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Nginx security basics (nginx + waf + lua)

: This article mainly introduces the security basics of nginx (nginx + waf + lua). For more information about PHP tutorials, see. Thanks to the documents provided by the online experts. Nginx waf + lua security module, web application firewall on nginx Required software: 1. LuaJIT download site: http://luajit.org (Cur

Basic configurations of Network Security Series 9 WAF

Tags: WAF configuration Digital China dcfw-1800-waf Web Application Security Gateway (WAF) is designed to address WEB Website security issues, and can identify and protect multiple Web Application Layer attacks in real time, for example, SQL injection, XSS, and illegal direc

Nginx's Security Foundation (Nginx+waf+lua)

Thanks for the documentation provided by the great Gods online. nginx WAF +lua Security Module , Web application firewall on Nginx Required Software: 1, Luajit download website: http://luajit.org (current stable version: 2.0.4)2, Ngx_devel_kit-0.2.19.tar3, Lua-nginx-module-0.9.5rc2.tar4, Master.zip5, NginxOptimized Nginx Package1, Libunwind2, Gperftools First, install the Luajit TAR-ZXVF LuaJIT.tar.gz Ma

WAF builds the "Great Wall of Security" for banking Web applications"

As commercial banks move more and more businesses to the Internet, online business forms represented by online banking have been widely used in China. However, after the banking system is networked, the network security problem poses a huge challenge to banks. More and more banks are adopting Web application firewall (WAF) to protect the security of Web applicati

Top 10 open source web application firewils (WAF) for webapp Security

Web application firewils provide security at the application layer. Essential, WAF provides all your web applications a secure solutionWhich ensures the data and web applications are safe.A Web Application Firewall applies a set of rules to HTTP conversation to identify and restrict the attacks of cross site scripting,SQL injections etc. you can also get Web application framework and web based commercial to

Cookie security protection for WAF Development

Cookie security protection for WAF DevelopmentI. preface the Cookie security protection function mainly achieves the following two goals: 1. Prevent XSS attacks from stealing user cookies2. Prevent Cookie-based SQL injection, command injection, and other messy attacksAdvantages 1. Security (Please advise if you have an

The fifth chapter of Web security--about using wildcard characters for OS command injection around WAF

--DNS One # A # See ALSO -# DNS-SD (1), Scutil (8) - # the# thisfileis automatically generated. -#As you can see, the command is partially identified/??? /c?t =/bin/catThird, WAF rule set:The WAF engine-based set of rules for detection and response (release or blocking) of the payload partFor example, payload filtering for OS Command injection:Rule1 Filter | (%7c) Character URL encoding%26 even/(%2f) and s

New malicious program 2000 Plus, mobile Internet calls security barrier

estimated that this means that every day China's hundreds of millions of mobile internet users will face more than 2000 new "dark enemy" attacks, which is not the existence of malicious programs. At the same time, the mobile malicious program more than 99% is for the Android platform, malicious deduction classification of the program accounted for more than 62%, hackers make malicious programs with obvious gains. Love encryption mobile app security e

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