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Lumanager VPS Host Control Panel installation and EDUVPS free VPS evaluation _linux

Eduvps is a dedicated to learn and provide a free VPS host, because it is purely personal to provide and focus on the use of learning tests, so even if the application of the Eduvps free VPS, there are not open machine, can not connect VPS host and

VPS (Virtual private server) [switch from Baidu]

System SelectionThe common operating system on VPS is Linux (there are many distributions), Freebsd,windows server and so on. In general, the VPS operating system is not free to install, Linux series VPS can install multiple Linux distributions, but

The setup steps of LNMP HTTP Web server under VPS CentOS-6 _linux

I started a new VPS yesterday, as a personal blog wid Laboratory (widlabs.com) development of the experimental environment. So in this blog, will introduce CentOS 6 under the LNMP HTTP environment, from the use of SSH login VPS, until the domain

Install pptpd and vpn proxy on the VPS Server

A vps host (or VPS) is a virtual server that uses virtual server software to create multiple isolated small servers on a physical server, each VPS has its own operating system, independent space, independent memory, and independent CPU resources. It

VPS host CentOS system installation LNMP environment graphic tutorial sharing

The most common system environment for us to use VPS for installation is LNMP. I have been learning to install and use VPS recently. I also see many system environments available, of course, you can choose to manage the installation panel. For the

VPS Security Measures (CentOS 6)

A new VPS, the first thing to do is probably to do a good job security.Here are some of the things I've done to make the CentOS 6 random: Change root password Ssh-key Login Configure Iptable Installing Fail2ban 1. Change

CentOS VPS tutorial (3) YUM source configuration

CentOS VPS tutorial (3) YUM source configuration on the server may require installation of many software. To build a blog, you usually need a web server that supports PHP, such as Apache and Nginx, and a relational database such as MySQL. Installing

Linux Command records used for vps migration

Vps migration is a problem that many webmasters may encounter, below I will sort out and record some problems encountered by a webmaster during the migration of vps machines and the data migration commands to avoid convenient and direct use. Because

Whether your VPS is OpenVZ or Xen under CentOS

In general, VPS virtualization technology, there are Xen, OpenVZ, Xen HVM and VMware These kinds of, then, how to determine your VPS is based on what kind of virtualization technology?1, execution: ls/proc/command, General Xen Vps,/proc directory

In CentOS, determine whether your VPS is OpenVZ or Xen.

In CentOS, determine whether your VPS is OpenVZ or Xen. Generally, VPS Virtualization Technologies include Xen, OpenVZ, Xen HVM, and VMware. How can we determine which virtualization technology your VPS is based on? 1. Run the ls/proc/command.

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