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Frequently asked questions about Virtual San/vsan

Q: Vsan needs to use SSD, what's the use of it? A: SSD is used for read caching (70%) and write Buffering (30%). Each write will go to SSDs first, and then cancel the staging to the HDD later. Q: When you create a VSAN virtual machine storage Policy, when should you use the "allowed number of failures", when should use "stripe width". A: The number of allowed failures is related to availability, and you c

Explanation of the Zone Zoneset Vsan for Cisco MDS switching

First zone members are two WWN numbers, one is the HBA card on the server and one is the HBA card on the storage. You specify a vsan when creating a zone. The I/O between sever and storage does not change, regardless of the cable on the switch.The members of the Zonset are zone, and Vsan is also specified.The members of the Vsan are ports, such as FC1/1, FC1/2.Th

Why virtual machine disks in Vsan are slow

Why virtual machine disks in Vsan are slowa Netizen 2016/5/614:16:46Hello, Miss Wang. I learned your Vsan tutorial in 51cto. I'd like to ask you a few questions.Wang Chunhai 2016/5/614:17:04You saida Netizen 2016/5/614:20:35I have a vsan cluster of 4 server groups, each of which is a 1-200G SSD plus 3 600Gsas groups of disk groups. Network is all gigabit network.

Introduction and configuration of VMware VSAN (i)

----VMware Vsan Beta has been out for some time, and it's finally officially released today (and VMware View 5.3.1 is also released, with the addition of Vsan support on 5.3 basis) Vsan Product home Page http://www.vmware.com/ products/virtual-san/.Personally, VMware Vsan may be a disruptive product, so find time to tr

Vsan Witness Virtual Appliance

VSAN 6.1 has been released for two or three months, with 2 notable new features, one of which is support for stretched Cluster, which means that your Vsan cluster can now be located in a physical location, deployed across data centers, and a 2-node Vsan.We know that the original Vsan needs at least 3 nodes, why? Since the default FTT is 1, each data disk requires

VMware Vsan Hyper-converged virtualization Storage technology consulting, troubleshooting, project implementation, installation and deployment

We can undertake "VMware Vsan Hyper-converged virtualization Storage technology consulting, troubleshooting, project implementation Remote Installation deployment."We are a VMware Authorized Partner Reseller Enterprise certification, dedicated to VMware virtualization projects, online implementation (technical consulting, troubleshooting, project implementation).Project Charge Standard: VMware Vsan

VMware Vsan Design Rules

1, the number of cluster nodes: 3-64 Host (production environment at least 4 nodes, 5.5 version support 32 nodes, 6.0 version support 64 nodes), configure the Gigabit network card, host specifications should meet the Vsan compatibility requirements.2, each host needs to configure the disk group, the number of disk groups per host at least 1, a maximum of 5.3, the disk group consists of two parts: the cache layer + storage layer, the cache layer must u

VMware VSAN 6.5 Enterprise serial number activation code key permanent use

VMware VSAN 6.5 Enterprise serial number activation code key permanent use VMware Vsan, the full name of VMware virtual SAN, or VSAN (Note that V is uppercase). We can think of Vsan as a vsphere Storage, the enterprise-class high-performance storage at the back end of a vsphere virtual machine.

Hardware configuration information for VMware VSAN Part 1

Gaoya Province QQ Group: 384423770DescriptionVsan is a VMware distributed storage that leverages the local mechanical and SSD disks of the ESXi server to form a shared storage that can be accessed by each host within the same cluster. The SSD is read and write data cache, is the virtual machine data io first fell to the Ssd,esxi host background to synchronize the data on the SSD to the mechanical hard disk.The ESXI hosts in the cluster need to enable Vsan

Troubleshoot virtual machine prompts for VMware Workstation cannot connect to the Vsan problem

When you open the VMware Workstation 11 virtual machine Today, a pop-up dialog prompts the following questions:VMware Workstation cannot connect to the virtual machine. Make sure you has rights to run the program, Access all directories The program uses, and access all directories for temp orary files.The VMware Authorization Service is not running.As shown in the following examples:Workaround:As we can see from the prompt message, the problem is that the VMware Licensing service is not turned o

Update the Vsan HCL database offline

Tags: vsan hcl vmware UpdateFrom Vsan 6.0, Vsan provides the Health check feature, which includes the Vsan HCL database, which verifies that the VMware Compatibility Guide database for HCL inspection is up-to-date. These VCG checks are not performed on the HCL on the VMware website, but rather on a copy stored on the V

