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IIS 7.0 explores Web servers for Windows Vista and more

Me People inside and outside Microsoft often call the new IIS 7.0 web server one of Microsoft's most important development tasks in the past few years. This comment is important considering Microsoft has recently launched a series of notable

Web Server construction for beginners (1)-IIS Construction

Many children's shoes say they are engaged in mobile development. They want to build a simple Web API, but the server does not work, So Testing becomes a problem. Looking at the tutorials on the internet, I found it was a little difficult to

Win + + IIS 10 deployment. NET Core 1.1 Web API

This morning, the deployment of WCF, deployed for a long time, has not been deployed, and finally found the Dudu deployment method, the result of midday meal success, this is the link: http://www.cnblogs.com/dudu/p/3328066.html.The Web API was

Development Note: Use Owin host to implement the Web API unit test from IIS Run

Today, when developing an ASP. NET Web API project to write unit tests, I really can't stand the stupid method and decide to make amends.The previous unit tests for the Web API require the following actions: Initial configuration: 1)

IIS 7.0: Building a Web server solution with End-to-end scalability

This article discusses: IIS Extension points Building Response Modification Module Add IIS Manager configuration Deploying modules This article uses the following techniques: IIS 7.0,. NET Framework The IIS 7.0 WEB platform can support more

About JS calling the external deployment Web API

I didn't think I'd have to continue writing these things for years. Waterfall Sweat ~Recently had to start research with Web APIMVC project, in the JS file, implementation click on a button to call the external published API, and then from the API

The main reason for the large difference in IIS 7.0 Web Servers

We often hear from people inside and outside Microsoft that refer to the new IIS 7.0 Web server as one of Microsoft's most important development tasks in the past few years. Considering Microsoft's recent release of a series of notable technologies,

Iis isapi extension of ASP. NET

ASP.net request processing in IIS 7 The IIS7 site starts and processes the request as follows: Steps 1 to 6 are to process application startup. After the application is started, you do not need to perform this step again. The eight steps are as

Getting started with the Web ADF

Getting started with the Web ADF // Getting started with Web ADF   The Web ADF offers a number of ways to get started creating web applications. to create Web applications without writing code, use the Manager Web application. for additional

IIS deployment for ASP. Vnext

Microsoft launched the previous period of ASP. NET Vnext, has also tried one, also wrote a few about the vnext features of the blog, as follows. But there's always been a problem with how ASP. NET Vnext is deployed in IIS, because the entire

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