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Five methods to obtain information such as the browser version

Method 1: Use the browserinformation class.Method 2: Use the httpbrowsercapabilities class.Method 3: use JavaScript to explain the User-Agent string of the browser.Method 4: use JavaScript to determine the current rendering mode of the IE rendering

Web Development Browser (ii)----jquery or JS to determine the browser kernel version number and whether to support the box model

1,jquery or JS to determine the browser kernel version number and whether to support the box model JQuery, starting with version 1.9, removed $.browser and $.browser.version and replaced it with $.support. In the updated version 2.0, IE 6/7/8 will

Ajax objects from 0 to 1 learning Web front-end JavaScript (i)

Now the most popular way to get back-end (browser-from-server) data is through Ajax. Come to learn this knowledge in detail today. If you use Ajax to access the latter segment of the data, browser and browser-side JS do that work? I made a diagram,

PHP Knowledge Point 0-http Head

1.HTTP Head Explanation(1) Accept: Tell the Web server what type of media it accepts, */* represents any type, type/* represents all sub-types under that type, Type/sub-type.(2) Accept-charset: The browser affirms the character set it receivesAccept-

Summary of Causes of web browser crashes (multiple browsers)

When interviewing a company, the interviewer asks,cause the browser to crashWhat are the reasons for this? Foolish generation, only answer the memory leak. Actually inWeb pageIn the process of loading, often for various reasons the browser's

"Learning Web front end from 0 to 1" CSS positioning Problem II (use of float and display)

displayproperty specifies the type of box that the element should generate. This property is used to define the type of display box generated by the element when the layout is established. For document types such as HTML, it can be

Understanding Responsive Web Design:cross-browser Compatibility

http://www.sitepoint.com/understanding-responsive-web-design-cross-browser-compatibility/In the last article, I described three ways to work with with images from a responsive design standpoint, discussing the B EST Solution to adopt while serving

IE (Part II) browser about browser mode and text mode

Determine the true version of IEMany JS frameworks use UA to determine the version of IE. For IE6, this is not a problem (IE6 does not have the concept of browser mode, and no other IE can change the browser mode to IE6, IE7 Although there is no

Dark Horse programmer Fang lixun Java Web Video 04th-Day web development entry notes

01-concepts related to web development and common Web ServersWeb development knowledgeWeb indicates the meaning of a webpage in English. It is used to indicate resources on an Internet host for external access.Web resources on the Internet for

XML-supported data solutions for Web Development

XML-supported data solutions for Web Development released on: 4/1/2004 | updated on: 4/1/2004 Scott Howlett and Darryl Jennings this article assumes that the reader is familiar with XML, ASP, and ADO. Download the Code provided in this article:

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