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8 Super Cool jquery album plugins to enjoy

In Web pages, album applications are very common, and if you visit a few social networking sites, you should be aware of a wide variety of Web-page photo album applications. Today we are going to share some of the latest collection of jquery album

Appreciation of 10 really cool jQuery album animations, cool jquery

Appreciation of 10 really cool jQuery album animations, cool jquery We often see jQuery album plug-ins in different forms on the web page. Because the browser is more and more compatible with HTML5 and CSS3, many jQuery album plug-ins use the

Css-if you want to use php to implement a web album function, but you do not know how to implement these functions, please feel free to ask!

Hello everyone, I am a newbie now. I have passed an article on php on w3c. now I want to create my own online album. on the homepage, there are two frameworks, the above webpage is the album Directory. click the webpage under the album directory to

How does the Web Client call the photo album and camera of a mobile phone? -

To build a mobile-based Web application that does not require app installation. You must be able to select and take photos of the same album as the App. Navigator. getUerMedia has been tested. It can be used on pc and is invalid on mobile phones. It

Photoshop production of unique photo album

Today to introduce an "alternative" method of the late, to let the photos look more "feeling." Usually, the basic purpose of our photography is to make our works more style and more conform to our own aesthetic, so we will make a series of color

PS make album automatic page flipping gif animation dynamic effect detailed tutorial

Good home, for a long time did not very good communication. Put your favorite photos into your own design album, let her automatically page by page to you to see if it is very comfortable AH ~ ~, but this album Seemingly simple, in fact, is not

My first Gae website (MAP + album)

Give me the Link first: http://photo.sharesh.cn (my second-level domain name) or http://shareshcn.appspot.com (second-level domain name provided by Google), a total of three pages, the home page is a map, then there is a photo album page, then there

Photoshop CS2 make an easy to update Web image album

Web Photoshop is very familiar with the software, CS2 version has been released for a long time, do not know if you have used its automation function? When Schiy was looking for a job, he used the "Web Photo Gallery" feature in the Photoshop5.5

Android-----based on xutils photo upload client and server-side implementation

Presumably everyone in the Android more or less used the xutils framework, today we through him to achieve a photo upload demo, hope to be helpful to everyone, The next article from the source point of view to analyze the xutils of the httputils is

A wonderful example of Photoshop: Creating a webpage-based electronic album!

You may often hear about e-album. In fact, Photoshop has provided the function of creating a web-based electronic album. To use it as a webpage, select "file-storage as the Web format" in the Photoshop menu, set the saved format in "optimization",

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