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The use of Boost signal volume Boost::interprocess::interprocess_semaphore

//obtain current count and target time8 boost::p osix_time::p Time Now (Microsec_clock::universal_time ());9 if(Now >=abs_time)Ten return false; One A Do{ - if( This-try_wait ()) { - Break; the } -now =microsec_clock::universal_time (); - - if(Now >=abs_time) { + return This-try_wait (); - } + //Relinquish Current time slice A Detail::thread_yield (); at} while(true); - return tru

Windows dynamic disk volume: simple volume, cross-zone volume, with-zone volume, image volume, RAID5 volume configuration operations, cross-zone raid5

Windows dynamic disk volume: simple volume, cross-zone volume, with-zone volume, image volume, RAID5 volume configuration operations, cross-zone raid5 Windows Server 2003 provides a new disk management method to improve disk perfo

Rotten mud: delete logical volume, volume group, and physical volume of LVM Learning

This article was sponsored by Xiuyi linfeng and first launched in the dark world. In the previous article, we introduced the logical volume of LVM and the reduction of the volume group space. This time we will introduce how to delete a logical volume and a volume group. To delete a logical

I900 mobile phone volume adjustment method (including ringtone volume and conversation volume)

Many camera friends are worried about the volume of i900/i908, which generally reflects the sound of ringtones and conversations. Small! There are many ways to do this on the Forum, but the solution still cannot solve the problem! Country of reference Other posts are shared with you. Go to the mobile phone engineering mode and modify the Voice settings of the mobile phone:I. Enter the engineering mode of voice configuration: * #0002*28346 # Ii. Modify

Equal Volume chart & amp; volume bar chart of Wijmo financial chart series, same volume chart of wijmo financial chart

Equal Volume chart transaction volume bar chart of Wijmo financial chart series, equal volume chart of wijmo financial chart There are many types of Wijmo financial charts. We will introduce them one by one. We have introduced the average K-line chart (Heikin-Ashi) and the brick chart. Now let's take a look at the equivalent chart and the

The Linux partition is initialized to a physical volume, and the physical volume is added to the volume group

The command to use has1, pvcreate (physical volume Create)2, Vgcreate (volume group Create)Example 1: Creating a physical volumePVCREATE/DEV/SDB1--/DEV/SDB1 is a partition!If an error occurred during initialization, it may be because the partition type is not correct and the type requirement is 8e (Linux LVM)--------------------------------------------------------Example 2: Creating a

Test procedure: first, the minimum data volume, then the average data volume, and finally the massive data volume

Input and Output ==> Tested object ==> Dependency exception Test procedure: First use the minimum data volume, then the general data volume, and finally the massive data. Use the minimum data volume to test-driven development, implement basic functions, and create basic function tests. Test all functions with the data vol

JS object direct volume, array direct volume and function Direct Volume

Direct object volume, direct array volume, and direct function volume Object Direct VolumeCreate an object: VaR OBJ = {X: [1, 2], Y: 23 }; CodeIt is the same as below. VaR OBJ = new object (); OBJ. x = new array (1, 2 );OBJ. Y = 23; Test:For (var I in OBJ) Alert (OBJ [I]); Function quantity: It is an expression rather than a statement. (Functio

Multiple variable definitions in js (direct object volume, direct array volume, and direct function volume) _ javascript skills

Multiple variable definitions of js (Object direct volume, array direct volume, and function Direct Volume) can be referenced by you. It will be helpful for future study of js orientation and json operations. Directly create an object: The Code is as follows: Var obj = {x: [1, 2], y: 23 }; The Code is the same as below. The Code is as follows: Var obj = new

Linux system LVM (Logical Volume Manager) Logical Volume management

downtime under the premise of the size of the file system can be easily adjusted to facilitate the implementation of the file system across different disks and partitions. Fortunately, the Logical Disk volume management (lvm,logicalvolumemanager) mechanism provided by Linux is a perfect solution.LVM is the abbreviation for Logical Disk volume management (logicalvolumemanager), which is a mechanism for mana

