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Teach you how to bulk delete answers to multiple-choice questions in Word

The documents we download on the Web usually come with answers, but we sometimes want to delete the answers in batches and then share them for review. The answer to this question is already in mind. Let's look at how to delete the answers in bulk in Word. As the following illustration shows,

Web design production questions and reference answers

Web Design and Production questions The first part of the selection problemOne, the single choice question (this big question altogether 20 small questions, each small question 1 points, altogether 20 points. In each of the four alternative

Answers to Web Front-end development questions and answers to web Front-end questions

Answers to Web Front-end development questions and answers to web Front-end questions Part 1: Layout with CSS Let's create a page together. First, we need a layout. Use CSS to control the three divs to implement the layout as show

Use xml dom and XPath to create online tests for multiple choice questions

Use xml dom and XPath to create online tests for multiple choice questions Author:Enrico metrics ar SamuelSource: http://www.codeproject.com/aspnet/xmlquiz.aspIntroduction The idea of creating online tests comes from an accidental opportunity for me to look for XML tutoring courses. I visited w3school.com and found that I was more interested in an online t

A case study of information attention by using multiple-choice questions

qualitative methods to study the combination. In this paper, we should discuss the grey scheme between quantitative and qualitative analysis, that is, using the choice problem of questionnaires to excavate and analyze the user's attention to the page information. The survey can not only understand the user's behavior and attitude, but also because of the large amount of collection, has a certain degree of persuasion. In the questionnaire, the index

noip2014 Improve group Preliminary (answer + multiple-choice questions + personal analysis) __noip2013 preliminary

item choice question (altogether 5 questions, each question 1.5 points, a total of 7.5 points; each question has one or more correct options, more or less optional are not divided) 1. If the logical variable A, C is true, B, D is false, the following logical operational expressions are true (). A. (b˅c˅d) ˅d˄a B. ((¬a˄b) ˅c) ˄¬b C. (a˄b) ˅ (c˄d˅¬a) D. A˄ (d˅¬c) ˄b AB logical operation, do not understand t

How do I set up multiple-choice and judgment questions in a Word document?

Sometimes you need to do multiple-choice and judgmental questions like paper papers in a Word document, such as selecting a candidate for a, B, C, D four options, or judging √ or x, which is very inconvenient if you manually enter letters or symbols. This experience provides a method of direct selection without input. Steps Prepare the test

Enigmatic Grading---The indexof () method of the string class for multiple choice questions in a Servlet

the answer string2. If multiple or wrong, the string "D" must appear in the answer string3. If not selected, the answer string is empty4. In addition to the above, the rest of the situation is not complete.The judging code is as follows:1String t3[]=request.getparametervalues ("CheckBox1");2String a3=arrays.tostring (T3);3 4 if(t3!=NULL){5 //multiple choice, cor

Click to accumulate [JS] --- JQuery to implement bar chart, which is applicable to multiple choice questions and other statistics. jquery bar chart

Click to accumulate [JS] --- JQuery to implement bar chart, which is applicable to multiple choice questions and other statistics. jquery bar chart Effect: Idea: front-end JS achieves Dynamic Data effects, and the backend can splice strings or load data with JSON Code: Download Demo: Http://files.cnblogs.com/files/xinchun/tongjitu.zip

C ++ multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions: 1. It indicates that the int method A (floct) is a friend. The function should be ():A) friend int method A (floctz) B): Friend int method A (floctz)C): int friend a (floctz) friend d): int method a friend (floctz)2. For the following functions:Void F (int x )(...) 1/1 int F (INT y )(...) 1/2Int F (int I, Int J (...)) 1/3 floct K (int x

Web Service Interview Questions and answers

Web Service Interview Questions and answers What is a Web service? Define people and companies have debated the exact definition of Web Services. at a minimum, however, a Web Service is any piece of software that makes itself av

Tutorials-frontpage2000 Homepage Design questions and Answers

that requires the Fprotate.class file copy to the directory where your Web page resides (fprotateclass files are located in the x:\ProgramFiles\ Microsoft FrontPage \fpclass directory. Also can look up through the Windows search function, at the same time to delete this sentence Codebase=″_fpclass″ deleted, the page can be normal browsing. 7. Why does my search form not work after uploading? A. Because it requires the support of CGI programs on the s

Web Front end interview questions and answers summary

= "Aaaabbbccccddfgh"; var obj = {};for (var i=0;i10, write a function, clear the string before and after the space. (compatible with all browsers)function Trim (str) {if (str typeof str = = = = = = "string") {return str.replace (/(^\s*) | ( \s*) $/g, ""); Remove front and back blank characters}}other1. What is the process of a complete HTTP transaction? Basic Flow:A. Domain Name resolutionB. 3-time handshake to initiate TCPC. Initiating an HTTP request after establishing a TCP connectionD. ser

Questions and answers to web front-end faces

unit during execution, and multiple threads share memory, which greatly improves the efficiency of the program operation.Threads are still different from the process during execution. Each separate thread has a program run entry, sequence of sequence execution, and exit of the program. However, threads cannot be executed independently, and must be dependent on the application, which provides multiple threa

A set of enterprise Web front-end interview questions, do not provide answers

1. Tell me about your understanding of doctype.2.web Product Development process3. Tell me about your understanding of the box model4. What are the three layers of the front page? What is the role?5. What are the inline elements? What are block-level elements? How do they transform each other?What are the introduction methods of 7.CSS?8. Please use CSS to define 9. Talk about CSS Sprites technology10. In which browsers did you test the page? What are

Answers to the most common questions in Java Web interviews

, XML, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), and WSDL, therefore, Web services can be used in any environment that supports these standards (Windows and Linux.Note: The SOAP protocol (Simple Object Access Protocal) is an XML-based communication protocol used for network information exchange in distributed and distributed environments. Under this protocol, software components or applications can communicate through the standard HTTP protocol. Its

Some questions and answers that affect the ranking of web search

be said to be the epitome of web content, not only that, when people through the search engine to find your site, generally speaking, The description of the website is the title of your homepage and the attractive description can bring you additional traffic. 3. If I sign up for another domain name and use exactly the same content under this domain name, will I be "punished" by the search engine?   A: This situation often occurs in the "mirror" si

Security protection-intrusion detection in the field of comprehensive questions and answers _ Web surfing

sabotage activities. The main target of NIDs is this invasion.Q: Why do intruders break into the system? Flies don't stare at seamless eggs, intruders can easily break into a system by finding a seam in a complex computer network. Therefore, it is important to know where these seams are likely to be repaired. Usually, the cracks are mainly manifested in the bugs in the software writing, the improper configuration of the system, the theft of passwords, the interception of the plaintext communica

Some questions about the design and development of Django Web application architecture

back, the original operation may be invalid. Background technical reasons may be because of the session serialization reason10, the front-end form does not have the model field must be in the form definition inside exclude out, only in the model definition blank and null can only do the definition of validation rules, can not prevent malicious users to construct false form fill these model fields. Post-Supplement: Use the fields meta-information definition to be a little better than exclude.11,

A series of questions on mobile mobile phone web design (mobile-side problem Master)

mobile phonesThe full practice of 12.velocity JS sequence animation13. Mobile Phone input box pops up, covering the original page part of the information of the bug processing14. Some problems with the use of simulated scrolling events15. Customize the Phone Password input box (key position random) to realize the idea16. Mobile phone Carousel Map area, the height of the device with the width of the adaptive change of code fully implemented17. Phone default style strict processing, compatible wi

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