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Download the latest official versions of VMware Workstation 9.0/Player 5.0/fusion 5.0/VMware Tools 9.2.0 on different platforms

/core/VMware-Player-5.0.0-812388.x86_64.bundle.tar VMware Tools 9.2.0 (for Windows virtual machines)Https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/ws/9.0.0/812388/windows/packages/tools-windows-9.2.0.exe.tar VMware Tools 9.2.

Virtual machines How to install VMware Tools and install VMware Tools

installing the green version because it is a compressed package, there is no VMware Tools installation files that depends on the release of the package of VMware Tools installation files in it, if not, then you have to trouble, download it yourself.(2) The virtual machine c

The worker please wait of vmware tools cannot be installed! VMware Tools is currently being installed on your system. Dependin, vmwaretools

command "sudo/etc/init. d/lightdm start" to go to the graphical interfaces, but I have to do it every time I use this system.And I have waited for a very long time and VMware still told me to wait .....Any Solutions?I don't know exactly why it fails, but there are three things you need to get things back to normal.Restore the/etc/issue file:Sudo mv/etc/issue. backup/etc/issueRestore the/etc/rc. local file:Sudo mv/etc/rc. local. backup/etc/rc. localRe

How to use Open VM tools instead of VMware Tools enhancements when installing Fedora 23/24 and other Linux systems in VMware workstation/fusion

VMware Workstation/fusion is the desktop virtualization software for Windows/linux and MacOS, respectively. In the past, after installing an operating system virtual machine in VMware, it was necessary to install the VMware Tools Enhancement tool in the virtual machine to enable file sharing between host and virtual ma

How to use Open VM tools to replace the VMware tools enhancements in VMware workstation/fusion when installing Fedora 23/24 and other Linux systems _vmware

VMware workstation/fusion are the corresponding desktop virtualization software under Windows/linux and MacOS respectively. In the past, after installing an operating system virtual machine in VMware, it was necessary to install the VMware Tools Enhancement tool in the virtual machine to enable file sharing between hos

Detailed steps for Fedora14 to install Vmware Tools (VMware version 8.0 is used to compare the installation of vmware in ubuntu

1. Switch to the root user www.2cto.com 2, click the VM option of VMware, click settings, click CD/DVD in the hardware option, and in the USe ISO image fileSelect the vmware installation directory, which is in C: \ Program Files \ VMware Workstation \ linux. iso.The so file is equivalent to the vmware

Unable to install solution for VMware Tools please wait! VMware Tools is currently being installed on your system. Dependin

When VMware installs Unbuntu 12.04 LTS, when you use the Easy mode installation of VMware, you are prompted to install VMware Tools, and the text below appears:installed Unbuntu 12.04 LTS in VMware Workstation 7.0 and the VMware

How to install VMware Tools on Ubuntu

the following command:"/Home/TSM/software/vmware-toolbox" during an X Server session.To use the vmxnet driver, restart networking using the following commands:/Etc/init. d/network stopRmmod pcnet32Rmmod vmxnetModprobe vmxnet/Etc/init. d/network startTo make use of the virtual printer, you will need to restart the CUPS serviceEnjoy,-- The VMware team This is a method on the Internet. When the path "" is no

Uninstall VMware Tools, reinstall VMware Tools, Ubuntu cannot share folders

First uninstall VMware Tools Remove content related to VMware tools under/usr/lib Install the Ubuntu Tools error solution, make a patch, first need to have installed VMware Tools, ref

Linux installation VMware Tools methods (1)

Virtual machine installation VMware Tools for Linux Introduced:VMware Tools is an enhanced tool that comes with VMware virtual machines, equivalent to the enhancements in VirtualBox (Sun VirtualBox Guest additions), which VMware offers to enhance virtual graphics and h

Install VMware Tools in Linux and vmware in linux

Install VMware Tools in Linux and vmware in linux If CentOS is installed on VMWare, some problems may occur when the system installs vmware-tools. Now, let's share the installation process and solutions; ! The system used in this

VMware installation VMware Tools Step and problem solving method

right in the Virtual Machine menu bar with the mouse. Select the last item in the pop-up Drop-down menu, and then in the pop-up dialog box (two pages above, remember to point out the first page), check the "CD-ROM (...)" and hook up both items under "Device Status" on the right. In "Connection" Select the second "Use ISO image", the "Browse" behind the point to find your "Linux.iso" file (the general English version of VM virtual machine, if not, go to down

Troubleshoot Ubuntu installation VM Tools Make sure you are logged on to the client operating system. Mount the CD drive boot terminal in the client, unzip the installer using tar, and then perform vmware-insall.pl installation VMware Tools.

The following information occurs when the Ubuntu14.04 system in the virtual machine is installed to install VM Tools:Make sure you are logged on to the client operating system. Mount the CD drive boot terminal in the client, unzip the installer using tar, and then perform vmware-insall.pl installation VMware Tools.The following are personal solutions.Solution steps:1. Go to the file interface and locate the

VMware Linux using Virtual optical drive installation VMware Tools detailed __linux

I use the Linux system is fedora, just learning Linux, a lot of things will not, last night because you need to copy or pull files between the host System window 7 and the virtual system fedora, you need to install VMware Tools on the virtual machine system fedora, The detailed installation process is documented as follows: Make sure that the virtual machine is powered on and that the virtual operating sy

VMware Tools for Ubuntu 14.04 in VMware Workstation 11: No shared folders are displayed

installation. cd ~apt-get install git gcc make linux-headers-$ (uname-r) git clone https://github.com/rasa/ VMWARE-TOOLS-PATCHES.GITCD vmware-tools-patchesNext, mount the VMware Tools image via the Install

Hands-on people on Mac with VMware virtual machine installed linux-ubuntu--and Ubuntu install VMware tools[reprint + Some modifications] (version: 17.04)

Now there are many virtual machines online, I test VMware performance on the Mac, recommended to everyoneThe tools you need Software VMware Fusion for MAC (direct Baidu search is good) Software Ubuntu system CD or image file (. iso) installing VMware1. Download VM

VMware 11 installs Mac OS X 10.10 and installs Mac VMware Tools (Hyper-verbose), and dynamically adjusts the size of virtual machine hard disks

first on a piece of excitement, Bo master poor cock Silk One, only through the virtual black Apple experience under the high-rich life, feel super cool, nonsense not much to say, direct! Directory:1. Install the required software download;2.MAC OS X10.10 installation basic steps;3.Vmware Tools installation steps;4. View the number of Apple

Install VMWare, then install RHEL4 and ubuntu9.04, and install vmware-tools respectively.

It is understood that many people have installed dual systems before, but since the birth of VMware, it has brought more convenience to people. 1. Install VMware Workstation Because it is in Windows, you can choose to download it from the official VMware website or from the websites such as huajun or Pacific. The i

Virtual Machine Software VMware Workstation: the correct method for installing VMware Tools

(If you cannot install VMware Tools on Win98, you can use this method. If you cannot install the graphics card, you can delete the original standard PCI graphics adapter (VGA) with only 16 colors after installing VMware Tools, then refresh the hardware and the video card will be automatically installed) The Virtual Ma

VMware Workstation12 installs Ubuntu and VMware Tools Tutorials _vmware

I have been through the process of Baidu experience to install UBUNTU16, but every time the installation of the time there is no problem is to install the tools, but also set up a shared folder, but in the path:/mnt/hgfs under each time can not find a shared folder. Later I studied for a long time, should be installed when the problem. The following are the correct and feasible installation methods: First, downlo

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