vs 2008 sp1 download

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SQL Server compact 3.5 SP1 product updates

Microsoft SQL Server compact 3.5 Service Pack 1 and synchronization services for ADO. Net version 1.0 Service Pack 1 for Windows DesktopSQL Server compact 3.5 SP1 is an embedded database that allows developers to build robust applications for

SQL Server compact 3.5 SP1 RTM is released!

I learned from the blog of SQL Server compact team Steve. Lasker that they have just released SQL Server compact 3.5 SP1 RTM. You can download it from the Internet.   New Features of SQL Server compact 3.5 SP1: ADO. NET Entity Framework

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Simplified Chinese version

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Simplified Chinese release, vs. added strong support for WPF and Dot Net 3.5 in the latest version of Microsoft's flagship development Integration Environment 2008, new SQL Server 2008 support, Visual Studio Service

Vs smart prompt for English change solution (after SP1 is installed)

After installing Chinese vs2008 SP1 and. netframework 3.5sp1, the smart prompt is a solution in English. The long-awaited vs2008 SP1 and. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 are available. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (ISO)

How to install. net 3.5 sp1 without downloading windows 8

Windows 8 download-free installation. net 3.5 sp1 method installed Windows 8 these two days, and then installed visual studio 2012, the original visual studio 2010 Project was migrated over, result The system prompts you to install the windows azure

Visual Studio Update 1 offline upgrade pack (equivalent to VS2012 SP1 Offline Patch pack)

Visual Studio Update 1 has been released for some time, Guole has tried several online upgrades, but the network is not power Ah, the results have failed. So always wanted to find the official VS2012 SP1 complete offline upgrade package, but did not

Visual Studio 2008 (including Express Edition) integrates with QT 4.5 (all versions with 4.5) __QT

Note: This installation method also applies to QT version 4.6. For space reasons, all the pictures in the text are omitted. Here we take Ms Visual Studio version 2008 as an example to illustrate the integrated use of QT 4.5, which is also useful

Download addresses of frequently used materials and tools for easy searching.

1. Full-text database of excellent Master's Degree Thesis in ChinaHttp://acad.cnki.net/Kns55/brief/result.aspx? Dbprefix = cmfd 2. Chinese dissertation full-text databaseHttp://c.wanfangdata.com.cn/Thesis.aspx 3. Wanfang dissertation full-text

Solution to failure of itellisense of blend 2 SP1

This plug-in downloaded from Microsoft in the blend 3.5 preview age is useful for intelliisense for expression blend. : Http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/BlendSense/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx? Releaseid = 1358 However, in the official blend 2 SP1,

Download link record of common software in Windows

1. Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and. NET Framework 3.5.

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