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5 free HD wallpapers are recommended

Date: 2012-7-25 Source: gbin1.com For computer desktop wallpaper, I think everyone has their own style. Some people may like to use monochrome or photos, but most people still choose to use HD wallpapers directly downloaded from the Internet. Wallpaperfx is a website with high-quality HD wallpapers. Here, more than 1

Ubuntu12.04 14 exquisite HD wallpapers

The newly released Ubuntu12.04 introduces many new features. It uses the Linux kernel 3.2 and GNOME3.4 desktop environments and integrates the Unity interface. Other components are also updated across the board. By convention, Ubuntu12.04 provides 14 brand new desktop wallpapers. No matter you don't need Ubuntu, these wallpapers can be used if you like them all. Below we will provide you with

A set of clean Linux theme HD wallpapers

A set of clean Linux theme HD wallpapers-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. I accidentally found a group of very clean and beautiful Linux theme wallpapers with a resolution of 1920x1200, which is enough. The results are all clean background colors and intermediate logos, which are conci

38 amazing examples of colorful HD wallpapers

Today, we will show you 38 amazing examples of high definition wallpapers. These can be found at different resolutions, such as 1280x1200, 2560x1570, X, and X.I would like to thank all those designers who have created these excellent wallpapers, with their own efforts, imagination and creativity, to give us a chance to use these artistic wonders on the desktop and refresh their talents.

High-Definition 3D super beautiful vista wallpapers from Foreign Forums

For a long time, our vista channel has not released any content on Vista wallpapers and themes. I am not lazy because I did not collect good wallpapers and themes during this period of time. I read about the operating system in a Foreign Forum two days ago.ArticleI accidentally saw a netizen upload a very beautiful vistatheme wallpaper, and saved it immediately. Now I will share it with you. There are 15 V

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