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Photoshop cutout Lasso Tool and magic wand tool

will use the blue sky part of the diagram selected, and also use the mobile tool to drag the diagram above the waterfall, as shown in the figure: 4. Select the small duck layer, then ctrl+t free deformation, adjust the size and position of the duckling, and use the same method to adjust the blue sky picture, as shown: 5. At this time, we found that the blue sky and waterfall demarcation line is too obvious, not s

How does PS use the eyedropper tool? tutorial on how to use the Photoshop CS6 eyedropper tool

.   Color Sampler Tool You can define up to four sampling points in the image, and color information will be saved in the information Panel. We can use the mouse to drag the sampling point to change the location of the sampling point, if you want to delete the sampling point, just use the mouse to drag it out of the canvas.   Photoshop Color Sampler

Photoshop path tool

There are a lot of hotoshop tutorials on the Internet, but there is little talk about the path, it is very puzzled, you need to know the path is also a powerful tool in Photoshop. The series of articles you have read will give a detailed explanation of this important concept of Photoshop-path. The content includes the settings and usage of various path tools, the

Photoshop an important tool pen tool to use experience

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share an important tool pen tool experience. Share list: Pen tool (shortcut key P), pen tool in the art of the use of a lot of technology, so it should be the most important learning. Well, the abo

Photoshop gradient Tool tips for working with photos

Give you users of Photoshop software a detailed explanation to share the experience of using the gradient tool to handle photos. Share list: The gradient tool is set up similar to the brush tools setting. Start by selecting the "Halve tool" in the Photoshop

Photoshop Healing Brush Tool Tutorial

Photoshop Healing Brush Tool Photoshop's Healing Brush tool contains four tools, which are the stain healing brush tool, the healing brush tool, the patching tool, the red Eye tool, an

Tips for using the tool for selecting boxes in Photoshop

tips for using the tool for selecting boxes in Photoshop Photoshop's marquee tool contains four tools, which are rectangular marquee tool, elliptical Marquee tool, Single-line Marquee tool, single column Marquee

Tutorial on using the Photoshop CS6 ruler tool

1. Open an image file. As shown in the following illustration: If necessary, read the Photoshop CS6 to open the file. 2. Click the Ruler tool in the Toolbox 。 As shown in the following illustration: If necessary, read the Photoshop CS6 Toolbox. Select the Image menu, move the cursor over the analysis, click Ruler Tools on

Photoshop Palette Tool practical application tutorials sharing

Users of Photoshop software can share the actual application tutorials for the palette tool. Tutorial Sharing: In the face of an original film, we split the picture need to tune what color, it should enter the actual link: use a variety of color tools, for us to complete the color adjustment of the photo. When we go to enjoy a picture, to bring us the first shock is the color of the photo, color in a piece

How to use the imitation drawing stamp tool in photoshop-PS tutorial

The imitation stamp tool is a tool used in photoshop to copy the sampled image. The imitation stamp tool is regarded as a practical tool, which can also be called a magic tool, it can copy all or part of the image to a new image w

Use the Photoshop Pen tool to make a quick dig

Learn how to use the PS pen tool to quickly pull a picture? With the current Photoshop cc feature, there are a number of pull-through tools, but the PS pen tool is the most accurate and effective pull-through for a long period of image processing. Of course, for many PS small white, PS pen tool to pull the map at the b

How the Photoshop clone Stamp tool uses the

This article explains how the Photoshop clone Stamp tool is used, combining cases to explain the application of the PS stain healing brush and the clone stamp tool in repairing portraits. A lot of new students ask how the Photoshop clone Stamp tool is used, and there are tu

Photoshop CS5 Intelligent Tool content Recognition scale picture

-bit HDR image support, and more. In addition, Photoshop was first divided into two versions from CS5, a regular Standard Edition and a extended (extended) version that supports 3D features. "Software Features" 1, Photoshop CS5 The biggest change is the toolbox, into a scalable, can be long single and short double. 2. The Quick Mask mode and screen switching mode on the toolbox also change the switching

How to use Photoshop Pen tool

Bezier tool is a very important drawing tool in the graphics software Ann, but many people find it difficult to grasp, this tutorial concisely introduces the pen tool in Photoshop function and use, I believe it will be helpful to everyone. How do you get the curves you want in Pho

Photoshop Brush Filter Tool Installation Tutorial

Many friends download very beautiful brushes or powerful filters, but do not know how to install, today's PS tutorial takes you step-by-step through the installation of these tools.   Installation of 1.Photoshop brushes The default format for the Photoshop brush is. ABR, if you download the compressed package, please unzip and then install. Method One: The easiest way--double-click the ABR brush file, o

Photoshop CS5 Magic Wand tool to accurately complete complex selection

Photoshop CS5 When using the Magic Wand tool, Photoshop determines whether the adjacent pixels are within the same color range, which can be defined in the Magic Wand option floating window, and all pixels within the allowable value range will be selected. The Options floating window of the magic Wand tool is shown in

Photoshop liquefaction tool collapse problem resolution sharing

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis of the solution to share the problem of liquefaction tool collapse. Method Sharing: Photoshop has a lot of magical tools, and liquefaction tools are one of them. The liquefaction tool can distort and deform the image and create an unexpected e

Photoshop Path Tool draws the LOGO icon of the four-ring surface-PS tutorial

This tutorial introduces my friends how to use the Photoshop path tool to draw the LOGO icon of the four-ring surface. The tutorial is very detailed and worth learning. we recommend that you come and learn it, I hope to help you. this tutorial introduces the Photoshop Path Tool to my friend at the foot of the House to

Photoshop using the Smudge tool to create a hand-painted painting effect tutorial

For your Photoshop software users to elaborate on the use of smudge tools to make hand-painted painting effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect Diagram Figure 00 1. Prepare photos If you just convert a picture to a drawing effect, it usually feels like it works. This is because the picture shows the real world, and painting is the idealized world that is processed by the human brain. The difference between reality and ideal is subt

Photoshop: simple and beautiful website quick navigation tool tutorial

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software and share with you the tutorial on creating a simple and beautiful website quick navigation tool.Tutorial sharing:Open the pssoftware and create a canvas of 300*300 size.Adjust the foreground color to "# deffd5", create "Layer 1", and press "Alt + Del" to fill the foreground color.Select "Layer 1" and click "filter" rarr; "miscellaneous&q

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