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Gifted share VR open source, gifted sharing VR is based on the Google VR development of a mobile phone VR video resource aggregation software

Welcome to Best Share VR open source projectShare VR with YouTubeOpen source China git address: HTTP://GIT.OSCHINA.NET/XUMINGWANG/YOUKES_VRGifted sharing VR is the best share of Android app VR video play open source section. Other open source part: Excellent share open source browserGifted sharing

GOOGLE VR SDK Development VR game, one of the VR player

Over the past year, the promotion of VR and AR augmented reality technology has been on the increase. In fact, Vr,ar technology has long ago, has not been popular, undeniable price is the biggest barrier to the impact of technology promotion. Google's biggest contribution to VR is to provide cheap Google glasses, according to Google's drawings, using two Magnifie

Do glory Note8 mobile phones support VR vr? Can the glory Note box be changed to VR?

Does the glorious Note8 support VR? Glory note can the box be turned into VR? Q: Does the Glory Note8 support VR? A: According to Huawei Mall official answer, the Glory Note8 does not support VR, only Glory V8 box support, as shown in the picture. Glory Note8 does not support

Sony PS VR gaming experience Rollup $399 from high-end VR is it worth buying?

Sony PS VR with the mystery of the small black box is what exactly?After two years, Sony once again showed the PlayStation VR (previously called Project Morpheus) at GDC (Game Developers Conference). Sony also brought the final price of the PlayStation VR to $399 (about 2600 yuan), 44980 yen, 399 euros and 349 pounds, after Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other star pr

Unity 5.3 Official VR Tutorial (ii) Creation of the first VR project

in order to be ready to learn to use unity to develop VR applications, we first check whether our computer hardware and software configurations meet the requirements. Simply put, the graphics card to Nvidia GTX970 or AMD290 above, the CPU to Intel i5-459 above, more than 8GB of memory, to have two USB3.0 interface, a USB2.0 interface, an HDMI 1.3 interface. be careful to connect the DK2 and turn it on before you open unity. Before continuing, open the

Unity5.3 Official VR Tutorials-Series 7 optimized VR experience

This article turns from: About the column-stupid cat happy to learn programming, Wang HanBrief introductionFor VR applications, if you want to give users a good user experience, especially the problem of eliminating nausea and vertigo, it is essential to optimize in VR development, so as to achieve our desired game running frame rate. Unlike development on other platforms, the optimization of

What is VR games? What are the prerequisites for VR games?

VR =virtual Reality "computer" virtual reality Virtual reality technology is a kind of computer simulation system that can create and experience virtual world. It uses computer to generate a simulated environment is a kind of interactive three-dimensional dynamic visual scene and Entity behavior System simulation of multi-source information Fusion lets the user immerse into this environment. Introduction to VR

What about Sony PS VR? How much is the Sony PS VR device?

Sony PS VR device okay Virtual Reality device PS VR for the price of 399 U.S. dollars, and officially sold in October this year, PS VR needs to be matched with PS4. PS VR uses a 5.7-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1080P (Monocular 960x1080), the refresh rate supports 90Hz and 120Hz, the field angle is abo

Pepper Live VR live broadcast how to play? Introduction of Chinese prickly ash live VR stereo broadcast

How to play the Live VR live pepper 1, through the Advisory Pepper Live customer service, found that if you want to open VR live, the need for host computer to open live. VR Webcam link computer. And fans need to wear VR glasses. 2, in addition, if the audience want to watch the stereo live, can not directly fi

Initial Development of Cardboard VR (III): cardboard Vr

Initial Development of Cardboard VR (III): cardboard VrInitial Development of Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses (III)Use Cardboard SDK for Unity Demo for subsequent development In the previous article, we imported the Cardboard SDK and ran the Demo. This time, I will teach you how to use this Demo to create a scenario of your own, put your model into the scenario, and use virtual reality glasses for viewing and even operations. In fact, as long

Panorama VR video outsourcing company: Long-term VR Panorama video outsourcing (technology sharing YouTube 360 Panorama video)

Although it's a bit late than expected, YouTube is finally supporting 360-degree video, which should appeal to VR enthusiasts. This January, Google said the feature will appear in the "next" few weeks. Now there are some panoramic videos on YouTube, and there will be more video in the future as the cameras go public. The 360-degree video is characterized by the ability to move the viewing angle during the viewing process, which is more shocking and in

VR custom development, AR Custom Development (for many years to undertake virtual reality, augmented reality applications, VR game Custom Development, Beijing company, can sign contracts)

looking at a block, the block will turn from red to green, and the block will change from green to red when looking away from the block. At the foot there are three buttons, respectively Reset: Reset the block back to its original position Recenter: Back to the center of the left and right direction VR mode: Turn VR on or off (split screen or not) We see that this dem

Provide VR custom development, AR Custom development (VR game customization, application customization)

. Multiple objects using the same map of the baking light and shadow treatmentBecause when we import the FBX file into the Unity3d editor, we use the map to generate the material file, so when multiple objects use the same map error occurs, modify any of the material settings, other objects that use the map will be affected, The workaround is to generate a new material with the map in the Unity3d editor and then pay the current object again.27. Change the object's material type in the U3d editor

What VR brings to traditional TV is not the bad news, but the gospel

In the recent "National Beauty Girl" reality show program finals, Youku potatoes using VR technology to live live in the finals, so that the vast number of Internet users for the first time to see the program through the Web experience comparable to the scene of shocking visual effects. This move is to create a comprehensive VR live the precedent, but also set off the entire domestic market, the

PHP Database Operation Helper Class full instance ituneshelper error missing helper IP helper where

The example in this article describes the PHP database manipulation helper class. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: The PHP operations database is divided into several steps (here, for example, MySQL): 1. Establish a connection $c 2. Select a database $db _select=mysql_select_db ($db _database); 3. Performing CRUD Operations mysql_query ("Set names ' UTF8 '");//Encode $result=mysql_query ($sqlstring); (Mysql_affected_rows () the

24 basic indicators (19)-VR

Volume ratio indicator-VR VR indicators are also called turnover rate indicators, quantity indicators, or capacity indicators. They are all called volume ratio in English and are short-term technical analysis tools focusing on the relationship between volume and price. Section 1 principles and calculation methods of VR indicators I. Principles of

Baidu VR browser how to use

flow of the King Baidu will become the first VR browser to launch the flow of the giant, released a VR browser Baidu. This new otaku to see the piece artifact, Baidu VR browser official version finally came, below, we will follow the small weave together to see. Supports dozens of VR GEAR

Virtual reality outsourcing company-VR game What you don't know and what you should know Webvr

VR basis-the principle is actually very simple we earth people can see the three-dimensional scenery, is because the eyes can be independent to see things, that is, the left eye can only see the left eye scenery, and the right eye can only see the right eye scenery. Because there is a gap between the two eyes, resulting in a slight difference in the angle of view of the two eyes, so that the two eyes to see the scene has a little bit of displacement.

Think twice! VR hardware entrepreneurs can "kill you"

The emergence of new products across the age will make the technology industry crazy for a while. Ten years ago, it was a smart phone, and today it is VR. Since the 2015 S, VR has become more and more exciting and even more invisible and scared. Countless brands, big and small, have no need to go into the VR hardware market. How many of them will become famous af

Cloud and data are already in the forefront of the education industry in the VR world.

We are more and more to VR,VR technology will be more and more in the field of application, in the next 5-10 years, VR will usher in the outbreak of the tide, currently in the game, film and television, sports and other areas of positive performance, but in the next 5-10 years, the world will usher in a large-size VR o

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