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66. Introduction to VLANs, Trunks, and VTP

/wyfs02/M02/78/4E/wKiom1Z6GrGgGSnDAAA9XMDK4BU346.png "style=" float: none; "title=" V18.png "alt=" Wkiom1z6grgggsndaaa9xmdk4bu346.png "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/78/4D/wKioL1Z6GsTwC4T2AAA883p3kLw022.png "style=" float: none; "title=" V19.png "alt=" Wkiol1z6gstwc4t2aaa883p3klw022.png "/>When we e0/1 the IOU2 on the VLAN1, the VLAN10 port on the IOU1 will be trimmed e0/0 because there are no members on the IOU2 VLAN10.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s4.51cto.co

Understanding of concepts such as trunks, native VLANs, and access

Tags: concept tag specific host NAT multiple effects add nbspIn the VLAN port mode of the switch: access,trunk!!! The PC does not recognize the frame with tag, so all the tags sent to the host frame will be stripped.1. Access modeThe frame of all VLANs can be sent at this port, and the tag on the frame will be stripped off, which becomes an untagged frame sent to the link;On this port, the untagged frame on the link is hit on a specific tag on this po

What is a VLAN? How do I divide VLANs? How do I implement VLANs? What are the benefits of VLANs? VLAN possible three-layer switching technology (reprint)

1. What is a VLAN?VLAN is a virtual local area network, which means that the sites in the networks do not rigidly adhere to the physical location, but can flexibly add a network technology in different logical subnets as needed.Virtual local area network based on switched Ethernet in switched Ethernet, the VLAN technology can be used to divide the physical networks connected by switches into multiple logical subnets. This means that a broadcast packet sent by a site in a virtual local area netwo

Access,hybrid and Trunks

switch, the switch found inter E0/1 allow VLAN 20 data through, so the data is forwarded to Inter E0 /1, because the Inter e0/1 VLAN 20 is untagged, so the switch at this time to remove the packet vlan20 on the token, in the form of ordinary packets sent to PC1, at this time PC2->PC1 go vlan20 Summarize a "word" ^_^:1.Access, can only belong to one VLAN, while the port of the PC is set to Access2.Trunk, allowing multiple VLANs to pass. General user a

Extraction of tree trunks by Hough linear detection algorithm

extraction of tree trunks by Hough linear detection algorithmHough linear detection is a common linear detection algorithm, the principle is relatively simple.I will describe my understanding of the Hough Line detection algorithm: The pixel points in the image of the two-dimensional coordinates, through the transformation of the coordinate transformation to polar coordinates, and then by comparing each point in the polar coordinates of the angle value

WEB HTTP Integration point: gateways, tunnels, and trunks

HTTP applications. The most common reason to use tunneling is to embed non-HTTP traffic in an HTTP connection so that traffic can pass through firewalls that allow only web traffic. Use connect to create an HTTP tunnel. Trunking (relay): is a simple HTTP proxy that does not fully comply with the HTTP specification. The relay is responsible for processing the portion of the connection that is established in HTTP, and then blind forwarding the bytes. Trunking has a n

Idea completes the merging of branches and trunks

When we are developing a project, we may create a branch and a trunk. For the branch, we generally may use in the development time, but when the project is on-line, the address of the project we extract may be the SVN address of the trunk, then we need to merge the SVN code on the branch into the trunk, then we need to compare the branch and the trunk.The question is, how do we use idea, compare the code on the branch with the trunk, and merge the modified code on top of the trunk.For details, p

Create Trunks, Branches, Tags procedures in SVN

labels, we are accustomed to arranging the structure of the Repository repository as:/branches,/tags,/trunk. Represents branches, labels, and trunks, respectively. It is also worth noting that SVN does not recommend revision on the created tag, which applies branches because tag is generally unchanged and does not make any changes. 1. Create a branch branch or tag tag It is easy to create a branch and tag when the repository is created according to t

Vlan: Implements route communication between VLANs and between non-VLANs.

As we all know, VLANs exist for convenience of management and security. How to Create a Vlan? Let me configure a simple Vlan network for communication between VLANs and between non-VLANs! The parameters are as follows: Vlan3: Vlan5: Vlan1: Vlan4: R. 11.11.1 255.