VMware VSAN Configuration

;650) this.width=650; "Src=" Https://s2.51cto.com/oss/201711/22/3577b5ca95bfac5855b20028c430dc4c.png-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_1271970023.png "title=" 2017-10-24_144853.png "alt=" 3577b5ca95bfac5855b20028c430dc4c.png-wh_ "/>Iii. General configuration of VsanOpen Vsan650) this.width=650; "Src=" Https://s4.51cto.com/oss/201711/22/619d5356531d2bdf32d3c5b3c46c8b5f.png-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_2984250375.png "title=" 2017-10-24_145837.png "alt=" 619d5356531d2bdf32d3c5b3c46c8b5f.png-wh_ "/>Iv. Configuratio

Depth: VMware VSAN 6.0 Performance features explained

When I joined EMC world many years ago, I had the privilege of talking to Chuck Hollis and WMware about a very interesting thing. They wanted to take advantage of local storage resources that were not exploited in ESX hosts. Instead of simply keeping the ESX boot image, they want the entire ESX cluster to be able to use these resources. We also talked about a similar clustered file system that can protect data across ESX hosts. When I said that the disks were too slow, they said they could use S

Vsan network partition is not in the same group

Problem Description: When building the Nanjing Engine Room, the VLAN information is configured separately for Vsan, then after the cluster is turned on Vsan, it is found that each host's network partition is independent and not in the same network partition, causing Vsan not to work properly.Workaround: The first solution: to delete the VLAN information, in the v

Troubleshoot installing nested ESXi errors in a VMware Vsan environment

In many cases the ESXi host is installed in a nested manner under existing VMware vsphere conditions, and it is a convenient way to experiment and operate. However, in a vsan environment, the nested ESXI is installed directly on ESXi, and the following error occurs when the final press F11 starts the installationTo solve this problem, you need to start SSH to the ESXi system and run the following command on the current physical ESXi systemESXCLI syste

Observer mode (Observer pattern) (i): An introduction to the Observer model

I. Intention Defines a one-to-many dependency between objects, and when the state of an object changes, all objects that depend on it are notified and automatically updated. Second, applicability The design pattern mentions that observer mode can be used in any of the following situations: 1. When an abstract model has two aspects, one aspect relies on the other. Encapsulate the two in separate objects so that they can be changed and reused indep

Introduction to Oracle 11g Virtual column Vsan

Union Select, ' BBB ', 12000, c from DUAL Union Select, ' CCC ', 32100, + from D UAL Union Select, ' DDD ', 24300, DUAL Union Select, ' EEE ', 12300, 8000 from DUAL-select * from DAT A EXEC Dbms_stats. Gather_table_stats (user, ' EMPLOYEE ', granularity = ' PARTITION '); SELECT table_name, partition_name, num_rowsfrom user_tab_partitions WHERE table_name = ' EMPLOYEE ' ORDER by Partition_na Me table_name | Partition_name | Num_rowsemployee | sal_200000 | 2EMPLOYEE | sal_400000 | 3EMPLOYEE | sal

How to downgrade VMware ESXi 5.5 Vsan Hardware Version to 9 from 10

Shut down the "virtual machine" in the VSphere client. Remove your virtual machine from the ESXi inventory. Browse your Datastore and find the virtual machine s. vmx file. Download it to your desktop. Open the. vmx file in Notepad or your favorite text editor. Find the following line (usually line 3) in your configuration and the "ten" to a "9"Virtualhw.version = "Ten" would become virtualhw.version = "9" Save the file and overwrite your existing. vmx file. Upload the file to t

MySQL 5.7 Virtual column (Vsan columns)

in MySQL5.7Create a tableCreate Table User int auto_increment,data JSON,primarykey(UID));Building dataInsert into User Values (NULL,'{' "name": "Wang", "Address": "Shenyang"}'); Insert into User Values (NULL,'{' "name": "Zhao", "Address": "Riben"}');Build a virtual column of namesAlter Table User Add user_name varchar ( $.name');Build IndexAlter Table User Add index idx_name (user_name);InquireSelect * from User where user_name = ' "Wang" ';Query analysis (explain ... \g)You can see that the

PHP Observer pattern Observer pattern disadvantage Observer pattern Code Watcher pattern class

The Observer pattern I understand is that when we trigger an event, we want to tell the action to the object I want to tell, and let them all do it, just to bind them to this event. 1. Define a base class (for adding observers also is the object I want to notify, as well as notifying the observer) eventgenerator.php !--? php abstract class eventgenerator { //Store watcher because th

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