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Webmasters must not ignore the use of robots

I have been emphasizing the details of the optimization, is now the site of Baidu's requirements is to see your details do well, code, tags and so on have the details, then the robots are also part of the site details, do a good job he has a great

Crawler Tools Summary

HeritrixHeritrix is an open source, extensible web crawler Project. Heritrix is designed to be strictly in accordance with the robots.txt document exclusion instructions and meta robots tags.http://crawler.archive.org/WebsphinxWebsphinx is an

[Python crawler topic] Parsing Method & lt; 1 & gt; Urllib library method summary, pythonurllib

[Python crawler topic] Parsing Method Urllib library method summary, pythonurllib What is Urllib: A python built-in HTTP request library mainly contains four modules: Urllib. request module: This module is used to simulate sending page

Part 1: Improving the ranking of websites in search engines

As a Web site developer, getting search engine attention to your web site is one of the key factors to success. In this four-part series, you will learn the basic knowledge required for the organic Optimization of web sites. Part 1 will lay the

20 SEO Concepts You must know

If you own a website or a standalone blog, or how much of your work is related to the Internet, you must have some knowledge of SEO (Search engine optimization). This article will list 20 SEO areas of the most commonly used terminology and concepts,

10 ugly but easy to use SEO tools recommended

Vain, SEO tools are no exception. SEO Professional website SEOmoz summed up 10 SEO tools, these tools look ugly, even some ugly, but the function is very powerful and practical. Now let's take a look at the ten ugly but useful SEO tools: 1.

Configure static files such as robots.txt and sitemaps for the website in djangow.apache.

Metadata and sitemap. XML,   Let's take a look at robots.txt and sitemap. xml. The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia" Http://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-cn/Sitemap http://zh.wikipedia.org/zh/Robots.txt  Robots.txt  Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia Robots.

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