Routing between VLANs (iii)

Ii. Four solutions for inter-VLAN routing: 2. Two solutions for inter-VLAN routing (Figure 1-3): Using a router with an Ethernet interface Figure 1-3 This solution might have guessed that you need a router that supports relay links (trunks). It is necessary to encapsulate the ISL or 802.1q protocol on the trunk link of this router to activate the IP routing feature on this side of the router. This method of inter-VLAN routing is also referred to a

How to maximize the vulnerability of VLANs

The switch is not designed to be used as a security device, and its function is still to improve network performance. If the switch is to be part of the security mechanism, if the switch is to be properly configured first, then the manufacturer of the switch will have a complete understanding of the basic standards of the switch software and the implementation of these standards. If you have strict network security requirements, or do not use a shared switch, you should use a dedicated switch t

Cisco (Cisco) switches? C3750-e? 4. Partitioning VLANs

"Introduction" Within a switched network, it is possible to segment and organize flexibly through VLANs. VLANs can group devices in a LAN. A group of devices in a VLAN communicates as if it were connected to the same line. VLANs are based on logical connections, not physical connections. Types of VLANsThere are many different types of

What if the number of VLANs is insufficient? -The Q-in-Q Technology of beacon network makes VLAN configuration more flexible

What if the number of VLANs is insufficient?-The Q-in-Q Technology of beacon network makes VLAN configuration more flexible (18:38:03) In the IP data network architecture, when using a vswitch as the access device and using a LAN as the access methodAn important issue is the isolation between users, because users connected to the LAN are often in the same broadcast domain, and their communication information can be monitored by other

How Linux implements VLANs

The LAN represents the local area network, which is usually used by the Hub and Switch to connect to the computer on the LAN.In general, when two computers are connected to the same Hub or Switch, they are on the same LAN.A LAN represents a broadcast domain. This means that all members of the LAN receive a broadcast packet from any one member.VLANs represent Virtual LANs. A switch with VLAN capability can divide its own port into multiple LANs.The broadcast packets sent by the computer can be re

Communication between VLANs

Abstract: In large Campus Networks, VLAN technology has been widely used. In the network applications with the rapid development of multimedia technology, inter-VLAN communication has become increasingly important, however, no unified communication standards have been established so far, and the products of various manufacturers have their own strengths. In specific network planning, you need to carefully compare various products to find products suitable for your network, select a suitable comm

Learning-differences between ACL and VACL between VLANs

Recently, I have been asked how to implement access control between VLANs on a Cisco switch. Generally, I will tell the other party how to apply the ACL to the virtual port of the corresponding VLAN on a layer-3 switch, in fact, I have no chance to practice it myself. Now, we have a project that involves this demand, so we have a question about how to implement access control between VLANs. Recently, I have

Implementing VLANs across Switches

Experimental purpose1. Learn how to partition Port-based VLANson a switch, add portsto VLANs , and understand The characteristics of VLANs across switches 2. Understanding instructions for using trunk modePrinciple of experiment VLAN is a logical division within a physical network segment, and is divided into several virtual LANs. The most important feature of VLANs

About several types of manageable switch VLANs

segment. Broadcast and unicast traffic within a VLAN is not forwarded to other VLANs. Even if the two computers have the same network segment, but they do not have the same VLAN number, their respective broadcast stream will not be forwarded to each other, thereby helping to control traffic, reduce equipment investment, simplify network management, improve network security. 1. According to the port to divide the VLAN Many VLAN vendors use the switc

Configure the VTP domain and implement a unified configuration and management of VLANs

must be configured before the relay link (that is, trunk). The pattern of VTP 1. Server mode: The switch that acts as the VTP server mode is responsible for the management of VLAN information in its domain. The VTP server can create, delete, or modify VLANs, and send out VTP notices, while VTP servers learn the same VTP notification information for domain names. 2. Client mode: A switch in VTP client mode does not allow administrative creation, de

Differences between ACL and VACL between VLANs

Recently, I have been asked how to implement access control between VLANs on a Cisco switch. Generally, I will tell the other party how to apply the ACL to the virtual port of the corresponding VLAN on a layer-3 switch, in fact, I have no chance to practice it myself. Now we have a project that involves this demand. So we carefully studied how to implement access control between VLANs, and discovered the VL

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