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A form designed in accordance with the wcag guidelines

Form is an indispensable part of a Web page. How can we make forms more friendly? This is a form designed in accordance with the wcag guiding principles and has been made in many places. Fieldset label The fieldset tag will form a box outside the form elements such as text and input. The legend element is used as the title. Label Label Label is used for form elements (input, textarea or select). It is used for passing values to corresponding form el

Important directories and important commands in Linux __linux

Important directories under Linux/proc,/sys,/selinux,/bin,/usr/lib,/usr/local,/var,/tmp(1)/proc: Special file directory. This directory uses a special file format (proc format), which the kernel supports. This includes all of the virtual files. They are not stored on disk or occupy disk space, and when viewed, they actually see information in memory that helps us understand the information inside the system.(2)/sys: File system access to the Linux ker

Luck is more important than choice, choice is more important than effort

Once naïve thought that as long as with their own efforts will be able to achieve the pinnacle of success, now it seems that the most important factor may still be luck. Since the start of the failure (early 05) until now, has been a dream to become a technical expert on one side, but the current situation of outsourcing companies do not give me this opportunity, because most of the doing is still relatively simple projects. A communications company i

Is learning important, or is business contacts important? Li xiaolai)

I once met a student at Peking University and asked me, "Teacher, do you say learning is important, or do you have business contacts ?" Looking at his face, I took out my notebook and noted down the problem. Then I told him that this is a big topic. I will write an article carefully on the Internet, then I gave him my blog address. Then I added, "Believe me, even if the so-called contacts are important, the

The wonderful use of important and important

The wonderful use of important and important ! Important: sets the highest weight for some styles, higher than the id SelectorUsage :! Important should be written before the semicolon For example: P {color: red! Important;} p. first {color: green ;} Effect: !

Consciousness is more important than intelligence, and choice is more important than effort

When reading, the same class always some students very hard results but generally like, and the other part always seems very easy to have a good result. This is usually considered to be the difference in IQ, it is true that there are differences between human brain function, but it may not be as important as we think, perhaps the brain's functional differences are not caused by the two groups of people said the major differences between the main reaso

Whether the process is important or the result is more important is a pseudo proposition.

There's a feeling when you haven't started writing this. That is, this article must be like chicken soup! However, this is just not written out of the time a feeling, as to write what, write to know ~PS: The next article of this article has already thought well, still is the same series of thinking. This kind of thinking has been in the mind lately and has guided me to make a lot of decisions. As a person who has received nearly 20 years of education, we have more or less heard and partici

Is the data thinking important in the era of big data, or is it important to the relevant technology?

Technology to a certain extent, and gradually find their own bottlenecks. Can't help but start to think about this aspect of the problem! In the big Data age, is the corresponding data analysis technology important, or the corresponding data thinking important?Let's start with data thinking! What is big data thinking, personal feeling should be a kind of internet thinking. is considered to be comprehensive,

Is the ranking important or the market important I've been thinking a lot.

situation, the factory summary, the staff number and so on comprehensive strength introduction, the user looks more trusts, only then will inquire the dish. 2, open a special topic page, Introduction Enterprise's technical engineer summary and research and development team, cut a connection in the homepage. This can also increase the customer's trust rate, not just the hair technology article (the article users may also think you are copied) 3, this is also the most

Discussion: it is important for college students to learn algorithms or learning libraries, and grammar is important.

