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How to solve the problem of Chinese subtitles garbled in VLC player

VLC is an essential software for Mac users. It is equivalent to the "Storm audio" on the PC, but the Mac novice using VLC to play AVI will encounter the problem of garbled subtitles. Avi subtitles are available in a variety of formats, assuming you use common. SRT subtitles.

The player that can automatically download Subtitles-shooter player

Reprinted please indicate the source and the author contact: http://blog.csdn.net/mimepp Contact information: Yu Tao Keywords: auto subtitle, svplayer As the main site for subtitle search in China, shooter.cn has launched its own player. The biggest feature of shooter.cn is that it can automatically download matched Subtitles without manual search by yourself,

VLC learning plan (2)-Installation and Use of VLC and other player Binary packages

Copyright information: This article is from the Internet and is reposted here for streaming media fans to learn and use. Please respect the author's Labor achievements. Unauthorized commercial use of the original author's articles is an infringement. The consequences shall be borne by the user and I shall not assume any legal liability. 1. Installation needs on rh91). rh9 upgrade package.2). FC2 RPM packageSee: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Solve the Problem of garbled Chinese subtitles played by VLC in MAC/Ubuntu once and for all

From http://bbs.weiphone.com/read-htm-tid-344593.html VLC is a required software for MAC/Ubuntu users. It is equivalent to "Storm audio and video" on a PC, but Subtitles may be garbled when a newbie on MAC/Ubuntu uses VLC to play AVI videos. There are multiple Avi subtitle formats. Here we assume you use common. srt Subtit

Open source cross-platform Video development framework: VIDEOLAN-VLC Media Player

VLC was originally a project of several French university students, and later they took VLC as an open source project, attracting a lot of good programmers from all over the world to co-author and maintain VLC, which became the way it is now. As for why it is called VideoLAN Client, it is because there is a VideoLAN server project (abbreviated as VLS), and now VL

VLC Video Player Development-VLC for Android Compilation

VLC player is an excellent open source player that can play MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, DVD/VCD, digital satellite channels, digital earth TV channel (Digital terrestial television channels) play online videos through IPv4 and IPv6 networks on many job platforms. This software development project was initiated by French students. Participants came from all over

Ubuntu 14.04 tips: display notifications of VLC (VLC media player)

Ubuntu 14.04 tips: display notifications of VLC (VLC media player) VLC is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that can play most multimedia files, as well as DVDs, audio CDS, VCD, and various streaming media protocols. Install the latest

WPF development VLC Player (universal player)

First, download the latest VLC player on VLC official website, then install and copy the files Videolan\vlc\ and videolan\vlc\plugins\ to the project in the installation file directory respectively.The \

GJM: Custom VLC-Based Video Player [reprint], gjmvlc

article ). According to the introduction in the blog, I downloaded the component, wrote a simple Demo, and then added it to the system. It looks much better to run it. However, when a music video was played to a certain point in time, they reported an error and checked the information. Finally, they found the cause on an EN-wen website that it was a version problem and downloaded the latest VLC Player, you

Development of player based on VLC

into ActiveX to the web down, packaged cab will be larger, need to crop ...Main reference articles:1, HTTP://WWW.CODEPROJECT.COM/ARTICLES/38952/VLCWRAPPER-A-LITTLE-C-WRAPPER-AROUND-LIBVLC2, http://www.cnblogs.com/Alberl/archive/2013/11/04.htmlVLC's C # packageIf the player client is using the. NET development, how to use VLC? There are several ways to do this:1. ActiveX Controls: You can encapsulate the MF

Two-time development via VLC's ActiveX, implementing a multimedia player 2011-04-10 00:57:23

Http://blog.chinaunix.net/xmlrpc.php?r=blog/articleuid=25498312id=218294 was developed two times via the VLC ActiveX, Implementing a multimedia player 2011-04-10 00:57:23Classification: System operation and MaintenanceThe first thing to register is the VLC ActiveX control.Copy the Axvlc.dll file under the Vlc-0.8.6e\ac

Embed VLC player in HTML

First download the installation of VLC plug-in, and then write a page, the page, specify the corresponding RTSP video address to be good. To VLC's official website to download the corresponding plug-in, the current plug-in version is 2.2.4. When the download is complete, install to the disk at the specifie

VLC Media Player 'src/network/httpd. c' Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

VLC Media Player 'src/network/httpd. c' Cross-Site Scripting VulnerabilityVLC Media Player 'src/network/httpd. c' Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: VideoLAN VLC Media Player Description: Bugtraq id: 66307CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-974

Developing a video player based on VLC SDK

In the Windows system if the development of universal player, generally is the basic DirectShow to develop, development is also very simple, but a lot of shortcomings, whether a file format can play depends entirely on whether you installed the correct parser and decoder, even if there is a universal solution installation package will also have a lot of problems, But since a lot of open source software, such as the famous FFMPEG,

Multiple security vulnerabilities in VLC Media Player

Multiple security vulnerabilities in VLC Media Player Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:VideoLAN VLC Media Player 2.1.5Description:Bugtraq id: 72252 VLC Media Player is a multimedia

How to compile ANDROID-VLC open source player under Linux

These two days need to do audio and video playback related things, so the current Android to find the decoder library. Android's own decoder library is not fully supported, so many Third-party players are ffmpeg, most of them are used as decoding libraries. I also got a video player in 11 years, and it was based on FFmpeg. At that time on the internet about the Android Video decoder library is not much information, only to find a person on git transpl

Build a simple streaming server with VLC media player

VLC can be used as a player, or it can build a server.After the failure of Helix Server and Darwin streaming Server+perl, we finally found a simple and easy way to build streaming media.The content of this URL is already very detailed: http://m.blog.csdn.net/article/details?id=38424957I'm using the UDP method.The rough steps are as follows: 1. Download

Ubuntu Rookie Starter (16)--Install video player VLC

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:videolan/master-dailysudo apt-get updatesudo Install VLCUbuntu 16.04 comes with the totem player is weaker, a variety of decoders are not, with the time to download, each time the right to select VLC is also more tired ah, so we set the default player for

Use of VLC video player plugin

First of all have to admit that VLC is a very good video playback plug-in, supporting the format N. But on the web, especially with little resources on Google's Internet, I'm 1100 degrees in the crowd, looking at various documents. Finally found, little hey:1), download VLC application Vlc-2.1.3-win32.exe, official def

Install VLC video player in Centos7.2

Install VLC video player in Centos7.2 Recently, I plan to install a video player named MPlayer on centos7.2. However, after a long time, the video player can only be played, but has no sound. Find another path. Finally, choose to install the VLC video

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