voip latency test

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VoIP Q & A -- test the function of VoIP

How can I test the VoIP function with an existing PBX or key-press system? There are multiple ways to use the existing PBX system or key-press system to test the VoIP function. How to test the function depends on your purpose. If there are two sites connected with PBX conn

Network latency test, network latency too large how to do?

In all kinds of data in network media through network protocol (such as TCP/IP) for transmission, if the amount of information is too large to limit, excess network traffic will lead to slow device response, resulting in network latency. Unit: Millisecond (ms) How to define the degree of network latency: (Network delay ping value lower speed faster) 1~30ms: Very fast, almost imperceptible delay, play an

Research on VoIP test model

IP Voice (voice over Ip,voip) applications more and more popular, common VoIP test model applications include: Test VoIP gateway, VoIP PBX, Gateway Controller (Gatekeeper), proxy server, media Gateway Controller, Soft switches and

Performance in Wan with Shunra VE SMB test system (such as video surveillance, building intercom, VOIP, IPTV, etc.)

First, Shunra VE SMB IntroductionShunra ve SMB Edition is a network simulation software product designed for small and medium sized enterprises, Shunra ve SMB Edition simulation software can be used to test, compare or predict under different network conditions-including delay, jitter, Packet loss and bandwidth (max. 10Mbps)-performance of the application or device.The software can be used to test the perfo

WCF Performance Test-WCF Latency Test Harness

There is a good Test on the Performance of WCF in CodePlex, WCF Latency Test Harness, different binding (netNamedPipe, netTcp, netMsmq, basicHttp, wsHttp, Remoting), different serialization methods, different request data volumes, different request methods for testing, the test content can be set through the configurat

Performance test-response vs latency vs throughput vs Load vs scalability vs stress vs robustness

This article is translated from Niraj Bhatt performance Testing-response vs. Latency vs. Throughput vs. Load vs. Scalability vs. Stress vs. Stres S vs. robustness. Original address: https://nirajrules.wordpress.com/2009/09/17/ measuring-performance-response-vs-latency-vs-throughput-vs-load-vs-scalability-vs-stress-vs-robustness/Usually I find that when people talk about performance tests, they are always va

Comprehensive Explanation of 24-port full-Gigabit Switch latency test

With the development of China's exchange industry, we have also promoted updates and upgrades of various exchange technologies. Here we mainly analyze the 24-port full Gigabit Switch error frame Filtering test QoS testing. Familiar with the following 24-port full-Gigabit Switch knowledge, such as broadcast forwarding and latency testing. You can easily select your preferred method to implement 24 full gigab

Test data center network connectivity and latency (shell script)

Test data center network connectivity and latency (shell script) Failover (mobile) Script 1 :#! /Bin/bash ping-c 100 $1> test/temp _ $1 tail-n 3 test/temp _ $1 traceroute $1 script 2: the task is scheduled to be executed every 15 minutes :#! /Bin/bash DateTime = 'date "+ % Y % m % d % H % M" 'date = 'date "+ % Y % m %

Test MongoDB replica Set data synchronization latency with Python

Tags: test mongodb replica Set data synchronization delay with PythonThis article mainly introduces how Python connects MongoDB replica set and read/write separation configuration, MongoDB replica set data synchronization delay test.First, python Connection MongoDB Replica set1. connecting replica setsDirect use in the new version of the drive mongoclient ConnectionAs follows:From Pymongo import mongoclient conn = mongoclient ([' ',

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