Today, I met a friend on the Internet who had been absent from QQ for a long time. He graduated from a computer science department from a Nanjing University. He asked me a question as soon as he got up. He said that he has been studying Computer for four years. In the end, I don't know what I learned. A teacher takes a computer class as a math class. Then he listed the questions that many teachers gave when they went to C. Such as a series. Helen's formula. He said that he was too big. He recent

"Welcome to discuss" concept is more important than method, method is more important than knowledge point

Ideas are more important than methods, and methods are more important than knowledge.Knowledge is to accumulate, the accumulation of knowledge to a certain extent, there will be qualitative change. Every time I learn something, it is very difficult to learn from the beginning, should not establish a corresponding concept, each concept for themselves do not know what is. Like learning English, the beginning

Linux lock important Files change important commands

Lock important files as follows:Chattr +i/etc/passwd/etc/shadow/etc/groupp/etc/gshadowUnlocking filesChattr-i/etc/passwd/etc/shadow/etc/groupp/etc/gshadow Note: The I representative here may not change this file arbitrarilyTo see if a file is lockedLSATTR/ETC/PASSWD can see it.To change a command:For example, you can change the chattr above XxarMv/usr/bin/chattr/usr/bin/xxarYou can use Xxar +i to lock files later.Another change su This command is also

Use an object-oriented perspective to analyze whether "technology is important or business is important"

A lot of things have happened recently, from friend recommendations to self-hesitation. Since then, it has shown the conflict between the impulse to live the ideal and some practical considerations. I have to face the difficult choice of whether the ideal is important or the real life is important. Well, let alone this! However, a recent article on the famous network blog "Shui Mu Zhou Ping" gave me the cou

The implementation of bytecode commands in jvm is important, and the implementation of bytecode in jvm is important.

The implementation of bytecode commands in jvm is important, and the implementation of bytecode in jvm is important. Java is interpreted and executed, including the dynamic link feature, which provides a lot of space for flexible expansion during parsing or running. How to compile and parse the inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism features of object-oriented languages in JVM, how to determine the ve

It's not important to win or lose in Man-machine war! The important thing is to speak.

users despise. But are you really sure that your target audience can read it? At the very least, everyone understands the human-speaking marketing, including your target audience. And the effect, see Go Contest will know.Sorry, in here accidentally, still did not take Google's advertising fee to help it propaganda.Zhang Shule: zsl13973399819 book has "cross-border-the Internet era must first understand the big defeat"This article from "Wudang faction Zhang San Crazy" blog, please be sure to kee

Writing code to implement the function is not important, it is important to have a unique thinking and architecture

Today, I met a previous school brother, and he was very happy to chat, he also told me some of my own views of the computer. After graduating, he wrote a program in a company, made software, and he told me that the experience of the year was very enjoyable and learned a lot. It is important to know that before doing a project, such as a total of two months, the time to write code is a small proportion, most of the time is in the design, The Division

It is important to talk with beginners about how to learn English. (3) It is very important to get started with the speech syntax.

thought a person can use it to express, how deep it is, and how accurate, vivid, and fluent it is. In the entry stage, we need to highlight the word "exercise", that is, to use your eyes frequently, ears frequently, mouth frequently, hands frequently, and brains frequently. In my opinion, the most important thing here is to attack the terms of Listening and Speaking as soon as possible. You must speak with your mouth as soon as possible. When can we

What is the use of!important in CSS? The role of!important in CSS

This article brings you to the content is about CSS in!important what is the use? CSS in the role of!important, there is a certain reference value, there is a need for friends to refer to, I hope you have some help. The role of!important in CSS Add {*rule!important} to write to ie6.0,ie7.0 and Firefox hack * For IE se

! Important Role of important

Effect in IE Effects in Mozilla Firefox This is because of the bug in IE's interpretation of the distance between boxes (refer to onestab's "floating Model Problem "). I have never solved this problem until I translate "Table showdown CSS-a battle of life and death", the author's tips help me find a solution: use! Important. ! Important is a syntax defined in css1 to improve the application priority

In the IT industry, technology companies, technology is important or market sales important! _ Article Collection

in the IT industry for more than 5 years, I have often seen many people hold the view that "technology is not important, the key is business." "There was a time when I thought so, too.  So, that's the right idea.   1. The source of the idea so, let's start from scratch and see how this idea is produced.   Domestic traditional IT companies, basically rely on "do Project" live, and the most important thing is

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