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WCDMA access technology development

suitable for carriers with many difficulties in changing the GSM current network. 3. voice service switching Inter-system speech service switching includes switching from WCDMA to GSM voice and switching from GSM to WCDMA voice. In terms of demand, in the early stage of WCDMA network construction, the coverage of

Basic knowledge about WCDMA

actual use? High-speed mobile internet connection anytime, anywhere Communication experience 8. What is the full name of 3G?3rd generation third-generation digital communication 9. How many mainstream 3G standards are there in the world?4 types, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA, CDMA 2000 and WiMAX 10. Which of the following communication operators in China has obtained the most widely used and mature 3G standard licenses in the world?China Unicom 11. On w

In the 5G era, what data centers do carriers need ?, 5G data center

In the 5G era, what data centers do carriers need ?, 5G data center Mobile communication networks evolve every ten years. With the arrival of 2018, the masses are one step closer to the 5G era. However, behind this is a "war" that is invisible to the 5G era, but it has quietly started between operators. In the 5G era, operators are on the new starting line When talking about 5 Gbps, what people think of first is perhaps the high-speed and high-bandwi

One choice, two construction, three optimization, WCDMA network deployment experience (1)

Currently, the competition in the mobile communication Operation Market is becoming increasingly fierce. Judging from the 3G development in Europe, America, Japan, and other places, "Fast fish eat slow fish" has become the industry standard, whoever can quickly deploy a high-quality 3G network can take the lead. Overseas operators have many commonalities in creating 3G networks, including choosing partner standards, 3G network construction strategies, network deployment methods, and technical di

Analysis of WCDMA transmitter

transmitter parameters and their importance in the design of the transmitter. Proximity channel power ratio [ACPR]:ACPR measures the size of the interference or adjacent frequency channel power. Typically defined as the ratio of average power in the adjacent channel (or offset) to the average power in the transmitting channel, ACPR describes the distortion caused by the nonlinearity of the transmitter's hardware. ACPR is critical for WCDMA transmit

Wireless expansion scheme of WCDMA network

, and the station site should be determined for a lot of new stations; compared with GSM, WCDMA network capacity is more sensitive to the regularity of honeycomb structure, more stringent to station site and antenna height, and requires large-scale redesign of network. Scheme two: A large number of micro-cellular, deployment of layered Network (HCS), the macro-honeycomb and micro-cellular settings to different levels, the use of specific cell re-elec

WCDMA router performance Competition

fixed IP addresses◆ Supports dynamic IP Address Data Center DNS domain name addressing◆ Achievable points ~ Point, center ~ Multi-Point peering Data Transmission◆ Data transmission latency is generally less than 1 second◆ Public and Private APN/VPDN supported by carriers◆ Optimize Electromagnetic Compatibility Design◆ Wide voltage range input, short circuit protection design◆ Supports external power switch control◆ The interfaces of standard USB 2.0

Basic knowledge about WCDMA

name of 3G? 3rD Generation third-Generation digital communication 9. How many mainstream 3G standards are there in the world? 4 types, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA, CDMA 2000 and WiMAX 10. Which of the following communication operators in China has obtained the most widely used and mature 3G standard licenses in the world? China Unicom Basic knowledge of wcdma q A-page 2 11. On which day will China Unicom announce

Basic concepts in the WCDMA Physical Layer

command to the mobile platform. Switching between GSM and WCDMA systems is initiated by the GSM BSc. Because GSM adopts non-continuous transmission and receiving modes, the WCDMA measurement values obtained from GSM do not need to be compressed. WCDMAIntra-frequency switching Most UMTS carriers are from 2 ~ Three FDD carrier

How to smoothly evolve GSM to WCDMA (1)

The traditional GSM network operator has a wide coverage of the GSM network and a large user base. It is very important to smoothly evolve the 2G network to the 3G network, GSM carriers must maintain their network coverage and user advantages, and minimize the adverse effects caused by the introduction of 3G. This article proposes several suggestions on smooth evolution from a GSM network to a WCDMA network

