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Source Code address of the VoIP Open-Source Project (2) --- [all documents related to VoIP]

The VoIP-a reference guide to all things VoIP This wiki covers everything related to VoIP, software, hardware, service providers, reviews, deployments, standards, Tips tricks and everything else related to voice over IP networks, IP telephony and Internet telephony.''Welcome to voip-info.org! Please e let me know at s

The VoIP-a reference guide to all things VoIP

News This section is for news, ie news reports, press releases, product release announcements etc. Research: peer-to-peer Internet telephony using SIP PDF Iconv application module for character conversion. Version 0.9.2 of ldapget application module released. bugfix. Over 5 million VoIP subscribers worldwide-dmeurope story Interviews with BKW, twisted and David Mandelstam Interview with drumkilla, the manager of the stable branc

Small security measures block VoIP Security Vulnerabilities

separate the voice and data into different virtual LAN VLANs, so that the voice and data are transmitted on different virtual LAN, and the VoIP is unified into the same VLAN, data transmitted in the same VLAN must have the same QoS requirements, which can simplify QoS settings. After the QoS settings are simplified, you only need to give priority to the VoIP Virtual LAN. One thing to note is that if

Analysis: The critical weakness of VoIP in the cradle of Security Crisis

, when deploying and testing a VoIP network, many VoIP service providers usually use a method to test the quality of voice calls by capturing packets, then it is restored to a digital voice signal and played on the computer. As we can imagine, once our voice data packets are intercepted by hackers, there should be a way to convert them into digital voice signals, therefore, during the call, personal informa

VoIP eavesdropping: reinforces network security to prevent VoIP risks

Every organization that is considering deploying a VoIP Phone System has heard the same terrible warning: "routing voice calls over the data network will expose the call content to eavesdroppers ".Although in fact, any phone call is at risk of being eavesdropped to some extent, is the VoIP call system itself at a high risk? In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of

Myth and reality of VoIP

of Windows or Linux-based operating systems, these operating systems are more widely supported by developers and the possibility of application integration. However, this does not enable these operating systems to have more security vulnerabilities. As for whether organizations should use products based on Windows and Linux operating systems or products based on other operating systems, there is no correct answer for enterprises. This is just a matter of choice. If a standard-based product is u

How to make good use of VoIP: Some things implemented through VoIP

Too many VoIP service providers want to sell you their "full solution", from the phone number on your desk, from different sites to the WAN and public exchange Telephone Network (PSTN). However, as I have seen, Unless users and suppliers have full experience and thoroughly checked every detail, the so-called "full set of VoIP systems" will certainly make some mistakes. Enterprises that have trouble with

Technical Principles of VoIP for VoIP

In the current network communication, the Email service is no longer the preferred communication method. More instant messaging and voice services are emerging on the network. Now let's talk about the technical principles of VoIP for IP phones.Basic transmission process The traditional VoIP telephone network transmits voice in a circuit exchange mode. The required transmission bandwidth is 64 kbit/s. The so

VoIP Q & A -- test the function of VoIP

How can I test the VoIP function with an existing PBX or key-press system? There are multiple ways to use the existing PBX system or key-press system to test the VoIP function. How to test the function depends on your purpose. If there are two sites connected with PBX connection lines, but you want to use VoIP so that you can send calls between internal network

View IP spoofing, ARP spoofing, ARP attack horse and route (route) security from large-scale rule addressing events

would like to discuss what is IP spoofing, none-blind IP spoofing, ARP spoofing, ARP Trojans, and so on for your testing. In addition, we have received many emails or comments from our netizens. We are very enthusiastic and grateful, everyone's encouragement is our greatest motivation. We will continue to work hard to acknowledge your recognition of our studies.

VoIP Security analysis practices

traffic, this attack can still be successful. We can use ARP spoofing for MITM (Man In The Middle, Man In The Middle) attack. For the attack concept, see figure 8.Figure 8To achieve this attack, you can easily implement it with Cain. It can implement MITM attacks and capture VoIP data. (9)Figure 9DoS AttacksBecause VoIP is based on IP addresses, It is also vulne

Analysis and defense of Enterprise ARP spoofing: Analysis and Countermeasures for spoofing of different network segments

The combination of ARP spoofing and ICMP redirection can basically achieve the goal of cross-network segment spoofing. This article introduces ARP spoofing Analysis and Countermeasures for different network segments. ARP spoofing Analysis for different network segments Assume that A and C are in the same network segmen

Eliminate Arp spoofing-use Lns to prevent Arp Spoofing

Arp spoofing is a very annoying attack for servers. For ease of description, we first assume a subnet environment:Gateway: IP = IP-1, MAC = 11: 11: 11: 11: 11: 11HOST: IP = IP-2, MAC = 22: 22: 22: 22: 22: 22Host A: IP = IP-A, MAC = AA: AAHost B: IP = IP-B, MAC = BB: BBHost C: IP = IP-C, MAC = CC: CC Any two hosts in the subnet (the gateway can also be regarded as a host) Need to Know each other's NIC address MAC for normal communication. If one party

What is ARP spoofing, how to judge ARP spoofing

ARP spoofing phenomenon: A, the local area network frequent regional or overall drop down, restart the computer or network devices after the normal return. When a computer with ARP spoofing is communicating within the network, it causes frequent drop of the line, and when such problems occur, restarting the computer or disabling the NIC or restarting the network device will temporarily solve the problem, b

The principle of ARP spoofing is introduced with what is ARP and guarding against ARP spoofing 1th/3 Page _ Network security

What is ARP? How to prevent ARP spoofing technology? What is ARP? How to prevent ARP spoofing technology? First of all, what is ARP. If you enter arp-a under the Unix shell (also under 9x), your output should look like this: Interface:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Internet Address Physical Address Type xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 00-00-93-64-48-d2 Dynamic xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 00-00-b4-52-43-10 Dynamic ................... The firs

Popular VoIP phones

VoIP is a blockbuster in the communication market. Why? Because the price of VoIP is very low, it is very convenient to use, because this network-based technology is very expensive and has many advantages. Do you want to know more about VoIP phones? Go to the following link. Since its first launch in 1995, VoIP has bec

Basic principles of VoIP and common equipment

1995 Israel VocalTec Company launched the Internet phone, not only is the beginning of VoIP network telephony, also opened the telecommunications IP prologue. People will not only be able to enjoy the cheaper and even completely free call and multimedia value-added services, the service content and the face of the telecommunications industry has also changed drastically. The beginning of the network phone is in the form of software, and only limited

How to Use Asterisk @ Home to build a VoIP Telephone Exchange System

With the decrease in the cost of using VoIP, family and individual users are receiving more and more requests for using Vonage (or other similar products). As VoIP Communication continues to grow in the area of home calls, in addition, open source code projects are becoming more and more powerful. Based on this background and environment, Asterisk is a new product that can replace traditional PBX and is sui

VoIP is the trend of the times, saving money is not important

VoIP is the future direction, but it is not always better. At the VoIP Summit held by the Association of higher education and communication experts (ACUTA) recently, the participating expert groups agreed that saving money is no longer the purpose of deploying VoIP in colleges and universities, the new demand is to explore integrated communication and recognize t

iOS8 new features: Pushkit Combat Summary (VoIP developer must read)

What is Question:pushkit?Answer:ios8 Apple introduced a new framework called Pushkit and a new push notification type, called VoIP push. The push method is designed to provide the ability to differentiate from normal APNs push. This push allows the app to execute the code (before it pops up to the user), and the default behavior of the notification differs from the APNS notification, which does not pop up notifications in its default behavior. At pres

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