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Confusions in example 2-2 (program list 2-2) of advanced programming in UNIX environment

Today I learned the Example 2-2 of "Advanced Programming in UNIX environment", but I am very confused. I created a directory named sample2_2, put the source code in it, compile it, and generate the sample2_2 file. Then copy pathconf. sym and sysconf. sym to this directory. Run the following command: ./Sample2_2 pathconf. sym The result is as follows: No symb

Example 2-1 AABB 2-2 3n + 1

Tags: Programming Algorithm data structure C ++ Example 2-1 AABB Output all the four-digit full records in the form of AABB (that is, the first two digits are equal, and the last two digits are also equal) #include Conclusion: one group of Reverse Thinking solves the same problem 2. Use the variable n = A * 1100 + B * 11 to store four digits. 3. There

Opencv learning notes 1, (tbb_debug error, learning opencv examples 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, 2-6, 2-7, 2-8, 22-9, 2-0)

Opencv experiences (1) The second chapter of learning opencv mainly introduces some common and interesting functions and data types, so that students at the beginning are more interested in image processing, although I do not understand the internal experiment of the function and the meaning of some defined constants, I am still very happy after learning Chapter 2. At least I know some basics of image processing, such as contour processing; Knowledge

[V2.x OGE-example Chapter 2 (section 2) modifier usage]

1. Location: Modifier_example --> Modifier2. class name: Modifier(1). You can use modifier to make special effects, such as rotation, skew, transparency, amplification, and reduction of Genie. The commonly used modifier is as follows,(2) the following example uses modifier:/** General Modifier usage */Private void setGeneralModifier (){// Fill the screen with a blue backgroundRectangle rectangle = new Recta

[Programming question] calculates the longest descending subsequence of an array, for example, {9, 4, 3, 2}. The longest descending subsequence is {9, 5, 4, 3, 2}

47. Innovation workshop (algorithm ):Returns the longest descending subsequence of an array, for example, {9, 4, 3, 2, 5, 3, 2,4,3, 2} Idea: Dynamic Planning Calculates the longest descending subsequence of the sequence of the current number. Each time you look for the longest child sequence, scan the child sequence obtained before it, and the first number is sm

Factorization is a very basic mathematical operation and is widely used. The following program factorization the integer n (n> 1. For example, if n is 60, the output is 2 2 3 5. Add the missing parts.

/* Factorization is a very basic mathematical operation and is widely used. The followingProgramReturns the factorization of integer n (n> 1. For example, if n is 60, the output is 2 2 3 5. Add the missing parts. */Public class factorization {public static void F (int n) {for (INT I = 2; I Running result:

Highchart Application Example 1--2 2 y-axes of different types of variables

:' Export picture ', onclick:function () { This. Exportchart (); }}]},}, FileName:' Rongcheng air quality and meteorological correlation analysis ',//the exported file nameType: ' Image/png ',//exported file Typessourcewidth:chartwidth, Sourceheight:chartheight, scale:1}, Series: [{name:labelstr1, data:dataarray1, C Olor:itemcolor1, YAxis:0}, {name:labelstr2, data:dataarray2, Color:itemcolor2, YAxis:1 }] }); varChartobj = $ (' # ' +container). Hi

Introduction to the algorithm Classic-seventh chapter example 7-2-2 the permutation of the re-set

Heavy: If the problem turns into an input array p and outputs all the full permutations of the array a elements in the dictionary order, you need to modify the full arrangement of the code set//Rujia Liu#include #includeusing namespacestd;intp[ -], a[ -];//the full arrangement of elements in the output array p. There may be duplicate elements in the array PvoidPrint_permutation (intNintPintAintcur) { if(cur = =N) { for(inti =0; I "%d", A[i]); printf ("\ n");printf ("cur=%d\n", cur); } Else fo

[Hadoop] hadoop authoritative guide Example 2 version 3-1, 3-2

Hadoop version 1.2.1 Jdk1.7.0 Example 3-1: Use the urlstreamhandler instance to display files of the hadoop File System in standard output mode hadoop fs -mkdir input Create two files, file1, file2, and file1, as Hello world, and file2 as Hello hadoop, and then upload the files to the input file. The specific method is as follows: hadoop cluster (Phase 1) in the _ wordcount running details section 2.1, you can see the preparation work. The complete

The number of times the Map set app retrieves letters from a string. For example: String: & quot; abcdekka27qoq & quot; & #160;, output format: a (2) B (1) k (2)..., mapabcdekka27qoq

The number of times the Map set app retrieves letters from a string. For example: String: "abcdekka27qoq", output format: a (2) B (1) k (2)..., mapabcdekka27qoq Package com. swift; import java. util. hashMap; import java. util. iterator; import java. util. map; import java. util. map. entry; import java. util. set; public class Test3_String_char {public static vo

