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Vesta free VPS panel installation process and common background application experience

Although many free and open-source one-click packages on the Internet are currently used to install the WEB site environment, it is certainly difficult for users who first contact Linux VPS/server to install and use commands for site building

Pagoda Linux Panel-Pagoda Panel quick Build station detailed tutorial __linux

Linux free open source, build stations are basically the choice of Linux systems, and Linux VPS than Windows VPS is much cheaper, the cost is greatly reduced, unless the program has special needs, otherwise it is recommended to use Linux as a Web

Complete KloxoVPS management panel graphic installation tutorial

Kloxo is a very powerful and open-source free host control panel outside China. it is easy to install and has complete functions. it has most of the functions of DirectAdmin control panel, which can be used with AWBS, WHMCS, HostBill, and other

VPS Server Configuration Ubuntu + LAMP + Nginx method

Web site Environment LAMP. What is LAMP? It is Linux + Apache + MySQL + php/perl abbreviation, is a concise, strong, widely supported site environment. At home there seems to be a lot of people recommend to change A (Apache) to N (Nginx), but I do

Summary: one-click installation package for Linux VPS

The one-click installation package of some Linux VPS is collected without name. The one-click installation package can greatly simplify manual costs and save time, which not only facilitates the use of Linux VPS, for Linux veterans, a large number

How to install WordPress in Ubutu system (VPS)

In this article, we will guide you how to install WordPress in Ubutu VPS.Installation conditionsBefore I start, you must have your own VPS server. Nowadays, various clouds are quite popular. You can consider them by yourself. I personally use

How to Set up Apache + a free signed SSL Certificate on a VPS

 PrerequisitesBefore we get started, here is the Web tools need for this tutorial: Google Chrome Browser Apache installed on your VPS (cloud server) A Domain name you own Access to a email address at this domain, either:

Three host (Linux, Windows, VPS) 301 Redirect Jump implementation method

the Redirect is mainly to the domain name a jump to domain B, more often than not with the domain name of the WWW jump to the domain name with www, then 301 redirect how to do it, this article detailed introduction of the 301 redirect practice, the

How to install ispCP VM control panel in CentOS

Like Kloxo, ispCP is a powerful, open-source, and free VM control panel. IspCP is an alternative to VHCS2 and supports all Linux systems. IspCP uses mod_fcgi to configure PHP and disables some important functions such as exec. It is safer than

How to adjust the disk partition size without interrupting CentOS

In the QQ group a few days ago, a friend asked me how to adjust the disk partition size without loss in Linux. I have also explored this problem during actual use, therefore, we are more concerned about how to adjust the disk partition size without

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