web easy professional 10 free trial

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[Post] how to use Google to find professional literature (Lecture 11)

[Post] how to use Google to find professional literature (Lecture 11) I checked a Chinese meeting article online and found a wonderful article by chance. I haven't found it on the search site yet. I will share it here. Original post Source:How to

20 free use of mainstream anti-virus software at home and abroad

Old Deng said well: No matter white cat black cat, can catch the mouse is a good cat! Antivirus software is not good or bad, can antivirus is the best. Antivirus software all exist false positives, this can not be avoided. We can according to their

10 best web and app development tools

The world is full of innovation, and the passion and determination to develop is a key factor in achieving higher goals. In web development, there is no doubt that tools and available online Web pages and app design resources have played an

Temple Cavalry PHP 2007 Web Development Technology Prediction

  Preface 2006 is about to pass, a year that is widely seen as a year of new online investment, the rise and growth of newer web technologies and techniques, the Year of growth in the adoption of web standards, and the rise (and decline) of new

Opening up a free ASP Fast Lane

Microsoft's ASP technology has made dynamic web technologies widely available in China. When it comes to ASP, it will certainly be associated with windows. For a long time, it is because of Microsoft's patent rights and commercial interests that ASP

Answer the question you asked. NET small common sense easy to learn asp.net friend _ basic Application

1,. NET is what?. NET full name. NET Framework is a development and running environment, The strategy is a new idea for Microsoft, It will allow the "Internet industry to enter a more advanced stage", . NET is not a programming language. Simply put,

20 online utilities required by web developers

The internet has become a part of our life can not be fragmented, more and more services in life with the network closely linked together, profoundly affect our lives and work, it is difficult to imagine without it our daily life will be much

15 third-party web form resources

Almost every web site requires a form, whether it is a message form, a Member registry form, a questionnaire form, or an order. Although the form is useful, it is useful for Web developers and designers, the form design is very cumbersome. This

Web front-end development engineer "Money" landscape research!

In the past 2 years, HTML5, JS popular, so that the front-end unusually hot! For the front-end industry today, development is very good. The first treatment is very good, the second Web front-end technology is easy for it people to contact.650) this.

25 Best web Design artifact sharing

Photoshop is an essential tool for web designers. In fact, Photoshop, in addition to its original basic functions, we can also configure the PS many powerful PS Plug-ins, these PS plug-ins can make the usual complex cumbersome operation becomes

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