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Linux Ghost Vulnerability CVE 2015-0235 (glibc patching scheme)

[sizeof (temp.buffer)];memset (name, ' 0 ', Len);Name[len] = ' + ';retval = gethostbyname_r (name, resbuf, Temp.buffer, sizeof (Temp.buffer), result, herrno);if (strcmp (temp.canary, canary)! = 0) {puts ("vulnerable");exit (exit_success);} if (retval = = erange) {puts ("not vulnerable");exit (exit_success);} puts ("should not Happen");exit (exit_failure);} And then compile the execution#gcc check_yl.c-o cve-2015-0235./cve-2015-0235If the result of the output is:vulnerableIndicates that the syste

Linux security Vulnerability Bash patching method

Bash how to deal with the problem of security vulnerabilityOne: Vulnerability descriptionThe vulnerability stems from the special environment variables created before the bash shell that you invoke, which can contain code and be executed by bash.II: Software and systems identified for successful useAll Linux operating systems that install the version of Gun bash are less than or equal to 4.3.Three:

Linux glibc Ghost Vulnerability Emergency Patching solution

* () function to initiate a DNS request that converts the host name to an IP address.Vulnerability HazardThis vulnerability could result in remote code execution, which could allow an attacker to gain full control of the system.Proof of vulnerabilityIn our tests, we wrote a POC, and when we sent a well-structured email to the server, we were able to get the shell of the remote Linux server, bypassing all the protections currently on 32-bit and 64-bit

On the patching problem of oblog 2.52 help.asp Vulnerability

Problems on patching of Oblog 2.52 help.asp vulnerabilities This is a very interesting thing. Oblog is a set of blog based on ASP system, the current version is 2.52 bar. A few days ago, there was a help.asp file vulnerability, You can view the source files of any file, including ASP files, the consequences of nature is serious. Now, the issue has been patched, and the revised key code is as follows:

DEDECMS Session variable overwrite causes SQL injection Vulnerability Patching scenario

Tag: Get BSP ALS Operation search color causes database connection WebshellDedecms/plus/advancedsearch.php, directly from $_session[$sqlhash] get the value as $query into the SQL query, the exploit premise is Session.auto_start = 1 The automatic session is started. Harm: 1. Hackers can use this vulnerability to redefine a database connection. 2. Through this vulnerability to a variety of ultra-vires operati

One of the IIS short file name vulnerability patching methods change the registry one note

1)1.png is a scan when there is no fix for the vulnerabilityRepair:2) Modify the registry key value:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystemModify NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation to 1.2.png to modify the registry and restart the machine after the scan3) The source code clips or copied to other directories such as D:\wwwroot\ ==> D:\wwwroot.bak\, and then copy the D:\wwwroot.bak\ files back (the clip is copied, copy the old directory of the file to delete all)3.pngScan again, b

Probing into wide byte injection vulnerability and patching principle

set conversion, the problem is in the GBK to UTF-8 conversion process. Submitted by: Http:// Transformation process: (e55c converted to UTF-8 to E98CA6) e55c27==== (addslashes) ====>e55c5c5c27==== (iconv) ====>e98ca65c5c27 As you can see, an extra 5c is used to escape the escape character (the backslash) itself, making the%27 of the rear play a role. The test is as follows: (3) Scenario three: Use Iconv for character set conversion, UTF-8 to GBK, and set names c

Windows2008 Patching (patching)

We all know that the Windows Server needs to be patched, or the loophole that is called more ah. The Windows family of servers patching is just two ways:1. Patching over the Internet: Go to control panel->windows update->hit ' Check for Updates ' Go to control panel->windows Update->hit ' Check online for updates from Windows Update ' After completing the above tasks you receive the availab

Research on database Virtual patching technology

Virtual Patching Technology is the technology that controls the input and output of the protected system, and prevents the vulnerability attack on the system. The virtual patching technology, through the peripheral way, against the characteristics of the system vulnerability attack detection and interception of securit

Ansible Control Windows host Group batch Patching

A while ago because of Windows SMB protocol vulnerability, manually to Windows patching, tired sleep does not love.After the research, find out the simple method, use the ansible to carry on the batch operation, avoids the artificial complexity.Windows patch Download Web siteHttps:// a KB4025337 and get the link:$ wget

