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Use VLC to build a simple Streaming Media Server (UDP and TCP)

During this time, streaming media data transmission was used.TCPAndUDPMethod, feelingVLCYou can do this.Demo, Which is summarized here for my reference later. Introduction VLCHome page:Http://www.videolan.org VLCNot only a player, but also a Streaming Media Server. I will not talk about the relevant information on the Internet. DeclareVLCVersion:2.0.3 U

Use VLC to build a Streaming Media Server

Use VLC to build a Streaming Media Server The VLC open-source project is quite powerful. We can use it as the playback core for secondary development and as a high-performance streaming media server. This blog focuses on using

Build a simple streaming server with VLC media player

VLC can be used as a player, or it can build a server.After the failure of Helix Server and Darwin streaming Server+perl, we finally found a simple and easy way to build streaming media.The content of this URL is already very detailed: http://m.blog.csdn.net/article/details?

Using VLC to build streaming media server

The VLC Kaiyuan project is quite powerful, and we can use it as a playback core for two development and as a high-performance streaming media server. This blog is mainly about using VLC to build a streaming media server.VLC building the

Use VLC to build RTSP streaming server under Mac

Want to build a RTSP streaming media server on their Mac, find out, or think VLC is the simplest and most practical. Download the installation of VLC, after the installation path:/applications/vlc.app The utility command starts the server with the following comm

Use VLC to build a simple Streaming Media Proxy Server

This time involvesRTSPAgent Problems, feelingsVLCIn this regardDemoIt is better. Here we will summarize it for my reference later. Environment:Darwinstreamingserver 6.0.3 + VLC 2.0.3 My previous articleArticle(Http://www.cnblogs.com/MikeZhang/archive/2012/09/09/vlcStreamingServer20120909.html).VLCBuilding a simple Streaming Media ServerSample1.aviReplaceRTSPLink. In this article, onlyRSTP. Interface Op

VLC player implements push-flow and streaming methods

VLC Player is a powerful player. Baidu Encyclopedia: VLC Multimedia player (originally named VideoLAN client) is a multimedia player of the VideoLAN program. It supports a wide range of audio and video decoders and file formats, and supports DVD audio-visual discs, VCD audio-visual discs, and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a unicast or multic

VLC Application VII: Use VLC to do unicast, multicast and on-demand server "turn"

,seek percentage later. Represents a stop, pause, and jump to a percentage of a position. verify: Turn on a VLC and open rtp:// It should be ready to play. 7. Erecting a unicast serverThe output in the 6th step is replaced by the unicast address on the line. The others are the same. Be careful not to have new names. 8. Save the operation just nowContinue typingSave D:/01.cfg has just saved the operation to d:/01.cfg inside, except con

Application 7 of VLC: Use VLC for unicast, multicast, and On-Demand Server

step 1, replace the output with the unicast address. Others are the same. Do not duplicate the new name. 8. Save the operation.Continue Input Save D:/01.cfgSave the operation to D:/01. cfg, except control. You can view the content in the text editor, such as Notepad.If VLC is enabled again, enterLoad D:/01.cfg Read the saved operation in to continue the operation or control. With this configuration, a

WPF-VLC Streaming Media Playback

Recently, I am working on VLC streaming media playback in WPF. Now I can implement VLC local playback in WPF,Streaming playback solves the problem. In the following code, comment out the two pieces of code for streaming media playback. More people care about it ^,For everyon

Calculation of streaming buffer time of VLC receiving network ()

value changes after the initsourceinit function of Row 3. If you go deeper, you will find the value in the input. c: Row 2644 has an access_get_pts_delay operation, which corresponds to UDP in my test. in row C: 173, VLC obtains a value called network-caching. The value is set to 1000. I guess it should be ms, and the value is multiplied by 1000 when the result is returned, convert to microseconds and compare it with the I _stream_duration value.Summ

Embed pages of VLC playback RTSP streaming

Currently developing open source VLC embedded in the page to play RTSP data stream, but found embedded page of VLC (page start, install VLC plug-in) play RTSP stream compared to VLC player, there will be a phenomenon of lag, ask if there are friends have similar problems, if please help answer under, Not very grateful.

Use VLC and live555mediaserver to build an RTSP server

First, use VLC BuildService side 1. Open the Media-stream option:2. Click the "Add" button to select the streaming media file, then click the "Stream" button rtsp , then click the Add button, "Activate transcoding" can be canceled. Set port and path (can default) 4. Then click Next to see the basic information.5, the last click "Stream" can, this is

PC-side VLC build RTSP server, Android link not on

With VLC built a streaming media server, on the local side to open the network stream and there is no problem, when the Android link is in option when the failure, connection time out, in addition to build VLC RTSP server does not have any problems, On other machines, the sa

Build a streaming media server under Linux

http://blog.csdn.net/huangtaishuai/article/details/9836581This article explains how to build a live streaming media server with VLC as the core in the CentOS 6 server (no graphical interface).The first step is to install a third-party yum source. because the official Yum source does not contain

Use nginx to build a Streaming Media Server in ubuntu to implement on-demand video streaming and tung.pdf

Use nginx to build a Streaming Media Server in ubuntu to implement on-demand video streaming and tung.pdf First, let's see how to implement on-demand video. On-demand video streaming supports flv files, H264 encoded videos, and ACC-encoded audio mp4 files:Step 1: create a separate directory (because of the large number

VLC Server RTSP function implementation

Http://www.onlyblog.com/blog2/zyjzyj2000/10343.html The installation steps are as follows:1. Install fedora7;2. Remove the firewall of Fedora 7. You can also configure the firewall by yourself to allow ports 4212 and 5554;3. Install the VLC server. See the above blog.Article;Configure the VLC server as follows:1. Ru

Linux Mediatomb + VLC media server collocation

The ThinkPad was replaced with a MacBook Pro, so the ThinkPad was sitting on the sidelines, doing nothing. It suddenly occurred to me today that I had more than one device in my hand, so I might as well get the ThinkPad into a media server dedicated to storing AV (Audio/video), and then other devices read through the client.The experiment was done on the MacBook + ThinkPad, and the software involved was:MEDIATOMB–UPNP Media

Using IIS Live Smooth streaming technology to build a streaming media live system _win Server

bandwidth costs. 4, smooth streaming processing can be applied to on-demand (provided by the IIS smooth streaming extension) and real-time broadcast (provided by the IIS real-time smooth streaming processing extension) two different application requirements. Disadvantage: Using smooth streaming technology to impleme

Streaming media server settings for video streaming

-sensitive programs, obviously using the download method can not meet the requirements of live, therefore, it is necessary to adopt a kind of transmission mode-----stream transmission. The use of streaming audio and video information, the need to use a dedicated streaming media server to the customer end users to send video images, sound, animation and other mult

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