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Linux configuration in VMware 1-Installing the VMware Tool shared folder

Linux:ubuntu 14In order to access the Windows directory in Linux, you need to install the VMware toolAfter you click Install in the VMware menu or in the prompt box, you see a status similar to the following in Ubuntu (VMware virtual a disk is a Vmwaretool file)Copy file:vmwaretools...tar.gz to TMPCP Vmwaretools ... tar. gz/tmpExtracttar -xcvf vmwaretools ... tar

CentOS 6.5-Installing VMware tool (VMware 10)

Tags: umount file war vmw src use CentOS 100% CD 第一步 先卸载光盘 [root ~]#umount /dev/sr0 第二步 单击“虚拟机”菜单----->"安装VMware Tools"(vmware tools的光盘会自动挂载) [[emailprotected] ~]# dfFilesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on/dev/sda3 16180136 5671768 9679800 37% /tmpfs 506028 76 505952 1% /dev/shm/dev/sda1 194241 35138 148863 20% /boot/dev/sr0 60934 60934 0 100% /media/cdrom /这里的挂载点有些不同 [[emailprotected] ~]# cd /m

VMware installation VMware tool is encountering the path "is a valid path to the 3.10.0-693.el7.x86_64 kernel headers.

Tags: path x86 ken Str ADE VMW Tool installation PatThe path "is not a valid path to the 3.10.0-693.el7.x86_64 kernel headers. The problem is that the kernel header files are not found and need to install the header file, follow the online method yum after installationOr not, is that the version or there is a problem with the correct installation command:Yum Install "Kernel-devel-uname-r = = $ (uname-r)" VMware

VMWare ESX Server Performance optimization

VMWare ESX Server Performance Optimization VMware ESX Server is the most popular virtual software PRODUCT on the Intel platform on the current server market. The biggest advantage of comparing other vir

VMware Virtual machine optimization tips for ten strokes _vmware

recommends that you disable the screensaver of the virtual machine because it is not necessary ... 9. Organize the virtual machine disk Like other operating systems, disk files produce a lot of fragmentation after a long run, as are the Guest OS. When we add or delete files in a virtual machine, the virtual disk will also produce a lot of fragmentation over time. To keep the virtual machine disk performance, fragmentation recommends that you defragment the virtual machine disk regularly. I pe

Tool usage instructions -09-installing VMware Tools

copy/paste), you'll need to does one (or more) of the following:1. Manually Start/usr/bin/vmware-user2. Log out and log to into your desktop session; And,3. Restart your X session.Enjoy,--the VMware TeamFound VMware tools CDROM mounted at/media/vmware tools. ejecting device/dev/scd0 ...Umount:/media/

Simple MySQL optimization tool-slow query and mysql optimization tool

Simple MySQL optimization tool-slow query and mysql optimization tool Slow Query First, enabling slow queries is a prerequisite regardless of the optimization. The slow query Mechanism records slow query statements (events) to provide op

SQL database statement optimization analysis and Optimization techniques Summary (SQL Optimization tool)

Usually SQL database needs optimization analysis, and there are some techniques, SQL optimization of several methods here do not do a detailed introduction, this article will be summarized in SQL statement optimization, followed by an optimization tool SQL Tuning Expert for

Install the Virtual Machine Tool VMware Tools on the vSphere Client

Install the Virtual Machine Tool VMware Tools on the vSphere Client 1. What is a virtual machine tool? VMware Tools is a set of utilities installed in the virtual machine operating system. VMware Tools improves the performance of virtual machines and provides multiple easy-t

Installing VMware Tool in Linux systems

ObjectiveVMware tool tools must be used in many of the VMware product technologies. For example, if you are synchronizing the system time on ESXi virtual machines and ESXi host hosts , you must install the VMware Tool on the virtual machine's operating system to use the "Synchronize client and Host Time" feature in the

[Original] vmware workstation tool training

[Original] vmware workstation tool training 1 vmware workstation tool Introduction VMware Workstation is a powerful desktop virtual computer software that allows users to run different operating systems simultaneously on a single desktop, is the best solution for developing

Installing VMware tool under CentOS

VMware Tools is a tool that comes with VMware Workstation for virtual machines. Its role is to enable users to drag files from the physical host directly into the virtual machine. If we don't install it, we can't transfer the file between the virtual machine and the physical machine. Here's how to install it all.Whether you're using Windows or Linux, it's much mo

VMware Tool Vmhgfs shared folder failure handling for Ubuntu client Installation

VMware version: 10.0.0 build-1295980Ubuntu version: 3.13.0-62-genericThe first installation of the VMware Workstation CD-ROM in the Vmare Tools package, after the installation has not produced VMHGFS module;You can consider this method to fail and then install Open-vm-tools based on the prompts on the web, using the command line:sudo Install Open-vm-toolsAfter the installation is complete, there is still no

Recommend a free VMware audit tool

NetWrix changenotifier for Vmware-netwrix VMware Change Notification toolA free audit tool to keep you informed of VMware changesAre you maintaining VMware need too much manpower to take up too much time? NetWrix VMware The Chang

Install VMware tool on a Linux Virtual Machine

From: http://robert-liu.javaeye.com/blog/534051 After installing the system on a virtual machine, you may encounter some inconvenient problems, such as mouse switch-in and switch-out, and the installed system has a low resolution. At this time, we can install VMware tool to solve these problems. After the system is started, click VM ---> Settings ", In the displayed dialog box, select "CD-Rom",

Add vmware tool to ubuntu 64 Virtual Machine

Add vmware tool to ubuntu 64 virtual machines and create ubuntu 64-bit virtual machines in Vmware, therefore, add vmware tools for ubuntu 64 virtual machines. The procedure is as follows: www.2cto.com 1) First, select "VM" | "install vmware tools" in the

Installing the VMware Tools tool in the CENTOS7 virtual machine in EXSI6.7

Tags: bin Aliyun memory ref basic Settings INI Gateway here SelectFirst, create a virtual machine in ExsiCreate Virtual machine: CENTOS7HDD: 40GMemory: 4GIso:centos7-miniSecond, installation systemSet up the network in the graphical interface, select manual settings, assign IP:ip: CENTOS7 Basic Setup 1, install external yum sourceReference CentOS7 System configuration domestic yum source and Epel sourcecd /etc/yum.repo.d/wget h

"GNS3" VMware vmrun tool could not be found

Tags: install PNG BSP API ATI for resolution image WarError content:VMware Vmrun tool could not being found, VMware or the VIX API (required for VMware player) are probably not installed. You can download it from https://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vix-api/. After installation your need to restart GNS3.As shown belowWorkaround:1. Open the following Web site

VMware Linux increases the root directory space (using the graphical partitioning tool gparted LiveCd). __linux

directory space (/DEV/SDA2) Environment: WINDOWXP has VMware (VMware player3.1.0) and VMware has Centos5.2 Using software: GParted LiveCd (http://gparted.sourceforge.net/download.php) (Graphical interface partitioning tool) Gparted-live-0.12.1-5.iso Overview of Partitioning methods: Step 1: Load the graphical par

Linux Mount VMware Tool

1. Click Install VMware Tool, then select Mount to Mount2. Mount Tools and Unzip# mkdir/mnt/cdrom# mount-t auto/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom# cd/mnt/cdrom/# cp vmwaretools-10.1.7-5541682.tar.gz/root# cd# t AR-ZXVF vmwaretools-10.1.7-5541682.tar.gz3. Installing tools#cdvmware-tools-distrib/#yum-yinstallperlgccmake Kernel-headerskernel-develnet-tools#./vmware-install.plopen

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