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Change the registry, in a certain period of time can only run the specified program, know that with Group Policy manager, you can achieve, but I want to use the method of programming. __ Programming

What I can do is step, if I can't achieve the expected effect after reboot then I have to find a way.The following is my request for help in the Forum of the original:Change the registry, in a certain period of time can only run the specified program, know that with Group Policy manager, you can achieve, but I want to use the method of programming.The following i

How to use Mac to run Windows on Mac all tips

Leopard, Boot Camp is included in the new leopard by default. Users want to be able to switch between Mac and the Windows operating system without restarting the computer, which requires the use of boot camp or the Mac version of Parallels Desktop. This $79.99 application runs fairly well in a

Run Windows program (exe program) as a Windows Service !!!

Program Registering as a system service has always been a concern of many network administrators. Just like the questions raised by the two netizens above, many gadgets and applets do not enter the system as services, in reality, they need to run. At this time, you can use the gadgets described in this article to register these gadgets into system services, so that the

Used Ubuntu, tired of windows,pc has been happy to run Mac OS X

foreign servers, in this despise NetEase, despise the perfect agent dota2). Stable and reliable, I do not want the program card dead, the system card, always around the OS, I have to concentrate on work, I do not like patching, physical examination, poisoning, anti-virus. Stability is much stronger than Windows, which is not recognized. with OSX I just know th

Run a. NET program on your Mac with your own compiled DNX

The full name of DNX is the. NET execution enviroment (. NET execution Environment), which is an important role for. NET cross-platform. If you're concerned. Net of cross-platform, must pay attention to DNX.Due to a bug in Mono 4.0 (now fixed), if you want to compile DNX on your Mac, you need to check out Mono's source code to compile it, see Bug 29499-system.io.endofstreamexception when running DNX command

How do I automatically connect to a Linux/mac machine to run shell scripts from the Windows platform?

Not a new knowledge, but for a small white like me, if you can find an early morning to summarize the experience from the actual combat, will not be busy today only drink two glasses of water (well, bold but cautious thick skin is my life motto ╭ (╯^╰) ╮)Background:A project requires impersonating a concurrent user from the Performance test tool LoadRunner to invoke a shell script located on a single Mac virtual machine.Putty Batch Shutdown http://alw

Run the. NET program on Mac OS X with your own compiled CORECLR

When it was difficult to compile CORECLR on Mac OS X yesterday (see the attempt to compile CoreCLR source code on Mac OS X), it was later discovered that the puzzle was solved by the man-in-the-@kangaroo, and even CoreCLR's Microsoft developers were surprised (see #105). @kangaroo this is awesome! Thank much for doing it! I ' ll start reviewing it in the morning. Today, it is found that the ve

How do I install Eclipse on a Mac system and run a Java program?

to find Eclipse.app, click Open. 5. Open after 1 as shown, after successful entry, 2 is shown 6. The top left corner of the interface has a "welcome" page name, which closes the page and appears Now, formally congratulate you can start to write Java, now I do a demonstration, for example, output a "Hello world! "A classic example. 1. In the left column box, right-click, select "New" and click "Java Project" in the shortcut menu that appears 2. Move the cursor to the front of the proje

Mac OSX build OpenGL Super Treasure 5 (Lan Baoshu) development environment (run the first triangle program)

,0.5f,0.0f }; Trianglebatch.begin (Gl_triangles,3); trianglebatch.copyvertexdata3f (Vverts); Trianglebatch.end ();}/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////called to draw scenevoidRenderscene (void){ //Clear the window with current clearing colorGlclear (Gl_color_buffer_bit | Gl_depth_buffer_bit |gl_stencil_buffer_bit); Glfloat vred[]= {1.0f,0.0f,0.0f,1.0f }; Shadermanager.usestockshader (glt_shader_identity, vRed); Trianglebatch.draw (); /

How to run Windows XP on MAC

More and more people are buying Mac. apple Computer will add a technology to Leopard, the next major release of Mac OS X, allows you to install and run Windows XP on Mac. this technology is currently called Boot Camp. Now you can download its public beta version. the Boot Ca

. NET Core Experience-run the first Web sample program under a Mac

/Homebrew/install/master/install)"  1. Use Brew to install the latest version of OpenSSLPerform the following three commands in the terminal, which are slightly slower to install and wait patiently.Brew updatebrew Install opensslbrew link--force OpenSSL2. Install the. NET Core SDKThe most convenient is to download the offline version of the. NET Core installation package, which automatically configures environment variables.  Do https://www.microsoft.com/net/download find MacOS version download.

Windows system View 80-port-occupied program and end the program run

I. BACKGROUNDAfter the recent system update, I found that the 80 port was occupied when I applied the 80 port startup project in idea, and looked up the data to see how to find the 80 port of the program and end its operation, the following ways to share the solution to everyone.Second, the solution steps1. First open the console.Win+x input cmd Enter2. Use the command: NETSTAT-ANO|FINDSTR "80" to view the PID corresponding to port 80.TCP

Automatically log on to run the specified Windows program after Windows system restarts

During the maintenance of the system, the network administrator frequently encountered computer or server unexpectedly reboot, this time the program running on the server because the restart cause the program can not run, such as camera monitoring program, and so found the server waiting for you to enter the user name

Oracle SQL handler, a convenient and easy-to-use ORACLE development tool/client tool, is recommended (free of charge in China, powerful and free-of-charge client, and can run on Windows 7, Linux, and Mac)

Oracle SQL handler, yesDesigned for Oracle database developers and operatorsA carefully crafted Oracle client tool:Ultra-intelligent SQL Editor;Ultra-convenient table operations(You can update the data warehouse table by modifying the cell data of the table );Export data in multiple formats, including xls, CSV, insert SQL, HTML, and XML;Chinese and English InterfacesAnd can be switched; MonitoringRun batch SQL statements(Paused and corrected during running );No need to install the Oracle client;

Install wine in linux to run windows program

Install wine in linux to run windows program Wine Introduction Wine Is short for Wine Is Not an Emulator (Wine Is Not a simulator). It Is actually a conversion layer (or program loader ), it can run Windows applications on Linux a

How to install wine in linux to run windows program, linuxwine

How to install wine in linux to run windows program, linuxwine Wine Introduction Wine Is short for Wine Is Not an Emulator (Wine Is Not a simulator). It Is actually a conversion layer (or program loader ), it can run Windows appl

Bill: Use Srvany.exe to run any program as a Windows service

course, there is a relatively simple way, that is, save the following text as a *.reg file, and then double-click Import Registry. 123456 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\ service name \parameters] " Application "=" value is the address of the program that you want to

Run the XP Program Using XP mode in Windows 7

Run the XP Program Using XP mode in Windows 7 More and more people have abandoned XP's investment in Windows 7. After all, XP is a system developed more than 10 years ago. However, in some special cases, you still need to use the XP platform, such as some professional software, and the old systems of some websites nee

Use GNUstep to compile and run the OBJECTIVE-C program under Windows

This evening began to see the "Objective-c Program Design (4th edition)" This book (Oschina is doing this book review activities, see here for details), so far to see the 7th chapter, so want to try to write two simple program compiled run-and-run look.Not accustomed to the

Line: run the native Linux program on Windows (3): Bash and GCC are available, and the source code is released.

Bash and GCC can both run, and it is another step away from the "available system. I sorted it out todayCode, Put itGoogle CodeIf you are interested, you can download it. If anyone is interested in this, you can leave a message below and play it together. If we narrow down the scope of the discussion to the X86 platform, the differences between Linux and Windows are much smaller than we think at least in

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