Look different under Linux-patching

Q: Why do you want to find a different, why patch?A:In Linux applications, as DBAs, we know that MySQL runs on the Linux system, the most important pursuit of database is performance,"stability" is the weight of the heavy, so can not be changed in the system or change it, this time unless it is a last resort, otherwise it is On the original basis to change the line, that is, to the kernel and download some of the source code patching or upgrade , the

git apply, git am patching. diff and. Patch "Go"

* * git reset --hard 4c6eb312e94214a5f34fa3f119382ace647b1b3c undo Check if diff is available, no text is displayed, it is available, and there is no conflict;git apply --check ~/patch/patch/test.diff Enter diff;git apply ~/patch/patch/test.diff Will certainly succeed, because there is no conflict. Let's take a look.git diff Git diffThen we cangit add / commitwas submitted.But this does not have a commit record. Hit Patch/diff patch (with conflict):We restore t

Linux patch making and patching instance "turn"

, which device problem, unimpeded. Recently, the boss used root user to compile Qtopia in Rhel, and there was an issue with g++ error:g++: Error trying to exec ' cc1plus ': execvp:no such file or directoryWe think for a long time, get a non-authoritative explanation: Rhel does not allow root to compile Qtopia, with ordinary users do not have this problem.Background of this article:1, practice making patches and patching;2, the previous program code li

Summary of Android hot Patching dynamic repair framework

Summary of Android hot Patching dynamic repair framework I. Overview Many hot Patching dynamic repair frameworks are open-source on the latest github, which are roughly as follows: Based on the description of the above three frameworks, the principles are from: Introduction to dynamic hotfix Technology for Android apps and Android dex subcontracting solutions. Therefore, we must take a look at these two

Photoshop healing Brushes, patching, stamp tools tutorial

All repair or patching tools match the texture, lighting, transparency, and shading of the sample pixels to the pixels that are being repaired. Using the copied method or using the Clone Stamp tool does not. When this set of tools works with a selection, only the objects within the selection are valid.   One, stain healing brush (J) 1, the concept of a stain: refers to a large range of similar or the same color area of other colors. Does not include

Git patching FAQ

Tag: git Git patching FAQ I often think that I have successfully obtained a functional patch, but I need to be cautious when patching the last step, it may even take more time than getting the patch. Many colleagues have encountered this problem, and they have spent the last 20 days "getting, typing, and verifying" A Feature Patch. To sum up, there may not be many knowledge points, but the problem is quite

0.5 U-boot patching, compiling, burning writing, using and building Sourceinsight project

The main steps of u-boot patching are1. Open the VMware virtual machine and start the Linux system2, open the SECURECRT, connect the serial communication to the JZ2440 and SSH2 session to the Linux system3, open CuteFTP, connect to Linux system4,linux commandCD/ls-ld/work/ listing only directories in a detailed list formatsudo chown book:book/work-r Modify work for the owner of the book, because the teacher forgot to change the last time, so the first

Oracle RAC automatic patching Opatch auto

Oracle RAC automatic patching Opatch auto 1. Install the latest Optach version.Patch 6880880: OPatch patch of version for Oracle software releases 11.2.0.x (release L 2013) 2. Update the Opatch files of gird and oracle users.Unzip 3. Generate a response FileCd/oracle/11.2.0/grid/OPatch/ocm/bin./Emocmrsp 4.

Principle and Implementation of C program hot Patching Technology in Linux -- Requirements

In the first half of this year, we were working on a carrier project. The device specification was written by large manufacturers such as ZTE and Huawei, which had requirements for hot Patching. The operator has high requirements on the running time of the device, so it does not need to restart the program to change a small problem. So there is a hot Patching requirement: requires that the program can chang

[Leetcode] [JavaScript] Patching Array

Patching ArrayGiven a sorted positive integer array nums and an integer n, add/patch elements to the array such that a NY number in range [1, n] inclusive can is formed by the sum of some elements in the array. Return the minimum number of patches required.Example 1:nums = [1, 3] , n =6Return 1 .Combinations of nums [1], [3], [1,3] is, which form possible sums of: 1, 3, 4 .Now if we add/patch 2 to nums, the combinations is: [1], [2], [3], [1,3], [2,3]

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