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Using IIS Live Smooth streaming technology to build a streaming media live system _win Server

The IIS live Smooth streaming (real-time smooth streaming) is Microsoft's next generation streaming media solution. The technology is to integrate the media transport platform IIS Media

Real-time monitoring, live streaming, streaming media, video website development Program Design Brief

. Streaming Media Protocol selection: RTMP is based on the TCP protocol and RTMP can maintain a delay of about 3 seconds. HLS is based on the HTTP protocol, so the real-time is particularly poor, want to use HLS to stay in real-time, don't think, HLS delay basically more than 10 seconds. The real-time requirement is very high, we recommend using some streaming

iOS streaming media Live whole framework introduction (HLS, RTSP)

the data cannot be lost. Nnd, this way to achieve a pause, the protocol stack is crying. Unfortunately, that's what MPlayer did. So the pause time is long, it is easy to have problems.Although HTTP does not have pause support, but for pause can be optimized, the optimization method is that the media file fragmentation, fragmentation of the size of slightly less than the TCP stack buffer size is appropriate. The HTTP request only requests a fragment s

Live app development social live streaming platform source code construction--Streaming media technology detailed

With the development of mobile Internet, there are more than 10 video live apps in China. To constructed investment of 17 in 2015, the explosion of red as a representative, video mobile live surface, and then to the later ying, pepper, Honey circle and so on, live from the rapid development of media era changed people'

Streaming media Live system _win server built with Windows Media Service

Tomorrow will continue to share Microsoft Next generation streaming Media solutions IIS Live Smooth streaming (real-time smooth streaming processing) Let's get down to business. Streaming me

Design of real-time monitoring, live streaming, streaming media and video website development

/details/51821297 Four, the playback end (end of the stream)Live: Via Flex (Flash) player or third party player (Videojs,ckplayer,videolan etc...) The streaming media source that invokes the streaming

Android Streaming Media Development Road two: NDK development Android Live streaming streaming program

NDK develops live streaming program for Android-side rtmp After a toss-up, the success of the rtmp live streaming code, through the NDK cross-compiled way, ported to Android, thus realizing the Android side acquisition camera and mic seam data, then the H264 video encoding and AAC audio encoding, and sent to t

HTTP live Streaming media streaming architecture

HTTP Media Stream Architecturehttp://www.apple.com.cn/developer/library/ios/documentation/NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/StreamingMediaGuide/ Httpstreamingarchitecture/httpstreamingarchitecture.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/tp40008332-ch101-sw2 HTTP Live media streaming allows you to send

Simplest flash-based streaming media example: Web Player (HTTP,RTMP,HLS)

This article continues the previous article, documenting some examples of flash-based streaming media processing. This article records some of the web player based on flash technology. The biggest advantage of Flash-based web player compared to other Web players is "plug-in Installation", which can greatly improve the

Android h264 (3): Streaming Media Player Design Scheme

If the power of a person is limited, the power of the network is infinite. The purpose of studying h264 is to customize a streaming media player to play videos in real time. Fortunately, there are a lot of online cool people standing on the shoulders of giants, and the pressure will be much lower. Overall Player Design

Summary of Red5 Streaming media live development (continued)

The previous article documented the acquisition and deployment of the service-side playlists project, which summarizes the bits and pieces of the client's playback of streaming media. ====================================================================================== 1. Article III requirements: The terminal through the live

How to embed media Player playback streaming media files in a Web page

Media Player two version of the embedded code of the player, there are related instructions (default 0 is no,-1 or 1 is) However, the code is not comprehensive enough to determine the browser version of the parameters Program code: The above player is the old-fashioned kind, the new

Embedded page Streaming Media Player

://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/ (2) RealNetworks RealMedia Http://www.real.com (3) Apple QuickTime Http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ Figure 1 shows the Stream Media Network playback process. Figure 1 principles of streaming media transmission 2. Online publishing of streaming

Use JavaScript js to control Media Player Streaming Media

The method of embedding media player in a Web page is relatively simple, as long as you can use HTML, as shown below.

iOS streaming media player and download Han Junqiang's Blog

Daily Update Attention :http://weibo.com/hanjunqiang Sina WeiboIntroduction to streaming media in iOS: between the download local playback and live streaming media, a form of play, download local playback must all download the file before it can play, and progressive downloa

Using Nginx to build live streaming media platform

Demo Environment CentOS 7 nginx-1.8.1 Nginx-rtmp-module OBS Studio VLC Media Player Build nginx-rtmp Live server-obs record push stream-VLC video stream playback First Compile and install Nginx[[emailprotected] ~]# tar xvf nginx-1.8.1.tar.gz [[emailprotected] ~]# unzip nginx-rtmp-module-master.zip [[emailprotected] ~]# cd

Crtmpserver Series (b): Set up a simple streaming media live system

for RTMP protocol playback. In addition the Flash Player is also a good choice to enter the address and stream name in the player:The playback effect is as follows, the computer desktop is truncated:To this, our entire crtmpserver source of the Windows platform of the compilation, Linux platform compilation, push stream, play even if complete. You can see that the compilation of Windows is more complex than Linux, in fact, a lot of open source softwa

Application of streaming media technology in campus video network live

Now the continuous development and progress of network technology, the arrival of big data, so that network bandwidth increases rapidly. Because of the progress of the Times, the network and streaming media technology to show the opportunity and display, and also for the campus video Live network transmission audio and video data has laid a good foundation. The t

Streaming to devices using Windows Media Player

You can use Windows Media Player to stream digital media from the Player library to devices and computers on your home network. For example, you can transfer music from your computer to stereo or stream video and pictures to your TV. Before you start streaming, you need to

RTSP Streaming Media Player implementation

Recently, we need to create an RTSP Streaming Media Player. After studying it, we encapsulate an RTSP playing class crtspplayer, and the decoding library uses FFMPEG. Due to the simple requirement and limited time, only the following basic interfaces are available: Play, stop, and pause. The following is a simple RTSP Player

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