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ASP.net Authentication Method Introduction _ Practical Skills

Windows Authentication: IIS performs authentication based on the settings of the application. To use this authentication method, anonymous access must be disabled in IIS. Forms validation: Use cookies to save user credentials and redirect

How much does the Web security authentication mechanism know?

Today , Web services are ubiquitous, and thousands of Web applications are deployed on the public network for user access, some of which are only open to designated users and belong to a higher security-level Web Applications, they need to have a

Configure web Identity Authentication through IIS

How Web Authentication works Web authentication is the communication between Web browsers and web servers, involving a small number of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) headers and error messages. The communication process is as follows: The

WEB Services Security-HTTP Basic authentication

According to RFC2617, HTTP has two standard authentication methods, BASIC and DIGEST. HTTP Basic authentication means that the client must use the username and password to obtain authentication in a specified domain (REALM).As the name "HTTP Basic

Use Kerberos for Sharepoint Authentication

From: http://technet.microsoft.com/zh-cn/magazine/ee914605.aspx     Although SharePoint provides multiple authentication options and authentication regions, the two most common options implemented by enterprises in the Intranet solution are

Basic concepts of WEB service

TurnBasic concepts of WEB serviceWeb service, also known as XML Web service WebService, is a lightweight, independent communication technology that can receive requests passed from the Internet or other systems on the intranet. is: Software services

Asp. NET application security Scheme (i)-Authentication __.net

Absrtact: This paper asp.net the concept of application authentication, introduces various authentication modes and compares them, expounds the mechanism of choosing authentication mode, and gives a realization method based on form authentication

Design of identity authentication system for Broadband portal website

Design    SummaryThis paper studies the functional requirements of the identity authentication system of Hunan Tietong broadband portal, and puts forward a set of comprehensive solutions from the aspects of unified authentication, authentication

Asp.net+web service realizes software sharing

Asp.net|web|web Service Summary This paper proposes a new method to realize software sharing through software function sharing, the advantage of which is to share software function in the form of Remote call Web service, without copying software to

Token-based web background authentication mechanism

Token-based knowledge and understanding:Learn about Token-based authentication recently and share it with everyone. Many large web sites are also used, such as Facebook,twitter,google+,github, and so on, compared to traditional authentication

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