Learning the Chinese version of opencv Chapter 2 example 2

. Lib ";2. if the downloaded OpenCV version is not 2.3.1, set "XXX231d. in lib "," 231 "is changed to the corresponding version number. For example, if OpenCV 2.4.0 is downloaded, it is changed to" XXX240d. lib ", otherwise the following error may occur: 1> LINK: fatal error LNK1104: Unable to open the file" XXX. lib ". Property -- linker -- input -- add dependency (release: Opencv_calib3d231.lib Opencv_con

3rd Chapter 2 "Monkeyrunner Source Analysis" Scripting Example: Monkeydevice API use Example (original)

="com.example.android.notepad/com.example.android.notepad.NotesList"19 20 MonkeyRunner.sleep(3)After determining that the target application has been installed on the target device, the next thing to do is to open the target application and navigate to the noteslist of the target application. Just as every code has a portal main function, every app in Android will have an entry activity. As to whether an activity is an entry is specified by the Androidmanifest.xml of the project, see the descri

WCF learning journey-Example 2 (28th) and Example 3

WCF learning journey-Example 2 (28th) and Example 3Going on to the WCF learning journey-one of the third examples) 5. Install the Entity Framework 1) Use NuGet to download the latest Entity Framework 6.1.3. In Solution Explorer, right-click the project BookMgr. Model and choose manage NuGet packages from the shortcut menu to open the NuGet package management inte

Example of the provincial/municipal level-2 linkage function implemented by AngularJS [add or delete options] And angularjs example

Example of the provincial/municipal level-2 linkage function implemented by AngularJS [add or delete options] And angularjs example The example in this article describes the provincial/municipal level-2 linkage function implemented by AngularJS. We will share this with you f

A journey to WCF-the first WCF example (2) and the wcf example

A journey to WCF-the first WCF example (2) and the wcf exampleStep 4: Boarding services through self-boarding The WCF Service depends on a running process (host). The service host specifies a host for the service. WCF is a message-based communication framework that uses an Endpoint-based communication method. The endpoint consists of Address, Binding, and Contract ,. Since the three elements should be the f

Example learning Dreamweaver MX ASP Programming Basics 2

" must be equal to "duplicate password", otherwise tell the operator, input error, please return!. The following steps are in action: Example three (3) 1, insert "Insert record" server behavior, press "F12" key preview page, can insert the record normally. 2, find the following sentence code: ' * * * Insert record:set variablesIf (CStr ("mm_insert") = "Form1") ThenMM_editConnection = mm_new_stri

Application example of static stateless 2-way NAT on Linux with iptables

A few days ago, I completed a static stateless 2-way NAT, wrote a few articles, but focused on theoretical analysis, this article to show an application example. Before specifying the instance, the difference between a static stateless 2-way Nat and Linux native Conntrack Nat is stated, and static stateless 2-way NAT d

CODEPAGE list and ASP application example 1th/2 Page _ Basics Tutorial

, CsISOLatin5 28597____ Greek (ISO) iso-8859-7 iso_8859-7:1987, iso-ir-126, iso_8859-7, iso-8859-7, elot_928, ECMA-118, Greek, GREEK8, C Sisolatingreek 28599____ Turkish (ISO) iso-8859-9 iso_8859-9:1989, iso-ir-148, iso_8859-9, Iso-8859-9, Latin5, L5, CsISOLatin5 related to Microsoft's ASP Help documentation: Using International sites One advantage of posting messages on the Internet or Intranet is that you can create an internationalized Web site that users can access from different countrie

Springboot Simple example of integrating quartz timed tasks 2

(). Withidentity ("Trigger1", "group1"). Startnow (). Withschedule (Simpleschedulebuilder). build ();Sent to scheduler to arrange the triggerScheduler.schedulejob (Jobdetail,trigger);Sleep for 20 seconds.Timeunit. SECONDS. Sleep (20);Scheduler.shutdown ();//Close timed Task Scheduler.System. out. println ("Scheduler.shutdown");}}To execute code to view the print information for the console:-----------------------------------------------------------Scheduler.startHellojob.execute,fri APR 19:50:0

Oracle PL/SQL Programming Foundation Example 2

=spno;End-----3. How to call in Java---1. Create CallableStatement CS =ct.preparecall ([Call Sp_pro9 (?,?)]);----Cs.setint (1,10);----Cs.registeroutparameter (2,oracle.jdbc.oracletypes.cursor);--run--cs.execute ();--Get the result set/*resultset rs= (ResultSet) Cs.getobject (2);while (Rs.next ()) {....}*/---------------------Exception Handling---------Case_not_foundData_not_foundCursor_already_openDup_val_o

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