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ASA 5510 MQC mode for each IP speed limit, a network segment speed limit, some IP speed limit

The speed limit configuration is as follows: Access-list rate_limit_1 Extended Permit ip any host //(limit download) access-list rate_limit_1 Extended Permit IP host any //(limit uploads) access-list rate_limit_2 extended permit IP any host 1 //(

Nginx download, request current limit speed, according to the URL parameter speed limit

. Here can also be extended to use nginx can get the parameter speed limit, for example, through the IP address +ua speed limit, through the header of the special mark +ip speed limit, and more complex logic through the openresty

Switches limit LAN speed method: qos limits LAN speed

1. use Qos to limit upload speed step 1. Define the host range S3760enS3760 # confS3760 (config) # access-list101permitiphost192.168.1.101any ---- define IPS3760 (config) for Speed Limit # access-list102permitiphost192.168.1.102any Step 2. Create a rule class, application 1. use Qos to

Switches limit LAN speed method: qos limits LAN speed

1. Use Qos to limit the upload speed Step 1. Define the host range for which you want to limit the speedS3760> enS3760 # confS3760 (config) # access-list 101 permit ip host any ---- Define the IP address for Speed LimitS3760 (config) # access-list 102 permit ip host any Step 2. Create a rule

Switch port Speed Limit summary

three-layer switch port, meaning that the limit is three layer switch port uplink and downlink traffic control, similarly, if the three-layer switch port is not connected to the PC, but a two-layer switch, then the lower-level devices can be on the upper bound speed limit. Note: Each interface supports only one policy per direction, and one policy can be used f

The specific method of speed limit setting for routers illustrated tutorials

First, tl-r4148 router speed limit 1. tl-r4148 Router speed limit setting First turn on the QoS settings switch, uplink and downlink total broadband will be configured to 100000Kbps router The QoS rules are then set: "Add new Entries", enter the IP segment and port, the mode is best to choose independent broadband.

How to share the speed limit of Cisco routers

: Class-map match-all BitTorrent Match protocol BitTorrent ! ! Policy-map bittorrent-policy class BitTorrent Drop ! Interface fastethernet0/ DescriptionNeibujiekou IP address IP nat inside Service-policy input Bi Ttorrent-policy Service-policy output bittorrent-policy ! Nbar and PDLM can also be applied to your company's and your organiza

Ip speed limit of a Cisco Router

In this experiment, the speed limiting device of a Cisco router is completed by a Cisco2811 router. In this experiment, we will first look at the flash: www.2cto.com yourname # dirDirectory of flash on the router in two ways: /1-rw-25438028 Oct 22 2010 02:25:58 + 02:26:08 c2800nm-ipbase-mz.124-15.T.bin2-rw-1505280 Oct 22 2010 02:26:16 + common.tar 3-rw-931840 Oct 22 2010 + es.tar 4-rw- 1038 Oct 22 2010 02:26:20 + 02:26:26 home.shtml 5-rw-112640 Oct 22

1. Cisco switch QoS speed limit configuration

Cisco switch QoS Speed limit configuration steps:1. Enable Global QoS2. Set the ACL matching traffic3. Set a class-map to match the ACL set in the second step4, set a Policy-map match Class-map, and then define a series of policies here,

How to speed limit routers

router interface, the URL is generally, username and password by default are admin, if you have changed, then enter the password you changed, Router interface Enter user name and password 2, we first look at the top of their routers are in use, look at their IP, we want to use these IP information to limit their speed, view the method is to click on the left navigat

Cisco switch port Speed limit combat

Port speed limit must start QoS on the switch Switch (config) #mls QoS//Start QoS on the switch Here are the implementation steps. First, create an ACL Since this is a three-layer switch, although the port speed limit, but also to consider the network address through the port, in this case, we choose to the CISCO3550 s

Cisco switch QOS speed limit and restriction BT download configuration instance (1)

In a Cisco switch, how does one configure QOS speed limit? How to restrict BT download? This blog will use detailed examples for your explanation. Instance 1: QOS speed limit problem on CISCO switches It is used to control the bandwidth of a leased line user on a vswitch. The vswitch is usually at 10/100/1000 or three

Tp-link Routing speed Limit setting

The Peer-to-peer full name Peer-to-peer can be defined as: a class of systems and applications that use distributed resources in a decentralized way to accomplish mission-critical tasks. The definition has two points to explain: 1, resources-including computing capacity, data, network bandwidth, etc. 2, key tasks-distributed computing, file sharing, platform services, collaborative communications. For the general user community, the most used of course is file sharing. This kind of software has

Cisco 2960 Speed limit

1, limit the user's download 5m(1), for a class speed limitSwitch (config) #access-list 101 permit ip any host (config) #class-map match-all down1Switch (CONFIG-CMAP) #match Access-group 101Switch (config) #policy-map downSwitch (config-pmap) #class down1Switch (config-pmap-c) #police 5000000 1000000

Cisco 2960 Speed Limit

1, limit the user's download 5m(1), for a class speed limitSwitch (config) #access-list 101 permit ip any host (config) #class-map match-all down1Switch (CONFIG-CMAP) #match Access-group 101Switch (config) #policy-map downSwitch (config-pmap) #class down1Switch (config-pmap-c) #police 5000000 1000000

Routing practical skills How does a Cisco Router speed limit

This article describes in detail how to skillfully set the speed limit for commonly used Cisco routers, and provides detailed operation steps. I hope this article will help you. The so-called speed limit is to set the ACL Access Control List on the router) to block the port used by the Service, so as to prevent the nor

Cisco switch Speed limit

Restricting Server Downloads:Speed 10Srr-queue Bandwidth Limit 50 (at this time the server download is limited to 10M 50 that is 5M)Speed 100Srr-queue Bandwidth Limit 50 (at this time the server download is limited to 100M 50 that is 50M)Obviously this speed limit download c

Cisco Switch Port Speed Limit

As the core network switch of our company, the CISCO3550 has been running stably for many years, and its functions can also meet our needs. However, its port speed limit function is not as easy to implement as some other switches, fortunately, the implementation method has been found recently. After the configuration is complete, it is verified with the iperf software. The result shows that this method is e

Cisco switch speed limit Summary

range, you need to define a class to bind with this address range Rongxin (config) # class-map vfast-up // Define a class named vfast, and up is a pointer to the uplink Rate Rongxin (config-cmap) # match access-group 1 // Match the defined list 1 Rongxin (config) # class-map vfast-down Rongxin (config-cmap) # match access-group 101 // Match the defined list 101 // Define a class named vfast, and down is a

ASA QoS Speed Limit

Cisco's QoS speed limit and h3c a little difference, but overall, h3c of the comparison slag, the unit is not the same, the H3C car unit is KPBS, and the Cisco Police speed limit unit is bits per SECONDS,H3C this skipped. The theory of the token barrel is not verbose.Configure the QoS

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