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VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN

VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN1. Concepts of PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN Tunneling Protocols 1. Default port number of PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol): 1723 PPTP, or PPTF Protocol. This protocol is a new enhanced security protocol developed on the basis of the PPP protocol. It supports multi-protocol Virtual Private Network (

Comparison of routing protocols: IGRP and VPN

We have summarized and summarized the types of routing protocols in previous articles. Now we will analyze the two protocols in detail. One is the IGRP Gateway Routing Protocol and the other is the OSPF protocol. These two protocols, however, can be thought of from the name above. IGRP The Internal Gateway Routing Protocol Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, IGRP)

Adsl vpn solution, dynamic IP address VPN

bound with the domestic famous peanut shell dynamic Domain Name Service. Users can use the dynamic domain name resolution service of peanut shells to access through the dynamic IP address ADSL, it significantly reduces the cost of establishing a VPN network and becomes the preferred technology for VPN solution providers in multiple branches of small and medium-sized commercial networks in China. Other

How to realize ADSL VPN

through the peanut shell dynamic Domain name resolution services, using dynamic IP address ADSL access, significantly reduce the cost of building a VPN network, Become the preferred technology of the VPN solution provider for the domestic small and medium sized commercial network multiple branch offices. Other protocols and features include: NAT, ICMP, PPPoE, DH

Detailed VPN configuration instance in Win2000

remote access installation wizard" window.(3) In the "welcome to use Routing and Remote Access to the installation wizard" Step describes the role of this wizard. No options can be set. Click "Next" to continue.(4) In the "public settings" step, select the corresponding public configuration. The default option is "Internet connection server". You need to change it to "Virtual Private Network (VPN) server", and then click "Next" to continue.(5) The "r

In-depth introduction to VPN technology in fedora

is connected on demand, VPDN usually requires identity authentication (such as using CHAP and RADIUS) 2. define by protocol implementation type This is the most important way for VPN vendors and ISPs to divide. According to the layered model, VPN can be established on the second layer or on the third layer (some even classify some higher-level security protocols

VPN Technical solution proposal

customer, the ISP's pops must have the access server that allows the tunnel and the router that may be needed. The customer first enters the server by dialing. The server must be able to identify the connection.To establish a tunnel with a specific remote point, and then the server establishes a tunnel with the tunnel server, the user ID and password are usually used for authentication. In this way, the client establishes a direct conversation with the tunnel server through the tunnel. DoThis p

Ubuntu graphical L2TP IPSec VPN connection tool: l2tp-ipsec-vpn

these protocols, and check Microsoft chap Version 2 (do not select other options. Generally, the L2TP/IPSec VPN authentication protocols are Microsoft chap version 2, if it cannot be authenticated, try to check other protocols ). enter the user name and password of your L2TP/IPSec

Details about VPN

). VPDN is a virtual network built using the public network remote dialing method. A Virtual Private Line (VLL) is a virtual leased line used by service providers on the IP network. It simulates a virtual leased line through a tunnel. It is mainly used for secure and reliable VPN with QoS Assurance, the implementation protocols include IPSec, GRE, L2TP, and MPLS. VPRN uses IP facilities to simulate a dedic

Rd and RT (mpls vpn bgp) RD and RT (mpls vpn bgp)

Rd and RT (mpls vpn bgp) Rd (route-distinguisher) is used to identify different VPN instances on the PE device. Its main function is to achieve address multiplexing between VPN instances. It and the IP address constitute a 12byte vpnv4 address space, rd and the route are carried together in the bgp update message and published to the peer end. On the one hand, we

Principle and Application of ssl vpn Technology

favor. It is worth mentioning that today's Web has become an unstoppable standard platform, and more enterprises are beginning to port their systems to the Web. Ssl vpn, through special encrypted communication protocols, is considered to be the best way to achieve remote secure access to web applications, allowing users to connect to the enterprise intranet anytime, anywhere or even on mobile devices, it w

What is a VPN Router?

This article describes the VPN technology in detail from the specific concepts, solutions for different users, as well as its interfaces and implementation functions. VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, we can regard a virtual private network as an internal private line of an enterprise. It can establish a proprietary communication line between two or more enterprise intranets co

IPSec-based VPN selection reference

: When you need to add new sites or users to the vpn service, you only need to install a service provider with a client equipment (cpe) or the access link of the security client software. Service providers are responsible for any site and trunk-level activation required. The optimal vpn design requires only one connection for private intranet, semi-dedicated exists, and public internet access. This integrat

Vpn Principle and Implementation-Build a vpn with a virtual Nic

wire is a virtual network. Isn't the IP network built on a variety of LAN, Wan, and telecom networks, are virtual networks on physical networks, such as television networks? From a layered perspective, pstn can be regarded as a virtual network. vpn is of more special significance as a virtual network, and is also implemented in a variety of ways. Ip over ssl does not touch the protocol stack, nor does it add new

How to avoid dual-stack VPN traffic Leakage

Free and available IPv4 addresses will soon be "exhausted". Over the years, this has prompted most general operating systems to begin to add IPv6 support. However, many applications (such as VPN clients and server software) are not ready for IPv6. This will lead to the situation where the dual-protocol stack host deployment does not support IPv6 VPN software, thus opening the door for security vulnerabiliti

The Traditional VPN technology is no longer competent for the mobile Internet, vpn mobile Internet

numerous application protocols, rather than relying on the outside. The same is true for both IPSec VPN (including OpenVPN) and SSLVPN. The SSL protocol only establishes an encryption channel, and the data is encapsulated by the record protocol. It does not have the ability to perceive videos. Compared with the IP layer encryption technology, the SSL protocol only improves the layer, maintains a state mach

Mpls vpn Technical Principles ZZ

, this results in data leakage.  Therefore, to enable LSR to provide MPLS-based VPN services, you must modify these devices. 3. MPLS-based VPN implementation  3.1 History of VPN  VPN service is a concept that has been proposed for a long time. However, in the past, the telecom provider provided

Comparison of IPSec VPN and ssl vpn technologies

This article compares the IPSec VPN and ssl vpn technologies in detail, so that users from all walks of life can better understand the VPN technology and select the appropriate VPN product. Another VPN implementation technology different from the traditional

Igp Summary of the VPN gateway using the kernel-VPN Protocol

Igp-Summary: an advanced distance vector routing protocol, which features both distance vector and link status routing protocols. China site, applletalk and other network layer protocols. VPN is an efficient routing protocol. It has the following features: 1. control layer: Different igp protocols, small AD (AD can be

What protocols implement IPsec Security?

IPsec is designed to solve some basic security problems of IPv4. To solve these problems, it implements four services: Data Transmission encryption, data integrity verification, data source authentication, and data status integrity. To implement these services, IPsec VPN introduces many protocols. In this article, you will learn how to implement the IPsec security protocol. Fifteen years ago, VPC was a new

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