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When developing HTML5 applications in taize, you can also learn how lanyrd uses HTML5 to create excellent mobile Web applications.

When talking about the development of HTML5 mobile Web applications, many developers are willing to use them only after they have a bright future. Indeed, HTML5 mobile Web applications have the potential to change the entire mobile application

16 Exquisite pioneering company website design appreciation

Startups are usually dynamic, looking for scalable, reusable business models. On the way forward, startups need more reliable partners and stronger investors, enough to take ideas and ideas to the roots and thrive. And now, with the help of the

User Incentive Design

The Design of user incentive mechanism is a big topic. There are different requirements for different situations: for example, if a group is just created, how can users be encouraged to join the group and how can users make multiple return visits?

A summary of hash functions and hash tables

Summary of research on hash table and hash functionWith the increasing of information level, the data has been replaced computing as the center of Information Computing, the demand for storage has been increasing the volume of explosive growth trend,

Optimize SharePoint 2013 sites on mobile devices

optimize on mobile devices SharePoint siteThis article is translated by spfarmer from Waldek MastykarzThe mobile market continues to grow, and in the near future, using mobile devices to browse websites will surpass computers. To ensure a

Program Ape must know the learning site, suggested collection

When you study computer science (CS), you must know some useful websites to keep abreast of the technology and learn new technologies. Here are some of the sites you should visit not exhaustive list, very recommended collection of spare! Index When

Introduction to the Spring Framework Quick Start

Spring is an open-source application framework on the Java platform. The first version of it was written by Rod Johnson. Rod is the first to release this framework in his expert one-on-one Java EE Design and development, a one-to-man Java Enterprise

Map and data to provide new Network Services

Reference from: http://cgi.blog.yam.com/trackback/327858 David Gelernter, professor of computer science at Yale University, proposed in 1991 that the real world be virtualized on computer screens using software, from traffic, interior decoration,

Overview Spring Framework

Spring framework-origin and development Spring is an open source application framework on the Java platform. The first version of it was written by Rod Johnson. Rod is the first to publish this framework in his expert one-on-one Java EE Design and

Watching ebay technology development

This article reproduced from http://www.blogjava.net/BlueDavy/archive/2009/07/24/288055.html, reprint please specify A few years ago, ebay has shared several PowerPoint presentations on ebay technology in several different conferences, and in this

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