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Analysis of online banking trojans: Watch out for the "recharge software" version"

Analysis of online banking trojans: Watch out for the "recharge software" version" I. background Recently, the anti-virus center in Chengdu 360 intercepts a type of virus hidden in the recharge package. After a user is infected with the virus, funds

Black Horse programmer _ watch video note _ C # programming basics 01

No.: Notes downloading black horse programmer _ watch video notes _ 1-10 Concept:. netAnd C # L. Net/DOTNET: generally refers to the. NET Framework framework, a platform and a technology. L c # (C sharp): a programming language that can be used to

Oracle learning materials

Oracle learning materials Http:// 1) 132 Oracle popular boutique data Oracle dual machine Hot Standby detailed configuration rose hahttp: //

Linux Base Statement Summary

Watch the video is Bilibili's URL as follows: a summary is made, there may be errors or omissions, and reference to other people's information.System InformationThe processor architecture of the

Linux small white Learn to get started process

This blog is not about writing technology.Speaking of Linux, I am only a small white level. But I do not think that small white can not write a little learning process.Everyone has their own way of learning. Some people like to buy a few books when

Summary of Common Linux commands

Query command find * Find [specify find directory] [find rule] [action executed after find]* Find ~/.m2-name "*.lastupdated"-exec grep-q "Could not transfer" {} \; -print-exec rm {} \;(find files with lastupdated suffix that contain

Common file extensions and descriptions

Common file extensions and descriptions A ACE: Ace compressed file format Act: Microsoft Office Assistant File AIF, AIFF: Audio Interchange File, audio format of the silicon graphic and Macintosh Application Ani: animated cursor in Windows Arc: LH

Ubuntu Common Software

1. Install the Chinese package. I will not say much about it. Anyone will install it. Select Chinese in "language support ". 2. Set the update source and update the system.Sudo apt-Get updateSudo apt-Get dist-UpgradeSudo apt-Get upgrade-yThere is a

File Upload Method

File upload is a long time ago, the earliest that will be commonly used is the IPC connection, and then a copy, since the dynamic network upfile loophole, A variety of scripting systems, such as php.jsp file vulnerabilities, the principle is very

How to create the win PE plug-in

Next, let's take a look at the construction of the. inf file in the plug-in.This is an example of WinRAR. inf:========================================================== ====================================; WinRAR. inf; PE builder V3 plug-in INF

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