OCs: the key to winning 3G by carriers

do mobile communications, and China Mobile cannot do broadband services. To carry out these new services, carriers must support their billing systems. In addition, 3G features the convergence of voice, video, and data transmission, so it has a wide range of business, product innovation, and marketing innovation space. This also puts pressure on the billing system. In the past, the independent Billing Platform established by operators based on the tra

The method of WCDMA wireless network planning

With the development of 3G Mobile communication technology, 3G network planning has been mentioned in the agenda.3G network planning includes not only wireless access network planning, but also the core network, transmission network, support system planning, integrated business platform development and many other aspects. 3G network planning is more complicated, in this paper, we mainly discuss some basic principles, planning process, content and methods of

How can the three major carriers innovate their networks when they face the "4G 4G" challenge?

How can the three major carriers innovate their networks when they face the "4G 4G" challenge? 4G development in 2015 is about to enter the fourth quarter. At the latest "LTE Network Innovation Seminar" sponsored by the TD Industry Alliance, a group of the latest statistics published by the Secretary-General of the TD Alliance shows that, with the three major carriers working together to build 4G networks

Soft capacity and soft cover planning for WCDMA

The second generation mobile communication system GSM mainly uses the time Division/Frequency Division multiple access wireless accessing way, its wireless network plan generally can divide into two steps. The first step is to forecast the loss of wireless path in order to ensure the wireless coverage of the required business area. The second step is to determine the capacity of the system by frequency planning based on estimates of the fields business volume. Usually in the wireless planning of

Discussion: WCDMA wireless network planning

WCDMA in the mobile 3G wireless network system is well known in the 2G era. In the 3G era, its features have been used better. The focus of this article is related to the WCDMA wireless network planning, including the principles and precautions. Compared with the 2G era, the 3G era is an era of competition. Many operators will participate in the 3G competition. for users, the advantages and disadvantages of

Application of softswitch in emerging carriers

Broadband ip man-based wireless and IP multi-service access applications The voice service is still the main growth point of profit of domestic operators. While building a broadband MAN to implement data services, it also carries voice services on the established data network to avoid re-laying the cables, so as to achieve the convergence of two network data and voice at a low cost, moving towards triple play will be an inevitable choice for emerging operators.UTSTARCOM's mSwitch Softswitch plat

Build next-generation service carriers, smart devices How do you dig this treasure?

My knowledge of the smart Device market, published in the Thunder Technology "to build the next generation of service carriers, smart devices this treasure how to dig?" The transcript is now reproduced here.Since the informationization, our information platform has passed through the Internet, the mobile internet era. In recent years, the new generation of information platform-the Internet of things is booming, each generation of information platform

Shell obtains the network segment scripts of major carriers in China.

Asia Pacific Network Information is recorded here and updated every day. Bytes. #! /Bin/sh # autogettheIPTable # getthen Asia Pacific Network Information is recorded here and updated every day. Http://ftp.apnic.net/apnic/stats/apnic/delegated-apnic-latest The script below will edit the text and output the CIDR blocks of several major carriers in China. #! /Bin/sh# Auto get the IP Table# Get the newest delegated-apnic-latestRm delegated-apnic-latestI

Challenges faced by carriers from the perspective of Unified Communication

gradually fade into a single highway builder, and the vision of comprehensive information service providers will become an empty talk. The only way out is to accelerate the continuous integration of networks and vigorously develop the next generation network. Abstract existing circuit switching networks and data networks to form a unified and flexible management layer to facilitate the development of various businesses, at the same time, various businesses can be incorporated into a transparent

How js judges mobile phone number carriers _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces how to determine the mobile phone number operator by js. if you need it, you can refer to the example in this article to describe how to determine the mobile phone number operator by js. Share it with you for your reference. The details are as follows: For WEB projects, you may need to determine the operator of the mobile phone number based on the user's input, and then handle the number based on the operator, the following describes how to determine the operator

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