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Cocos2d-x Game "Thunder War" open source! To source resources quickly come ~ ~

written in front of the words: This is the second small game I developed "Thunder War", before the game and "Zhao Yun to fight" the same, will eventually open source. Due to some personal reasons of their own. This game has not been completed, but many netizens have come to seek code or resources, the spirit of open source, the author today to share them to everyone. Note: The game has not been completed, t

Cocos2d-x "Thunder War" (6) Intelligent enemy aircraft AI attack--flight path algorithm design and implementation (i)

)); auto ActionMove2 = Moveby::create (realflyduration, point (0,-winsize.height-height)); Auto ActionMove3 = Moveby::create ( Realflyduration, point (0,-winsize.height-height));//function callback after the execution of the bullet, call remove bullet function Auto Actiondone = callfuncn::create (cc_ Callback_1 (Gamemain::enemyremove, this));//continuous action sequence* Sequence1 = Sequence::create (actionMove1, Actiondone, NULL) ; sequence* Sequence2 = sequence::create (ActionMove2, Actiondone

Cocos2d-x "Thunder War"-double-layer Map Unlimited scrolling

position to add a certain amount of offset, As offset in the above function, it is very important here, if there is no edge on this thing, there may be two pictures in the switch, there appears black edge.Iii. Methods of UseIn the place to be used, add the head file 1: #include "BackLayerDown.h" 2:#include"BackLayerUp.h"Then the init () function in the project is added: 1: Size visiblesize = director::getinstance ( )->getvisiblesize (); 2: Point origin = Director::getinstance ()->ge

Cocos2d-x "Thunder War" (4)-strategy mode to achieve different bullets switching!!

hero. Airplane class, is the above can follow the finger movement mobile phone, do not know to see here,cocos2d-x "Thunder War" (2)-The genie moves with his finger, where do you go? This is not yet a singleton pattern, and will be changed later .!Then it's switching bullets:All you need to do is switch the bullets:Fire a bullet.Mherobulletlayer->changebullet (1);Launch two bullets.Mherobulletlayer->changeb

Cocos2d-x "Thunder War" (6) Intelligent enemy aircraft AI attack--flight path algorithm design and implementation (II.)

Lin Bingwen Evankaka Original works. Reprint please specify the source Http://blog.csdn.net/evankakaThe author is busy recently, so the game update is very slow, have this netizen also has been urging, but really is no way. Today 5.1 have time, again to update the game.This article connected to the above cocos2d-x "Thunder War" (6) Intelligent enemy aircraft AI attack--flight path algorithm design and imple

Cocos2d-x "Thunder War"-The elf moves with the finger, you point where I go!

) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/5A/60/wKioL1T8REXTT8-WAA275rBxn4o876.gif "style=" float: none; "title=" C2.gif "alt=" Wkiol1t8rextt8-waa275rbxn4o876.gif "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/5A/64/wKiom1T8Qy3jgfhpABuBZi5igXk095.gif "style=" float: none; "title=" C3.gif "alt=" Wkiom1t8qy3jgfhpabubzi5igxk095.gif "/>The effect is good, the plane can follow the movement and will not run out of the screen rangesecond, the idea explanation1, first in the

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