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Shanghai mobile access WAP xinbelt parameters (12.24)

Get, HTTP, 1.1Connection: keep-aliveHOST: nt.pvp.cnAccept: Application/X-mbook-kcome-UMD, application/vnd. byread. BRM, audio/WAV, AuDio/X-WAV, audio/basic, audio/X-Au, audio/Au, audio/X-basic, video/MP4, video/MPEg4, video/3GPP, application/vnd. Rn-

Technical Analysis of WAP website attacks by using Session Fixation Vulnerability

By kxlzx http://www.inbreak.net This article uses the discuz session fixation vulnerability as an example to describe how to use Session Fixation to attack WAP websites. The Session Fixation vulnerability indicates that the web application does not

On WAP website security

By kxlzx [Abstract] This article takes some well-known WAP Service website security vulnerabilities in China as an example to briefly discuss some ideas about WAP security. Read by the following groups: 1. WAP developers 2. WAP product designer 3.

Using Image fishing WAP website SID

By emptiness InOn WAP website securityIn this article, we have always been conservative. We hope we can give you some advice, but we have no response, so we have to get something for ourselves. This article describes the ultimate way to obtain SID

From wap website authentication and authorization to csrf protocol analogy nature

Abstract: This article was brewing on Friday. The first half is a summary. The last section is just to illustrate the Security connectivity. It compares csrf to tcp, this article describes the essential causes of csrf from the Protocol perspective.

Session persistence on the WAP website

The soul of an empty prodigal soul Let's talk about session persistence. Because the session will always expire, You need to refresh it all the time. Remember the session persistence tool written by cnqing. In fact, to attack wap, you do not need

Wrenren WAP Verification Vulnerability and defense

Someone posted this vulnerability on the Phantom brigade today: Html> http://xeyeteam.appspot.com/2010/07/22/renren-wap-authentication-token-steal.html This vulnerability is actually mentioned on my blog. See this for details: Http://riusksk.blogbus.

Oracle8.1.6i + Apache1.3.14 + PHP4.0.3

1. purpose of this article ● Install ORACLE8 Database server in redhat ● install apache and support wml ● Install PHP2. preparations before installation: redhat6.2install optical disk oracle8.161.tar.gz: run ApacheORACLE8 in Java 1. purpose of

Procedure for creating a linux website

For details about how to create a linux website-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application, see the following section. 1. install Linux. If you need to use dual NICs later, you 'd better plug in two NICs before installation. 1) install

Linux Web site setup steps _unix Linux

Steps to build a Linux web site 1, install Linux, if you need to use a dual network card, preferably before the installation of two network card plug 1) Install Linux 2 after installation, after entering the X_window configure the second network

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