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WCF distributed development step for Win (3) WCF service Metadata Exchange, configuration, and programming development

Today we continue the WCF distributed development step for Win (3) WCF service Metadata Exchange, configuration, and programming development learning. Through the previous two sections of learning, we understand the basic concepts of WCF distributed

Open-source software architecture: scalable Web architecture and Distributed System

Http://www.aosabook.org/en/index.html (chapter 2) English version of the reference here Translation: http://www.oschina.net/translate/scalable-web-architecture-and-distributed-systems Open-source software has become the basic component of some super-

Distributed solution based on Agileeas.net Enterprise application development Platform

Opening distributed Applications Agileeas.net is based on Microsoft. NET artifact technology, Microsoft. NET is the most attractive distributed technology, the base has provided XML WebService,. Net Remoting, WCF and other technologies

Extensible Web architecture and distributed systems

Open source has become the basic principle of some large web sites. And as these sites grow, some of the best practices and rules appear in their structure. The purpose of this paper is to introduce some key problems in the design of large web sites

Distributed Intelligent exchange solution (1)

Today's exchange network structure With the rapid development of technologies, the wide application of ASIC chips and network processors, the popularization of optical fiber, and the rapid development of layer-3 switches, Ethernet switches are

Data Exchange Protocol in Software System Development

When one person wants to tell another person one thing, we can communicate by phone, email, text message, IM tool or in a face-to-face manner. This method is similar to the systemData ExchangeIt must be implemented through tcp, udp, and pipelines.

Implementation scheme of distributed distributed lock

At present, almost a lot of large-scale Web sites and applications are distributed deployment, data consistency in distributed scenarios has always been a relatively important topic. The distributed Cap theory tells us that "none of the distributed

Based on. The research of distributed application of the net Platform

Summary : the. NET Framework is the next-generation platform that Microsoft uses to build distributed Web applications and Web services. Outlines the fundamentals of the . NET Framework used to build distributed applications. Highlights the basics

[Reproduced] A distributed algorithm for NoSQL databases

Original: http://juliashine.com/distributed-algorithms-in-nosql-databases/A distributed algorithm for NoSQL databasesOn November 9, 2012 in also for rice beam, by JuliashineThis article was translated from distributed algorithms in NoSQL

Blockchain Quick Start (ii)--core technology of distributed system

Blockchain Quick Start (ii)--Distributed system core technology one, the consistency problem of distributed System 1, the consistency problem of distributed systemAs Moore's law hits the bottleneck, more and more cases rely on scalable distributed

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