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There is no sound on the Web page but the system shows a sound.

scheme, where you can see symptoms and the possible causes of the problem, carefully read to see if the problem with you meet, if consistent, click to repair immediately. 4, you can see that you are repairing your problems, wait a moment, such as progress bar completed, waiting for repair completed. 5, the last witness the miracle of the moment, repair completed, web audio and video soun

Drive Wizard installs sound card driver time Card progress bar

The sound card driver does not have the installation to be able to have the sound, then may use the Drive Wizard to help you to download installs the sound card driver. This article is some children's shoes in the installation of sound card driver encountered a card progress bar

Android multimedia development music playing (with progress bar and time display added) and playing sound effects using SoundPool

the value of the playing progress bar if (mediaPlayer! = Null) {sb. setProgress (mediaPlayer. getCurrentPosition (); // start the thread handler every time with a delay of 100 milliseconds. postDelayed (updateThread, 100) ;}}; public void onClick (View v) {String path; try {switch (v. getId () {case R. id. play: falgTime = SystemClock. elapsedRealtime (); path = et_path.getText (). toString (). trim (); play (path); pauseTime = 0; et_time.setBase (fa

Resolution of failure to display sound icons in the status bar

I. Question proposal: 1. Have a desktop computer to reinstall the Operating System 2. After installing the operating system, you need to display the volume icon on the status bar with an error prompt: Because the volume control program is not installed, Windows cannot display volume control on the taskbar. Please use the add and delete programs in the control

Detailed Win7 flagship system under the computer speakers have current sound method

sound has been the voice of the AIDS. Note: Use mobile phone to determine whether the speaker failure, to determine the problem is not a speaker and then use the following methods to solve! A, sound card driver failure (Small series is this method to solve the sound of the speaker of the fault) Sound card driver Fa

Win7 System computer no sound solution

Recently have used Win7 system computer users reflect that their own computer play video without sound, we often use computer to watch video or listen to music, then if you can not output the voice is a button is very annoying and an affair, some users think it is their own computer sound is not open, the results open to large or no

What if the WinXP system microphone doesn't sound?

sound card driver is not normal or not installed--"Download the Installation Drive Wizard, click" Drive Upgrade "in" Basic Status "-" Upgrade the sound card driver and restart the computer after attempting a voice call. " The third step: right click on the task bar in the lower right corner of the volume icon--"open Volume Control"-"click on the upp

XP system Front Audio No sound is going on

XP system Front Audio No sound is going on 1, inserted in the computer chassis after the audio interface has a sound to explain the computer sound card and drive is all normal, as for the computer front chassis no sound is mainly 3 possible. First of all to analyze the stru

How to solve the XP system under the computer boot no Sound

Sound file Missing "start"--"run"--input%systemroot%media, carriage return Look in the folder window for any Windows XP jingle. wav file, if not, copy one to a normal Windows XP system come over Set Error Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Sound and Audio Devices Switch to the

Let the Windows 7 system manage the program's sound effects for you.

Let the Windows 7 system manage the program's sound effects for you: In the lower right corner of the Windows 7 desktop to find the control of the sound of the small horn icon, the right mouse click on the icon, volume synthesizer, here, Windows7 will be all the current sound output of the application all assembled he

What happens when the XP system adjusts the volume and emits a "beep" sound?

What happens when the XP system adjusts the volume and emits a "beep" sound? If the sound scheme has been set to "silent", the "beep" may appear when you click on the Pull bar. Click on the "Beep", at this time, "silent" in the "program event" found in the "Default noise" Drop-down, find a voice than a small selection

Solution to a small replay sound after microphone recording in Windows7 flagship system

Analysis of the reasons for the small replay sound after the microphone recording: 1, the microphone may be set to a lower volume 2, sound card driver installation is not correct The specific solution is as follows: 1, first mouse click on the Windows7 flagship system task bar on the small horn icon, and then selec

How to debug the computer's sound card after reloading the system?

 How to debug the computer's sound card after reloading the system? 1, open the Sound Adjustment board, in the lower right corner of the small horn right click, select "Recording equipment." 2, the recording options to modify, select "Recording", in the middle of the blank point of the right mouse button, check "Show disabled Devices"--"Stereo mix"-

What about the WIN8 system without sound?

 Method One: If the hardware is not a problem, see if the sound device is disabled 1, first in the computer desktop in the lower right corner of the screen to right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar, and then select the "Play device" option; 2. Then right click on the white blank area of the playback device interface, select "Show Disconnected Devices" and "Show disabled devices" option; 3, if you see the inside of the speaker and headphones ic

Win7 system use Tencent to play video no sound how to do?

Win7 system use Tencent to play video no sound how to do? The specific steps are as follows: 1, be mute, see the computer task bar above the horn icon is not already mute, or Tencent video client is not already mute, it opened on the line. 2, headphones connection problems, often some headphones and other equipment connected with the computer well, if

How to solve the problem that the win10 system has sound but the small speaker disappears?

How to solve the problem that the win10 system has sound but the small speaker disappears? Some users find that their win10 system has a sound, but the icon is missing and the sound size cannot be adjusted. What should I do? The following is a small series of articles about

Win7 System start Attachment menu No Sound Recorder feature how to add

The Windows System Start menu attachment incorporates a variety of utilities, such as notes, calculators, screenshot tools, tape recorders, WordPad, and Remote Desktop connections, which enable us to better use the computer. Recently, there are users in the Ghost Win7 Start menu attachment These two can not find the "recorder" tool, this situation is mainly the tool was optimized to clean out, in fact, we can manually add the

Front panel audio does not sound how to repair after reloading Win8 system

Front panel audio does not sound how to repair after reloading Win8 system The specific steps are as follows: 1, before we solve the problem, we can eliminate the headset fault, new installed friends to check the motherboard front panel audio jumper connection is correct; 2, WIN8 system installation is completed, first look at the installation of Realtek

How to set up the Windows7 system task bar

full 7, never merge status 8, in the notification area, we can customize the notification area appears in the icon and notice, we click on the "Custom" button The notification area icon and Notification dialog box pops up, in the dialog box. We can choose to hide the icons and notifications, if you want to change the hidden icon state so that it does not hide, and like the sound icon small horn as shown in the

Miix2-8 What if you can't call the Super bar under Win8 system?

Originally this is because the screen touch is inaccurate, we can solve the problem by simply resetting/calibrating through the touch setting of the Control Panel screen, the specific steps are as follows: 1, select "Control Panel" under the Category View "Hardware and sound"-"tablet computer Settings"-"calibration pen and input screen"; 2, choose "Reset"---"OK", if "reset" can not be clicked, please click "Calibrate" to recalibrate the screen.

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