Linux LVM: Physical Volume Logical volume

Logical Volume Manager, when the partition is not enough, you can create a larger partition and then copy it in, but waste time. LVM can adjust the partition size flexibly and can dynamically combine partitions. The partition size is fixed and cannot be adjusted, apt-get update apt-get install pv*pt-cache Search query Installed package:dpkg /c2>-s libgstreamer0.10-Dev Physical Volume:/dev/Sda2 This partiti

LVM volume group command, lvm volume group

LVM volume group command, lvm volume groupGeneral maintenance commands# Vgscan // check all disks in the system# Vgck [volume group name] // used to check the consistency of volume group description region information in the volume group.# Vgdisplay [

Volume II in Vista: volume types in Windows Vista

Original article: http://blogs.msdn.com/larryosterman/archive/2007/04/04/volume-in-windows-vista-part-2-types-of-volume-in-windows-vista.aspx Author: Larry osterm Translation: Tony Qu Yesterday, I gave a general introduction to volume control. Today I will explain in detail. In Vista, there are four different volume

LVM (Logical Volume Manager) Logical Volume management

01 Creating a Partition02 Identify this partition as PV (physical volume)03 Adding a physical volume to a VG (volume group)04 Dividing the LV (logical volume) from the volume group05 File system for LV06 Mounting Use==========Create a whole process of LV#fdisk/dev/sdb--->/DE

Docker Advanced (i)----Volume (data volume)

Introduction The image of Docker is formed by overlaying multiple, read-only file systems. When we start a container, Docker loads the read-only layers and adds a read-write layer above the read-only layer (top of the stack). If you modify an existing file in a running container, the file will be copied from the read-only layer to the read-write layer. The read-only version of the file is still in, but it is hidden by a copy of the file above the read-write layer. When you delete docker, or rest

What is a volume? Introduction to Logical Volume basics

A volume (also known as a logical volume) is a disk Management method for Windows 2000 that is designed to make hard disk space out of the management of a physical hard disk and make it easier to manage and distribute it more easily. For example, we have a 8GB hard disk and a 20GB hard drive, want to be divided into a 12GB and a 16GB two logical disk, the physical partition method can not do, but with the

Logical Volume Manager (logical Volume management)

Logical Volume Manager (Logical Volume management )650) this.width=650; "Title=" LVM Logical Volume Management-Zqiushi@yeah-zqiushi@yeah "src=" http://img0.ph.126.net/69EfOoVyHtdrXOo5E_ 7zcg==/6631235990978818632.jpg "/>PvPhiscal Volume Physical VolumePe: phiscal Extent Physical BlockIncreased data, limited size of p

Docker data management-data volume data volumes and data volume container data volumes containers usage details

Using the Docker process, we need to look at the data generated in the container, and between the container and the container, the container and the host before the data sharing, backup and other operations, where the data management of the container. The management of data currently provides the following two ways:#数据卷 Data Volumes#数据卷容器 Data Volumes containers One, data volumeA data volume, in a way that is a special directory, is similar to Linux

Mobile video day, control screen up and down to change the volume changes, monitoring physical keys to change the volume

Code has been hosted on the code cloud, interested small partners can download see, IDE is Android studio 2.3.2Https://git.oschina.net/joy_yuan/MobilePlayerCommon mobile phone players, have the screen up and down to change the volume size of the function, in this also implemented:The principle is:1, touch the screen from the finger, to leave the screen, calculate the height difference of the slide, and then take this height difference with the screen

An implementation class using Windows API to control playback volume and recording microphone volume (C + + code)

1, header file (Mixer.h) Mixer.h:interface for the Cmixer class. #if!defined (afx_mixer_h__7369baa5_012e _467E_AD1E_A383E4474C58__INCLUDED_) #define AFX_MIXER_H__7369BAA5_012E_467E_AD1E_A383E4474C58__INCLUDED_ #define Win32_lean_and_mean//Exclude rarely-used stuff from Windows headers #include "windows.h" #include 2, CPP file (Mixer.cpp) Mixer.cpp:implementation of the Cmixer class. #include "stdwx.h" #include "Mixer.h"//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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