved by the method. First, check the connector is normal, if there is no problem we can look down Second, in the low

Computer Sound Breakdown Problem Summary

What is the reason why the computer is hoarse? Usually the sound card is driving the problem. Download a "Driver Wizard" First, then update the sound card driver, it is OK. It is recommended that you use the following methods for troubleshooting: In the daily use of computers, we sometimes encounter computer sound is

Linux Problem solving _arch system installation is complete no sound

RtTheir machine is Lenovo y410p, before the installation of the arch system has been unable to play sound, and do not know how to set up, today, the computer configuration, incidentally, the sound of the problem solved.The Arch default kernel has been ALSA with a set of modules and does not have to be specifically installed.ALSA refer to the Arch website Wiki:htt

Sound card driver problem causes voice chat exception?

Operation Steps Small series first to introduce you if it is a sound card driver exception to how to solve. The sound card driver exception is the driver installs the wrong problem, uses the drive life two steps to be possible to solve. First you download drive life, click Drive Management--drive uninstall--start unloading, uninstall the original driver in the

How to solve the problem of no sound in front panel headphones of desktop PC?

Our computers are equipped with headphone jack, for us to plug headphones to listen to the song. No matter which Jack is broken, listen to the song can not sound, see the video can't hear the sound. Recently, there is a user response using the Win7 system, their desktop computer front headset jack is not sound, after the headphone jack has a

YY Live without sound problem how to solve?

Computer yy live without sound solution 1, verify that your microphone can be recognized by the computer, if the microphone selected option only "main sound capture driver", indicating that your microphone has not been recognized 2, try to close the live assistant and then reopen 3, confirm the microphone status of "free speech", and the microphone volume to the maximum; 4, check is not in

Common sound card driver problem solving solution

The computer has no sound repair methods, many users have encountered a computer silent, sound card driver installation repeated failure, and so on, if you are troubled by these problems, hope that after reading this article, can help you find a solution! In fact, the method is very simple, is to install a drive life 5, and then follow the steps of small prompts, The operation will be able to solve the

Solve the problem of sound noise in Windows7

In WinXP to see high-definition movies, the screen smooth, sound quality is good, but upgrade to Win7, may appear despite the picture does not card, but there is a burst of sound, murmur phenomenon, and upgrade the driver, replace the video player. Because it is normal under WinXP, you can troubleshoot a hardware problem, and even if the upgrade driver has a beep

Solved the problem of IntelHDAudioController sound card.

Article Title: solves the problem of IntelHDAudioController sound card. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Currently, the sound card of the bottom-end laptop Based on Intel core 2 Duo is generally configured with

The sound will shadow Software Installation Wizard does not complete the problem solving method

Sound will not install the problem is as follows: This problem occurs small series can be sure that you have installed in this computer before the sound will shadow software, so we need to remove the previous installation of the sound will shadow software inst

Solve the problem of no sound in the microphone of the yy Live assistant

the audio card driver. If the microphone recovers, the problem of no sound in the computer microphone will be solved. If the problem persists, so there is only a replacement of the sound card, because this is a hardware damage, these soft methods are not able to solve the problem.No

Solve the problem that Firefox has no sound when playing Flash In Ubuntu.

information, see 1. Check whether the Flash plug-in is correctly installed. Based on my experience, Flashplugin-nonfree is relatively stable, even though it is nonfree... the GNU one often crashes. 2. If Flash can be viewed normally but there is no sound, there is a problem with the Firefox sound output settings. Edit the/etc/Firefox/Firefoxrc file. If not, cr

Sound problem loading in Remote Desktop Connection)

control.Note:Both methods must be enabled locally on the target computer (or connected to your own session) first, and then play a media clip. Otherwise, an error occurs: the sound card cannot be found.In addition, the performance of different players is also different. Windows Media players cannot use the above methods. Other RealONE, realplay, and Winamp are no problem.////*******************************

Why Win7 user web playback no sound problem

Recently, whether in the Win7 system or the Win XP system, users often encounter a strange phenomenon. There is no sound in the web to watch the video and listen to the music, but to switch to the local to watch the video and listen to music can be normal. The reason for this may be what optimization software you are using or installing and uninstalling a variety of decoders. Let's take a look at how to deal with this kind of

Laptop plug Headset can't hear sound problem solution

1, we click the "Start Menu" to find the "control Panel" details as follows; 2, then we click "Hardware and Sound"; 3, then in the Open interface we click on the "Realtek high-definition Audio Manager" details as shown below; 4, after entering as shown in the figure, we click on "Equipment Advanced settings" as shown in the following figure; 5, Next tick the second item "to separate all input jacks into a separate input

A small problem and solution for Flash built-in class sound

Solve | problem: Two voices cannot be controlled independently var _tmp; var s1_sound = new sound (); var s2_sound = new sound (); S1_sound.attachsound ("S1"); S2_sound.attachsound ("S2"); S1_sound.start (0,1000); _btn.onpress = function () { _tmp =!_tmp; if (_tmp) { S2_sound.start (); } else { S2_sound.stop (); } This code wants the

Fixed the problem of no sound after HDMI is enabled by default in Ubuntu 14.04, 14.04 hdmi

Fixed the problem of no sound after HDMI is enabled by default in Ubuntu 14.04, 14.04 hdmi The voice problem is often discussed in Ubuntu. I have previously written a number of methods for fixing the "silent" Problem in Ubuntu, but the voice issues I am about to talk about here are different from those mentioned in ano

[Reprint] Solve the problem of having an Ubuntu headset without sound (voice on speaker)

Some time ago, Ubuntu installed some updates, the front headset has been no sound, with a lot of ways, also can not solve! Try again today, finally solved, very fortunate, now share! First, in the terminal to run sudo alsamixer, press the M key to turn off all open (the display is mm), and then adjust to the appropriate position, white is advisable! The last item, Independ, shows that the headset and speaker can only have one

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