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WCF Hosting and service hosting

To expose a WCF service, you need to provide a hosting environment in which to run the service. Just as the. NET CLR needs to create a hosting environment in managed code, the hosting environment for WCF is also running in the application domain of the process. You can creat

Wcf-hosting WCF Service

After creating a WCF service, the next step was to host it so that the client applications can consume it. This is known as WCF service hosting. A WCF Service can be hosted by using any of the four ways given below:After you create the WCF service, the next step is to host t

A tentative approach to WCF -8:WCF service hosting (top)

The operation of any program needs to rely on a deterministic process, and WCF services are no exception. If you use a WCF service, we must host the service in a runtime environment that creates it and controls its context and lifetime, which we call the host. WCF services can run in any Windows process that supports managed code.

[MSH] a lightweight but practical framework of the WCF module service + the MSH of the WCF module service hosting program [Opening]

This article is about a lightweight but practical module service framework and service hosting program MSH Based on WCF, including analysis of several common application scenarios, as shown in the following table: I. Introduction and explanation of the WCF module framework II. Introduction and explanation of module service host (MSH) Iii. Analysis of Common appli

WCF: Hosting WCF in Windows Service, wcfhosting

WCF: Hosting WCF in Windows Service, wcfhosting 1. Create a windows service project 2. Add Reference to the assembly which contains the contract and its implementation. 3. Remove the Service1.cs, add a new Windows Service class and name it to CalculatorWindowsService 4. Override OnStart and OnStop method in WindowsServiceHost class A. instantiate ServiceHost a

Hosting and using WCF services

Brief introduction If an enterprise relies on a service-oriented architecture, it must ensure that the service is running normally and reliably. The most important driver behind application reliability is where to host the service and how to host the service. When considering managed services, you must consider several issues in advance: what are the availability requirements for the service? How do I manage and deploy services? Do you need to provide support for older versions of the service?

Analysis of WCF Technology four: the implementation of WCF service boarding (Hosting) based on IIS revelation

Through the introduction of IIS and ASP.net pipeline, I believe that readers have a general understanding of the request processing pipeline of IIS and ASP.net, on this basis, it is relatively easy to understand the implementation mechanism based on the IIS service boarding. In a nutshell, an IIS based service boarding relies on two important objects: System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpModule and System. ServiceModel.Activation.HttpHandler. First, through HttpModule to achieve service boarding

WCF host and service hosting

WCF host and service hosting To publish the WCF Service, you must provide a host environment for running the service. Just like. Net CLR, you need to create a host environment to hostCodeGenerally, the host environment of WCF also runs in the process application.ProgramDomain. One or more servicehost instances can

[Honestly learn WCF] The third chapter in IIS hosting Services

Original: [Honestly learn WCF] The third article in IIS hosting serviceLearn WCF HonestlyThird in IIS Homestay servicesWith the first two studies, we learned how to build the simplest WCF communication model, including defining and implementing service contracts, configuring services,

[Honestly learn WCF] The third chapter in IIS hosting Services

Learn WCF HonestlyThird in IIS Homestay servicesWith the first two studies, we learned how to build the simplest WCF communication model, including defining and implementing service contracts, configuring services, hosting services, configuring clients by adding service references, and accessing services. We have a basic understanding of the programming life cycl

[WCF] hosting

The WCF Service cannot exist independently. It must reside in a Windows process. We call this Windows process a host process. A host process can reside in multiple WCF services, and a WCF Service can exist in multiple host processes. The host process can even be a client process of WCF. The host process can either resi

Wcf-windows Service Hosting

Wcf-windows Service HostingThe operation of Windows service hosting is a simple one. Given below is the steps with requisite coding and screenshots, that explain, the process in a easy-to-do.Hosting WCF on a Windows service is a simple operation.Step-1: Now let's create a WCF service. Open Visual Studio and click New→p

Wcf-iis Hosting

Wcf-iis HostingHosting a WCF service in IIS (Internet information Services) is a step-by-step process. IIS Hosting is illustrated below in detail with the desired coding as well as screenshots to understand the process.Follow these steps to host a WCF service in IIS. The details of IIS

Step by step to learn the basic terms of the WCF series-Hosting (III)

Hosting) .You can't just create the WCF Service. You have to place it in one place and let everyone access and call it. It's like you have to have a store to sell it, you can't place it on the road. Anyone who wants to drink it can come to your store to eat it. Therefore, there must be a place for WCF to store it. We call it

Hosting of the WCF series (iis-http)

IIS hostsIf you deploy to IIS, you need to activate the WCF Http Activation feature component.Let's look at a simple example, let's take a look at the directory structure of the projectThis example implements the parameters for passing in two integers, returning their and. (It's surface Pro4, maybe the font is a bit large)To define a contract:Implementation services:Then look at the configuration of the service:So far, the definition of the service ha

Work with the code to complete the hosting of a WCF service

(); -Console.WriteLine ("host to console applications, open WCF services through code"); - Console.readkey (); - } in } - Catch(Exception ex) to { +Console.WriteLine ("corecodeopen Error:"+Ex. Message); - } the } *}View CodeRun Program as Administrator > enter> in the browser we will get to WSDL (Network Service Description Language-web Servi

Problems and Solutions for hosting the WCF Rest service in ASP. NET MVC

I recently studied ASP. net mvc 3 and the WCF Reset Service. I suddenly wanted to see what would happen if I put them together. Start from here. The code I wrote is as follows: Public class MvcApplication: System. Web. HttpApplication { Public static void RegisterGlobalFilters (GlobalFilterCollection filters) { Filters. Add (new HandleErrorAttribute ()); } Public static void RegisterRoutes (RouteCollection routes) { Routes. IgnoreRoute ("{resource}.

WCF resumable write. IIS hosting

First of all thanks to the original: http://hi.baidu.com/grayworm/item/f2a71eda23f053e5795daab1 Next let's go to the topic !!!! For details about other parts, refer to the original article. I will explain the IIS section here. Create a web applicationProgramSelect the directory in which SVC is located, and add a service. SVC name to the default Document on the right. In this way, the service is started by default when the website is started. The rest is to start the client to see if it

Solution for hosting the WCF Rest service in ASP. NET MVC

: new {controller = @ "\ d {4 }"} Public static void RegisterRoutes (RouteCollection routes) {// ignore the pair. the Route of the axd file, that is, directly accessing the file like WebForm. axd file routes. ignoreRoute ("{resource }. axd/{* pathInfo} "); routes. ignoreRoute ("{resource }. ashx/{* pathInfo} "); routes. mapRoute ("Default", // Route name "{controller}/{action}/{id}", // URL with parameters new {controller = "Home ", action = "Index", id = UrlParameter. optional}, // Parameter de

[WCF programming] 3. WCF basics, wcf programming 3. wcf Basics

sacrifice or operability. Select binding Select binding decision chart . Other bindings WCF also provides three special cases: BasicHttpContextBindingg, WSHttpContextBinding, and NetTcpContextBinding. Are context bindings inherited from their respective constants? Rules, and add support for the context protocol. The context protocol allows developers to transmit parameters to the service. Vi.

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