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Check whether your page meets XHTML standards in real time-use validator Module

Currently, Web developers want their websites to comply with the XHTML standard (if you do not know what the XHTML standard is, see web standards and ASP. NET-Part 1 XHTML Introduction ). When developing ASP. Net-based web programs that comply with

Complete Seo optimization tools

The following search engine optimization tools can be used to check your website effectively, and they are free of charge. In most cases, you can directly use them without creating an account. (Note: This is the list of SEO tools that Charles has

Table and Div comparison

* The following text is used to collect articles on some websites or forums. It does not represent my opinion and is for reference only.========================================================== ==================================In fact, not div is

Firefox 4 extensions essential to 25 developers

Web developers are increasingly inseparable from Firefox. Despite the recent version storm, we have more and more questions about Firefox. However, the size of Firefox in developers is not replaced by other browsers. This article introduces 25

Data validation for SPRINGMVC

data validation for SPRINGMVCIn the Web application, in order to prevent the data from the client to throw the program exception, often need to verify the data, input authentication is divided into client authentication and server-side

40 practical web design tools

Original article: 40 incredibly useful web design tools you shoshould use daily Original Author: Daniels MEK's Translation: tunpishuang This article will show some tools that web designers should often use. If you need some inspiration, you can

94 free software better than paid Software

Best Web Browser Firefox. Firefox is a very popular browser with higher security and user customization than IE. It can be automatically upgraded, fast tag browsing, and better privacy and confidentiality settings, an integrated search box

94 of the best priceless Software

Peter note: the original article named 94 free software that is better than paid software. I did not fully agree after reading the full text, so I did not follow the original title. However, as free software, they are definitely the best, and some

Front-end CSS naming rules and CSS naming rules

Front-end CSS naming rules and CSS naming rules This article summarizes various CSS specifications in Web Front-end development, including file specifications, annotation specifications, naming rules, writing specifications, and test specifications.1

CSS coding specifications

I. document specifications 1. All files are archived to the agreed directory (the specific requirements are described in the case of the CSS specification of Douban ): All CSS types are classified into two categories: Generic and business.

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